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Mayan Calendar

Original illustration of the Mayan Calendar

Greetings Kin,

The Jaguar Spirit blog is in the process of change! You may have already noticed new menu options where resources will be expanded as an offering for those interested in a deeper understanding of the Mayan Calendar.


The 13 Day Trecena Guide and Tzolk’in Calendar are now selections under the Mayan Calendar menu.

The Ceremony Page is now Medicine Wheel Tradition found under the Medicine Path menu.

Daykeeper Resources (under Mayan Calendar) and Ceremonial Arts (under Medicine Path) represent new content under development. Sharing the Power of Sacred Ceremony has been a long-held dream, and is what inspired the passion of my Divine Intention. The Ritual Arts offer a powerful way to engage with the energies of the Mayan Calendar and enhance our connection to Spirit regardless of the Path we choose.

Resources for learning will be offered freely on the public site. I’ll also offer the facility for communication to support direct guidance and a community for interaction.

Those who expressed interested in the introductory course can get a head start. As a first suggestion, I invite you to watch the video lecture by Ian Lungold, “Consciousness and Calendars.” This was among the resources that first inspired my journey on the calendar, and it still inspires me today!

More soon…

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle Men.


6 thoughts on “Daykeeper Resources

  1. This is so exciting WELL DONE you and Guidance………….

    May star dust always flow to you abundantly and beautifully

    One of my Realisations today 7 STAR VENUS************ WISDOM creates the BODY LOVE creates the MIND

    Happy Day Julie

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    • Thank you for the vote of confidence. It seems like a small start, but I’m so thrilled to feel I see the direction I want to go. Thanks again Julie for the blessings which are so wonderful to receive, and may the same flow back to you to be multiplied to abundance!!! in lak’ech

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  2. How did you get on with Marty Leeds? It is harder to follow that video than other ones he has made. The 7 code he uses is very significant to the Tzolkin

    I am experimenting with the ‘codes’ of numbers and letters – the 7 code is very interesting compared to the 10 code (A-Z = 1-26)
    these pursuits have developed my personal knwoledge base of the meaning of numbers – highly recommended as an exercise for heart-mind awakening

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