The Crow Calls

crow xA Crow calls at my balcony and I’m suddenly transported into another world.

If you’re unfamiliar with Crow’s social behavior, they hang in communities that network over an entire region and beyond. It’s this “Crow Network” I find so compelling, combined with another Crow behavior – the ability to either adopt you as friend, or hold a grudge like your worst enemy.

They are considered among the smartest birds and capable enough to recognize your car. As the stories go, if you make Crow your enemy, they signal others that you are a target. By the other turn, if Crow is your friend – other Crows know not to mess with you. You have the full “Crow Endorsement.”

The Crow captured my attention and in a moment I forgot every care, rushing to leave a treat.  He reminded me of the REAL world – the natural world, always there in any moment.

The Crow Endorsement will be a Spirit Tool I can use. When I see a Crow, I’ll remember how connected we all are – in ways beyond our understanding.

in lak’ech

Who knows…

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