11 Deer / MANIK – Dawn of Our Own Creation: Day 11 of 13


11 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the Intention of Resolution, a clarity of vision that facilitates dynamic developments. What we learn through Tone 11 offers the Vision to clearly see and resolve a new way forward.

The Master Number 11 is a symbol of Enlightenment.

Deer/MANIK is the Day Sign of Spiritual Tools and represents the Mayan priest. The Deer represents Human’s Mission and Purpose to guide and serve the Whole. Deer’s most used Spiritual Tool is vigilance. Said to “uphold the pillars of the 4 directions” MANIK Knows the way to maintain the integrity of our new world of Spirit.

MANIK is also known as Hand. The glyph illustrates a hand with forefinger and thumb grasping a Spark of Ether that completes a circuit to the Divine Power of the Creator. Deer maintains the Integrity of its Truth through a vigilant Communion with the Creator. 11 MANIK helps us to see our Life on Earth from the Perspective Up Above.

Tone 11 is the day the shaman climbs to the Highest Altar for a Divine Discernment. Deer grasps the Power of Divine Spirit through the Service of Ritual and Sacred Ceremony. The Mayan priest is not a “preacher” but is designated as the One who observes the Sacred calendar and performs the Rituals and Ceremonies that maintain Right Relationship among the people, and maintains a Divine Relationship for the Whole. MANIK maintains the integrity of its Divine Authority through the surrender of its own Ego, Acknowledging the Divinity of the Whole and the Equality of the Truth we can Discern for our Self. Deer is the leader that doesn’t need to have all the Answers for everyone. Others can discern their own Truth by what they see through a demonstration.

The Earth/CABAN trecena has guided us see we are not only One in Spirit, but we are also One with everything in the Whole Material Creation. CABAN helps us find our own Purpose of Movement in the world and our ability to carry it out in Oneness with Earthly creations. Made of Earth, so does CABAN guide us to Honor the Earth in our Human Self, and to Acknowledge we hold the same Forces of Nature. One handful of dirt is no less Sacred than Another.

All our Spiritual Climbs are Intentions of our own Dreams. Tone 11 resolves the Whole Picture when we see from a Higher Perspective the common Dreams we all share.  Deer/MANIK reminds us that we are making the climb Together, and Resolves to Stand in Integrity of Truth for All.

Deer leads by a silent example. The Deer doesn’t defend its ground from danger. It keeps its eyes vigilantly focused in all directions, and leaps to Higher Ground when it sees danger on the horizon.

I’m grateful that the calendar helps us to see into the future. I’m grateful for the rituals and ceremonies it guides us to observe on a Divine Schedule. The Tzolk’in is a Divine Construct that defines a “time for every purpose” and a purpose for All Time. The guidance the calendar provides helps us to see beyond circles to a Divine realm of an ever-elevating Spiral. Before I followed the calendar I had no rhyme or reason for my ups and downs. My Spiritual Growth was diminished by setbacks. Just when I thought I was making progress, I’d find myself back where I started.

Through the calendar, I recognized the synchronicity of “waves of movement.” I began to see how setbacks never returned me to “Go,” and that in fact there was some incremental progress. That understanding alone accelerated my progress. I could finally believe in my Self, and see the evidence of a Divine Hand working in my life.

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj – A 13th Generation Quiche Mayan High Priest. He is president of the Mayan Council of Elders in Guatemala. His Mayan name “Wakatel Utiw” means Wandering Wolf. He travels the world together with his wife Elizabeth Araujo, together sharing ceremonies and Mayan traditions and prophecies. Don Alejandro is also the head of the Indigenous Council of the Americas, which has member tribes from Tierra de Fuego to Alaska and serves as a gathering point for shamans and elders of many peoples. SOURCE: Tierra-y-vida Blog

Deer/MANIK shares the Gift of Seeing for Others what they are unable to see in themselves. MANIK is a Blue Day Sign of the West, the direction of our Unknown Experiences, the Element of Water that holds the Ether of our Spirit. Through Vigilant Consciousness, Deer Senses the Condition of our Heart. Through its commitment to ritual and ceremony, Deer knows the Answer to every Experience of Suffering and Limitation is found in Communion with the Divine. MANIK is capable to remove negative influences from our life by calling on Divine Intervention. For every limitation in our Self that we can imagine, Deer holds the Spiritual Tool that will transform our Darkness to Light.

The Number 13 of Creation represents our Gift of Theurgy, the ability to call on the Creator to Intervene in Human affairs through our Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies. Creation is made Divinely Possible through the Power of Prayer. MANIK prays for the Whole and by its demonstration of ceremony, helps others Remember and Follow Along. Deer is said to hold the Gift of Harmonic Resonance. Grasping the thread of Divine Power, the Deer’s Vibration of Pure Love draws lower vibrations into sympathy.

