2 Wind / IK – Journey of Possibility


2 Wind / IK

2 Wind / IK

Greetings Kin,

Our walk on Earth begins as we take our first breath. Through breath our lives are animated into being and through the Element of Air we are always connected as the One. From the in-breath we draw our life and inspiration from Sacred Source. The out-breath is the dissemination of ‘who we are’ to the world. We are constantly exchanging molecules of ourselves with one another.

Tone 2 helps us to bring some order to our thoughts to help us determine a direction for our new intention. Wind is changeable. We no longer have to follow a course we’ve taken just to “fit in.” We are given the power and courage to take a new direction so we may live in the true authenticity of who we are.

Tone 2 brings the first awareness of ourselves. We began in unity as the One and through the process of duality we begin to define who we are. When we receive an inspiration or idea, we begin to consider our own way of expressing it in the world and whether it is meant to be or not to be.

Galactic Tone 2 presents us with the Sacred Right of Choice. What we have received as disconnected pieces of inspiration from Crocodile/IMIX will help us arrive at our own Divine Plan.

Wind/IK illustrates the Master Number 22 as the Day Sign in Position 2, on Galactic Tone 2. Master Number 22 carries the energies of diplomacy, intuition and emotion, balance and harmony,  and manifesting our highest ideals and desires. Number 22 is a number of power and accomplishment that leads us to seek our own spiritual life path and soul purpose.

We are carried in the arms of the Divine Mother, IMIX. Her duty and pleasure is to initiate the power within us to carry it out. As we are brought to life by breath, so are we given breath to breathe life into a brand new dream.

To all my relations, may we acknowledge the Power we were given through our own Breath. May we breathe and be breathed so that the Dream we would Dream can become a reflection of the Divine Light of our Creator.

In lak’ech, I am another You

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


Visit Medicine Wheel Tradition for a message from Minisa Crumbo Halsey on the energies of Autumn with guidance that prepares us to walk the New Year in a Good Way.

wave-imix-trecenaVisit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for a forecast of IMIX trecena energies.


2 Wind/IK (Cherokee Whirlwind/ DAK’SI   I’SB)

Galactic Tone 2: Mysterious as the question ‘to be or not to be?” Two is the recognition of the separation of self from all else and the desire to be rejoined. Walking a balance while making choices of all kinds, light/dark, male/female, good/bad, Yin/Yang, is the energy of this number. Experiencing the differences between one and another is the use and purpose of this number.

Wind/IK: Breath of Spirit, breath of life. Winds embody the power of dissemination and planting of good seeds or ideas. Dreamers and planners with powerful imaginations, Wind persons make great orators and they spread the word of spiritual inspiration as it is carried by the wind. Wind is the power behind the movement of natural cycles such as weather, erosion, and cultural change. As the wind, these persons are extremely changeable and adaptable. They may appear inconsistent or fickle to others. Wind can be destructive to self and others by putting on airs. When Winds strut and boast, expanding on facts and accomplishments, they are building the dark clouds of trouble that may become hurricanes.

Cherokee, Whirlwind/AGALU’GA: Whirlwind’s symbol is a double spiral helix in rising smoke. Wind brings energy for an Inquiring mind, learning and wisdom. In Cherokee, the constellations are represented by 12 birds (dancers), the 13th bird is the Whirlwind, the lead dancer. This reflects the whirling of life. Wind is the breath of the Universe (matching the Mayan symbol) channel of communication and carries the Sacred Smoke to the Great Spirit (Source- Hunab Ku in Mayan); matches the pulse of the breath of the Cosmos.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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