1 Wisdom / CIB – Inheritance of Wisdom: Day 1 of 13


Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

We begin again under the guidance of Wisdom/CIB, the Day Sign of the Old Ones. We are  prepared to follow in the footsteps of the Ascended Wisdom Keepers to become One with the Divine Inheritance, sharing the Wisdom of our Highest Experience of Love and Creation.

The AKBAL trecena shared the Gift of a Light that always shines in the Darkness. Our Dreams of Love were destined to come true for Hearts that burn with Love, and a Divine Consciousness that Inherently seeks to manifest its own Love as Creation. We were given a second chance to Dream our Highest Dream and the Divine Inspiration to carry it out.

Wisdom/CIB is a second chance to make Conscious Choices for Love. CIB leads a journey through the Past, Present, and Future connected to the Wisdom of ALL Time. CIB raises our Consciousness to the archeological treasure held in the Whole of our experience. Through the Light of Wisdom we will Know the Love in the Future by the Truth that Love has Always Been and Forever Will Be.

Trecena of “Darkness”

In the Darkness we discover the Light of our own Believing. The “Dark” cycles hold the Meaning and Purpose of a Human application of Higher Consciousness. We Ascended with a Vision of the Future within our Grasp. The Wisdom/CIB trecena will light our way to the Stars. The Cherokee Owl is the nahaul with Eagle’s Vision that can see in the Dark. CIB will share the Light to see our Dream in the Darkness and the thoughts to guide the journey. CIB guides the Vision to willingly enter the Unknown, seeing the Truth of our own Possibility.

Tezcatlipoca Wikipedia, Codex Borgia

10th Uinal
The 10th uinal is a manifestation of Light under the Authority of the God of Darkness. Tezcatlipoca is associated with many things, including the night sky, the night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, sorcery, beauty, war and strife. The Jaguar is Tezcatlipoca’s totem. Gratitude will be the “Earth Magic” to see through the darkness. Manifestation presents a challenge to claim the Light in all things. We complete the 10th uinal on 5 Sun/AHAU, empowered by an Illumination of Human’s Power of Love and the Will to Choose it.

Xochiquetzal/Yohualticitl Aztec Goddess of Birth Wikipedia, Rios Codex

11th Uinal
The 11th uinal offers a Resolution and Clarity for a Divine Way forward under the Authority of the Goddess of Birth. Yohualticitl/Xochiquetzal is the “midwife of the night” who Delivers the Light from the Darkness. On 6 Crocodile/IMIX we enter a Higher Frequency of Compassionate Love. Tuned in by the number 11, the Consciousness of One Above and One Below will see the Vision with Clarity to Resolve the way to Manifest our Dreams.

The Haab Month Sek/Tzec
The Wisdom/CIB trecena will be carried out in the Haab month of Sek/Tzec. The intention of planetary scale is a celebration of Honey. The bee keeper festival is observed during the month of Sek. Offerings were made to the four Chaaks (rain gods), and the rims of offering plates were covered in honey. Hive owners shared honey with the community.

Wisdom/CIB illustrates a mind in the Highest State of Consciousness, emanating the Wisdom of Knowing and the Light of Forgiveness. Through a connection to Humans who walked this way before we will be guided to the Highest Consciousness, and handed the Keys to the Kingdom. Our “honey” will be a Gift of Compassionate Love. The Passion of Forgiveness will be the Sweetness of Salvation we share with the Whole.

CIB guides the Human journey to bring our AKBAL Dream into the world Below. A Light will shine from our Conscious Dreams to manifest our own Wisdom of Experience.


Tone 1 – Wisdom/CIB will connect us to the Ascended Masters to share the Wisdom of their Divine Inheritance.

Tone 2 – Earth/CABAN offers a Choice that will Move us Forward with all our Heart when we see who we are becoming.

Tone 3 – Flint/ETZNAB will deliver the Truth that sweeps the way clear for the journey we were intended to make and brings Life to our Highest Dream.

