Wesak Moon: Offering to the Living Waters of Oregon

Tammy shares her Sacred Ceremony and Offering to the waters of Oregon.

Thank you Tammy for sharing the Sacred Time and Place. May the Light you share be multiplied to abundance as a Blessing to the Whole!

love, in lak’ech, Debra


My Wesak ceremony is completed.

Lots of Love and Light to ALL!

In Lak’ech


Prayer of Buddha Quan Yin


I AM forgiveness acting here

Casting out all doubt and fear

Setting Men forever free

On wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour.

To ALL Life in every place

I flood forth forgiving Grace.


I AM the Victory of the Light!

The Victory of the Light I AM!


2 thoughts on “Wesak Moon: Offering to the Living Waters of Oregon

  1. Goodness!
    I have just been meditating on forgiveness, and on Quan Yin, and the Sacred Feminine in general. Thanks for the SYNCHRONICITY!

    If we are to have a New Vision of our relationship with ourselves, others and Mother Nature, it must be a Feminine one, where cooperation, gentleness, love, and compassion reign. Mirabai Starr begins her chapter on Forgiveness by talking about Quan Yin, and says that “Forgiveness is the very face of the Feminine.” On this 9 day of Ajmac, I see that vividly. It is the Way of the Mother to embrace all, and that is the only way we can move forward now. Cooperation must replace competition if we are to survive as a healthy global community.

    Today my New Vision becomes clearer and clearer, as I realize that what I had planted on 1 QANIL was the SEED of the New Vision, the intentions and aspirations of the New Vision, but not the New Vision itself. An intention is “something you have in mind to to or bring about”; an aspiration is “a strong desire and hope to achieve something great”, so it is intention suffused with hope, in order to move it forward. But a Vision is “ imagining and planning for the future, using intelligence and wisdom.”

    So what I planted was the SEED of the New Vision, and that is what is growing in this trecena, as I see more and more clearly (thank you, Tz’ikin!) what that Vision actually is, Tz’ikin (Ben) sees far and wide, but also sees the details. So for me, as this trecena moves toward its completion, my New Vision becomes clearer and clearer, with more details that I can actually, and must actually visualize. It is my aspiration that by 13 AJPU (AHAU) that Vision will be fully matured and manifest.

    And as I reflect more on this Tz’ikin trecena, it is very clear to me that this is what we who are expanding our consciousness must do: have a clear Vision for the future. And, according to folks like Lynn McTaggart, who wrote “The Power of Eight”, there must be a significant number of us visualizing as completely as possible what we want. She has shown how powerful it is, for example, when a group of people gather together to hold the same Vision for healing. And those of us who are reading this blog know that this is so.

    My prayer is that we each hold onto, cherish, fully embrace and imagine our New Vision, to move us forward into the thriving global community we want to inhabit.

    May it be so
    And so it is!



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