The most important guidance that Deer intends for us to see is its Power to Stand in the Truth. We’re called to stand on what we Believe. We don’t have to promote a way of Spirit. The only way for others to see our Truth is for us to stand by it, without needing to defend it. When we Believe in our own Truth, when we are Conscious of Truth that was shared with us from the Divine Mind of the Creator, there’s no need for anyone else to understand. They are wholly free to Choose it for themselves. We can stand out of the way, and Believe in the Power of the Creator to reach their heart through their Own Divine Discernment. The Whole Point of our Communion with the Creator is a Personal Relationship, a personal channel of communication that we can believe in.

Who among us could convince another that we have a direct line to God? We’d probably look like a fool by the world if we set out to convince others this was True. The only way for others to share our Truth is through a demonstration. Through our own Vigilant Communion with the Creator, the Creator’s Light will shine through us. Others will See God through the Miracles that are happening in our life. Human eyes need physical evidence.

When a community of Deer stands together, one always serves as the leader. The stag keeps its eyes on the 4 directions. The rest, keep their eyes on the stag. Through their heightened sense of vibration, they Know instantly when the stag engages movement that creates vibration. The stag doesn’t tell them to follow. It doesn’t have to, because others can see that the stag was paying attention.

Deer/MANIK helps us eliminate the negative from our life by paying attention to our thoughts and emotions. Emotions are likely to come up today. If we experience the Fear of an Illusion of powerlessness and limitation, Deer guides us to Spring into the action of Ritual and Ceremony, to remember to Grasp the thread of Ether that shares the Power to Overcome any limitation. Deer makes the Commitment to stand on what it believes, it’s Own Choice to be Guided by Divine Will.

MANIK is not influenced by the negative thoughts of others. It has no need to issue a correction or tell others what they should do. Deer clearly sees the importance of others Choosing their own way. Deer acknowledges that Every Experience holds its own potential for a Divine Experience. In the Creator’s eyes there’s no “good” or “bad” experience, only Opportunities for the Wisdom of the Experience. We can navigate the ups and downs, when we Stand Believing in the Divine Justice of the Creator.  We can believe in the Divine Guidance that is always found from Higher Ground. Every need can be fulfilled when we remember the Gift we are Given to Grasp Divine Power through our Prayers for Intervention.

Not one of us was assigned to be the Source of Divine Discernment for another. The Choices we make and the Divine Truth we each discern has its perfect Time and Place within our own journey of experience. Deer would guide us each to Honor our own Divine Timing of Experience. MANIK leads the people to Remember their own Source of Divine Power.

To all my relations, may we see the Power we hold by simply standing on the Truth we Believe. May we Acknowledge that the thread of Ether that completes a Divine Circuit of Power is there for all to grasp when we are engaged in Sacred Ceremony. May we Acknowledge the Communion that is promised by the Creator in every Time and Place that we are Wholly Conscious of One Another. The act of reaching out to the Creator is a prayer that will always be answered. The only way to Know it, the only way for others to Know it, is through our presence at this Highest Altar. It doesn’t matter who tends the Fires and Offerings of Spirit, when they are shared on behalf of the community,  others will follow along. Our Divine Nature is drawn to the Light and Illumination we receive when our Consciousness is focused on the Power and Authority of a Divine Creator.  May we Love Unconditionally, as Deer Loves the Community, and observe our Rituals and Ceremonies as our Time and Place to pray for the Whole. May we Acknowledge and Give thanks the Creator offered us a way to overcome every Human limitation. May we clearly see our way forward, resolving to stand in our own Truth, the Faith transformed into Believing that if we only remember to enter the Presence of Divinity to ASK, the Creator will answer our prayers.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


I’m grateful that there is a Spiritual Tool for every limitation. I’m grateful that the Creator never withholds from us the Divine Intervention of Unconditional Love.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Earth/CABAN trecena.


11 Deer/MANIK (Cherokee, Deer/Ahwu’sdi)

Galactic Tone 11: Resolution; 11 assists every new thing to find its place in the universe in the process of ‘fitting in.’ some modifications must occur. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions facilitating change, simplification and improvement.

Deer/MANIK (Hand): Deer are spirit tools. Silence itself is a spiritual experience for Deer. For Deer life is a pilgrimage. Deer are dominant persons who defend the people and will make sacrifices for others. The spirit of Deer upholds the pillars of the four directions. With the power inherent in the number four, Deer pushes away bad influences or negative energies. Skill and quality of work are very important to Deer. They are presented with tools for every task in life and it is with these that they are able to rise above limitations. Deer has a habit of keeping every tool it has ever used. This leads to clutter and indecision, loss and procrastination. When confronted with promises not kept, Deer becomes stubborn, manipulative and evasive.

Cherokee, Deer/Ahwu’sdi: Symbolized by Constellation Galagina, the Stag, known as Taurus, the Bull. It does not include the Pleiades and Hyades clusters which in Cherokee are viewed as separate. To feed, gatherers of food and supplies, they enjoy rituals, ceremonials, feasts, the souls of hospitality, sociability. Freedom versus security issues often inspire leadership and unique solutions.  Combined with artistic and inspiring energies in harmony with lunar cycles, they nourish the clans. Totem-Deer:  A priest or shaman, a powerful person in general, to overwhelm an individual with one’s personal power, divination; inclined to become a teacher, healer, guru, civic leader, or politician.  Ability to create harmonic resonance.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!