Tone 4 – Storm/CAUAC will stabilize our Dream through a Renewal and Regeneration of our Divine Consciousness as “lightning in the blood.”

Tone 5 – Sun/AHAU will illuminate our Power to be Moved by a Divine Agency to carry out the Intention of Divine Will.

Tone 6 – Crocodile/IMIX will generate the Momentum to carry our Dream in the Flow to the Peak of our climb.

We are connected to the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters who will serve as our Intermediaries. They walked this way before. The glyph illustrates the mind in its Highest State of Consciousness, emanating the Rays of Illumination and Forgiveness.

CIB lies in the South, the direction of Relationship. CIB offers the “Key to the Kingdom” of Spirit as the Human Offering of Forgiveness. Without forgiveness we blame the “other” and fail to see the Truth of our Self. Guided by CIB, we can create a Kingdom for ALL Time, through a journey to the archeological treasures of our past. What we Forgive in the Past, will open the Door to a new future. We will ascend on 13 Star/LAMAT, the Destiny Kin of the Ascension of the Scion.

The Wisdom/CIB trecena is a time to Honor the Old Ones and come in Humility and Respect as the student prepared to Listen. CIB will guide us to seek the discernment of Truth to make Wise Choices.

Today’s forecast…

1 Wisdom/CIB inspires the Inner Strength and Passion for our Highest Climb. The Cherokee Owl possess the ability of all great hunters – cunning, tenacity, and strength. The Elders say to find success on the path of Spiritual Development requires the courage to look at our Self. We were given the “perfect vision” of the Dream, now we must see the Truth of our Self.

We must remember that Forgiveness will apply to all things. CIB can help us see what needs to be forgiven in our past. If we’re honest, we’ll See and Acknowledge that we are as guilty as the rest.

To all my relations, may we commit our self to Be Here Now and draw from the Wisdom and Truth we already know. May we remember to call upon the Ancestors who will serve as our Intermediaries and can share the Truth of their Collective Wisdom.

May we remember the Grandfathers and Grandmothers in our prayers. May we give thanks for their patience and willing to come to our aide when we call. May we greet each day with an open mind. May our morning prayer be, “Grandfathers, Grandmothers, and Great Spirit, what would you have me Know today?”

In lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Wisdom/CIB trecena.


1 Wisdom/CIB (Cherokee, Owl U’GUKU’   O’JJ)

Galactic Tone 1: Unity. One is the beginning of all things, the first, the whole and the all in one. One’s are assertive and self-guided and give a good push to whatever project they are associated with. One persons work best when meeting a challenge. Do not expect One-persons to be attentive to details or to put the finishing touches on things.

Wisdom/CIB: The old ones. Wisdom of the ancients. Wisdom persons are aligned with the ancient memories that wait in the stone of temples and sacred sites all over the world. Wisdom people grow luck like a crop using a balance of prudence and tenacity. The tremendous inner strength of this sign, enables silent introspection to discover areas of oneself that contain wisdom more valuable than any trove of archaeological treasure. Wisdom persons are valiant defenders of family and community. They may become hardened to life and sentiment turned cold. In these cases, they need much forgiveness for their uncaring errors. Periodically connecting with nature and or visiting sacred sites will bring great stability to wisdom persons. (A good day to sit on a rock.)

Cherokee, Owl/U’GUKU’   O’JJ: Symbol is the Owl is Arcturus, the brightest Star in the Constellation Bootes. The Cherokee Bear constellation (Ursa Major) includes the Big Dipper plus four stars in Bootes.  Owl is a hunter, who stands for the wisdom and ability of all great hunters, the cunning of a fox, the tenacity of a bulldog and strength of a bear. Energy for deep thinkers, strong-willed, rigid convictions, bold and authoritative.  Owl is the Mystic Ferryman who guides Earthlings on the return path to the stars holding the torch aloft.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

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