Wesak Moon: A Blessing from Chacala, MX

The Sacred Ceremony shared from Chacala, MX was left in the comment section of another post. I’m sharing as a regular post among the rest, so all can See and Receive all the Blessings together.

Thank you again, beauxzoe1, for sharing the Beauty in Your Time and Place.  love, in lak’ech, Debra

Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

[May 7, 2020, Morning Offering]

GREETINGS from Chacala, Mexico!

I have just come back home from a walk on the beach to make my offering to Mother Ocean on this very auspicious 7I’X WESAK full super moon in Scorpio.

This morning I awoke in a dark, somber and desultory mood. I just couldn’t get started, and felt held back. I made coffee twice – it didn’t taste good to me. Then made tea for my morning libation instead. I got distracted with just about everything. “This is I’X, day of magical energies!” I thought. “Where is the magic in THIS?!” Normally I am able to smoothly do my morning DEAL: Devotion, Elimination, Ablution and Libation. But this morning was very discombobulated. Not a very good way to start this pinnacle day!

And yet…

After I lit the candles (I am using four, one for each direction, this uinal, in alignment with the Sac Be SacredRoadrunner suggestions for the “Cholq’ij Challenge”) I sat in the stillness, and after awhile began to write, and as I wrote, I became calmer and steadier, as I focused on the thoughts and feelings arising. And as I did so, my thoughts and feelings began to transform. This is the magic that often happens when I do this morning practice.

I remembered a Sufi Name for God that is traditionally translated as “The Deferrer”: Al MUAKKHIR, also referred to as “Doubling Back on the Path”. And then I remembered another Name: AL MUDHILL, “The Leader Astray”. Both of these Names begin with “MU” which means embodiment. So these are aspects of God which are embodied in humans. Remembering these Sufi aspects of God was certainly a piece of magic. In the Sufi and Islamic traditions, which I follow, there are 99 named aspects of Divinity, and to recognize that even difficult feelings are Divine is always liberating for me. “Even aggravation finds a home in the heart of the One,” it is said. The negative feelings I was having are all part of God. The “magic” is in recognizing that “this, too, is God”; it is the alchemy that transforms negative feelings by honoring them as aspects of the Divine. So I chanted these Names for awhile.

Then, I remembered that this is a Scorpio moon, and that Scorpio is all about the Dark, and the jaguar energy of I’X is recognized as the Lord and Master of Darkness; the “ Dark Sun that journeys to the Underworld each night.” OK, so dark feelings would be natural here!

I remembered last night’s beautiful moon rising in the twilight sky among sculpted clouds. And then I remembered that I had awakened around 1 am, to a very unusual night sky with flashes of what we call “heat lighning” where I live in the South. I could hear distant thunder. The sky was otherwise clear and the moon was bright. I’d never seen lightning here before, in the seven years that I have been coming. It is dry season, and there has been no rain since January, which is normal. But this lightning and thunder? I tried to stay awake for the 4:45 AM full moon, but was glad I fell asleep.

Remembering that experience this morning, what happened seemed very profound, and added to the accumulating magic of the morning. Finally, a funny piece of magic when I realized I was wearing “jaguar” pattern pants! OK, thanks, Synchronicity!

All of this galvanized me and made me ready to go to the ocean with my offering that I had written, burned, and frozen at the waning moon in March. Today was the pinnacle of the seed of the New Vision I had crafted in the last trecena of Tzikin. I was filled with the auspiciousness of the number 7, the top of the pyramid, the apex of the growth of the New Vision seed I planted on 1 TOJ. I had distilled the many aspects of my New Vision down to a simple sentence, and this is what I was going to offer to Mother Ocean.

I walked down to the empty playa. Since CV19 struck, this tiny town has been shut down, even though there are no cases here. I decided to stay here in isolation instead of going home when it became too difficult to contact my airline. This is a prettier jail! We are not supposed to go on the beach at this time, but I always do, because I always need the connection with nature.

The beach was completely pristine, and I came across a stump washed ashore, which made a perfect seat. I took my flowers and plastic bag of frozen vision out of my backpack, and I did an invocation of all the elements, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, and center.

I spoke my New Vision:

A New Relationship with Nature: our Authentic Nature, Human Nature, and Mother Nature. There are a lot of specifics connected with this vision, but this is what they all boil down to. I felt enthused, whole and complete, and walked back home to my little room in Chacala, thankful for the New Vision, and for the WESAK moon ritual.


I walked out into the sea and offered the bouganvilla and the New Vision, and watched the ocean take them into her being. Thank you, Mother!

11 thoughts on “Wesak Moon: A Blessing from Chacala, MX

  1. Debra!
    THANK YOU for the beautiful photo! Not having a camera with me, I could only paint word pictures. But indeed, with beach restrictions in place, this is EXACTLY what my beach looks like, where I have been walking every day since January! How lovely! And the bouganvilla! How perfect! The exact colors!


    • Then there was a Divine Hand in that. I wasn’t happy til I found that beach photo, and there were several colors of bouganvilla to choose. The ones in Tucson Arizona were that color. I’m so glad it will be remembered as it really was. Your blessing was too important to be lost somewhere in a comment section. MUCH LOVE and Gratitude! in lak’ech, Debra


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