On 4 Sun/AHAU I was able to make the reservations for the trip, arriving on October 28 as I had hoped to be there to celebrate Ian Lungold’s Mayan birthday, 12 Sun/AHAU, on October 31st along with the observance of the Day of the Dead. It felt important to the information I would share in my book. I’m grateful to be part of such a flow of Love, more necessary that money, for the realization of my dream. You are already the blessing of just being here. (But you could help me spread the word.) much love, in lak’ech, Debra https://www.gofundme.com/life-dream-a-pilgrimage-of-spirit


How are you? – Bix a beel? (pron. Beesh-uh-bell)

I’m very good. – Ma’alobi (pron. Mah ah-low-bee)

And you? – Kux teech? (pron. Koosh tehch)

Thank you. – Ni’bo’olal. (pron. Nee boo ooh lahl)

Source: YucatanLiving.com

14 thoughts on “11 Deer / MANIK – Dawn of Our Own Creation: Day 11 of 13

  1. This could have been a personal letter to me. Once again, my experience, happened hours before this post and it was exactly as described-I allowed someone who does not understand my journey to make me doubt, my own truth. It took me a whole day, to process and it was a miserable affair. Finally, I came to the conclusion, that you wrote about. When I read this post, I almost laughed aloud! All is well again and thankfully, I did not hold anything against “my teacher”, for that is what I considered the event to be-a lesson. Thank you sincerely, in lak’ech, Michele

    Liked by 3 people

    • Michele – I’m so glad MANIK held an answer. These times have called for Spiritual Tools. I had a clash on the road, some perceived infraction on my part drew a semi-rage from another driver. Funny how negativity of someone I don’t even know can upset my peace of mind. It’s clear people are suffering. Thank GOD for the Spiritual Tools that can restore our balance and harmony. I can let things go. I can keeping believing in the One who has the Power. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you God, for protecting my friend . . .look at your beautiful heart, understanding the heart of the other driver-oh you inspire me! Now why do I EVER doubt what I KNOW??? What a day Thursday was. Such darkness it seemed-now i laugh at it-and think so what? The LIGHT never left me-but I left the Light. I do not get why, the very things you share, seem to happen just hours before you post-like I am just on the cusp of the energy!! I read and then say yes-that happened!! Haha in lak’ech love Michele

        Liked by 1 person

      • I had another experience that day that didn’t hold up to such lofty standards. I imposed a judgement upon someone from ebay I found using one of my welder graphics. (ie. a cease and desist). He suggested what I could have for lunch. LOL I felt like the fool for starting it. LOL I redeemed myself through an apology, admitting I’d taken a bad day out on him. He replied, “ditto, same here,” which seemed like the greatest creation of unconditional love for the whole day. (Please don’t mistake me for anything other than another broken human.) I must have forgotten to include that story (LOL) in my recommendation that we can always go back with an apology. Thanks for the prayers of protection, please include protection from myself. 🙂 much love, Debra

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sweet Michele – It sure seems broken from this end and making up for lost time. I see all the love you share with those around you. Don’t overlook your own heroic effort. You’re a hero to me, just being there to share the path. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

        Liked by 1 person

  2. As always, I read this first up (wee hours for me) to help align me for my day, lo and behold there are the clues I need to fulfill the uncomfortable task of communicating my decisions and choices to another…who chooses to challenge and question me every step of the way. Nothing I say is ‘ok’ or adequate to ‘explain’ the choices I make or have made. Therefore, to simply state my truth without need for explanation or defense is the only option! like it or lump it, we all have our experiences to create and muddle through. again, mahalo for sharing your Spirit Journey – I am so very happy that you are now solidified on your travel plans. I look forward to your report and upcoming book! aloha en lak’ech and with much love ~e

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Elena of the Jungle – you have been an inspiration to me. MANIK arrived right on time with the tools most needed. It reminds me of the totem Fox, who chooses invisibility as an opportunity to observe the landscape. (I remember Fox when people can’t see me.) I’ll surely be remembering Elena of the Jungle when I set off on a solo journey into the Unknown. Under the Intention of a Sacred Pilgrimage, the journey has already begun. I’m grateful to Know the Light of Your Divinity is holding its ground. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

      Liked by 2 people

  3. About your creative interpretation of Deer/MANIK glyph., I see the 2 fingers of the hand and the eye of the deer too. But what I’m seeing, with my imagination, is a Space helmet. With the clear visor reflecting “The Milky Way”, or a sparkling “All That Is”
    “Field of All Possibilities”. 💖🦋🌎. What’s your description of your creation?😃🤓

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very Interesting. 🙂 I see what you are seeing. Usually on the Hand, there is a circle that represent the eye of the deer. My circle was a little bigger here. I was thinking about the Deer observing the stars. It’s always interesting when something different emerges. A space helmet conveys the same thing. :)) Thanks for sharing. in lak’ech, Debra


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