9 Eagle / MEN – The Truth and the Way: Day 9 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,

Today I celebrate my Mayan birthday. The day always shows up fast, even  when I see it coming. I definitely TOOK OFF on  a Leap of  Spirit yesterday, without looking back. It all came down  to the simple question, WHAT MATTERS? What, exactly, makes an Intention of Love worthwhile to carry all the way from the start to the finish. If nothing really matters, what matters?

Love deserves to be invested in the Highest Cause. Everyone deserves the chance to Create their own Divine Effect, Above and Below. The BEST Truth, when we stand back to see the WHOLE Truth, is the Question – did we ever ASK what would matter? How well did we convey the Truth that Beauty was the end and Love of Creation.

I’m holding the Highest Hopes and Highest Expectations for the end a Supreme Creator plans for me. I don’t know what it is. But I know that Asking the One Above for MY Highest Cause for Love, is the One Mission that can ONLY lead to the end that was meant to be. The “X” is all I need, for the Freedom of Choice – the Wings to Fly. I only need the Wind under my wings. No one else has to see what I can see for myself.

That’s what a Divine Intermediary should share. Intermediaries are only remind us that most Truth can be broken down by our own Common Sense. The future couldn’t be any clearer, facing the Truth of NOW that was created from the past.

I hold the Highest Hopes on behalf of the whole for a Vision of Crystal Clarity from here to a Divine Future. We can give thanks now for the Unknown “X” that IS the LIGHT of HOPE and a PRAYER for a Divine Possibility.

love, in lak’ech, Debra
PS – I didn’t want to be Eagle/MEN. Then I learned that we are “not defined” by any one of the Day Signs. Our Mayan birthday is a reflection of what we love to do, and how we go about it. Who we ARE can’t be defined by one “lord  of a Day” or an astrological Sun Sign. The  Identify of our Spirit is the Expression of “what we love to do.”  Everyone can be our Best Friend, when, regardless of how different we are, we’re both aiming toward the same end.

On the day of the Lunar Eclipse, something is FINISHED – what no longer serves. The Jaguar’s “earth magic” way is to Count the Divine Blessing to see a Truth we KNOW changes everything, they way it worked before. We don’t work that way anymore. Our last Ascension of Spirit was the Truth. It’s clear, we’re not the same anymore.  I count my blessings for the Unknown future, that can only be higher, given that’s Truth I’ve Asked to See. Signs are for the future. We still may have to “wait and see,” but we won’t wait long to the next eclipse.

The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 4, 2021 (03/04/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: November 19, 2021 (11/19/2021)
9 Eagle/MEN, Destiny Kin 35 


9 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 9 raises the Intention of Patience. There could be suffering for lack of Insight. The Number 9 is about completion. Tone 9 guides us to see the Big Picture. In the 9th Hour we acknowledged that we are “finished.” The Common thought is to stand back to see what we’ve done.

Learning to Bend in Humility, the Creator raised our Common burdens to Light, along with some very Common ways that people See Love. The Truth looks different in every Time and Place. The Reason to Forgive will be our Key to the Kingdom. The Dog and the Monkey shared the Beauty of Love and the Wisdom to Create it. In spite of what we know, with the best intentions we will only see a fraction of the “sum of the whole.”

The Deer claims its Holy Ground, silently standing on the Truth today, knowing there will be Higher Ground tomorrow. On Tone 9 our Heart is wholly invested in the One Divine Cause on behalf of the Whole. We ALL want to be Remembered. We don’t have to wait. We can Remember now.

Humans create reality all the time. The “other” is a character created in our imagination. Another Human Being will FEEL how they are Seen. It’s wise to look back at the end of every day to see EVERYTHING we created. With Patience we’ll always see the better way for tomorrow. We are already seeing the next higher end.

The Eagle resides in the West, the direction of our Unknown Future. Through the Element of Water the Eagle speaks to our Heart. Eagle/MEN is the Intermediary that shares a View of the Creator and the world below. The Eagle sees a direct path Above without any obstacles.  The Eagle is the nahaul that looks into the future.

The Eagle flies by Intuition. The Eagle sees the future by Intention. Before it ever takes off it looks far off and locks into the coordinates like a tractor beam. An Eagle can see its prey as far as 1.9 miles away. It only has to see a speck of a distinctive color of fur to focus, then never turn away. The Eagle doesn’t flap wings or hover, it Leaps and falls to the first current of Air that catches its wings, then leans into the Wind. Truth is the Wind beneath our Wings.

Golden Eagle Eye

The Eagle’s Gift is knowing that whatever it can see lies within its grasp.  Flying away is the only reason the Eagle doesn’t reach the prize. The Eagle has a shadow. If we don’t keep focusing on the prize, we might see another Eagle heading in the same direction that passes by. “Maybe I’m too late. Someone else will claim the prize before I ever reach the end.” The Eagle holds the Highest Hopes and the Highest Aspirations. The Divine Gift that Eagle shares is the Light of our First and Last Hope.

Through the Eagle’s eyes we can see the Truth of Divine Justice. We’re all different, and nobody knows the Time and Place we’ve created. We’ve all invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in the Intention of our Dream. Nobody wants our Divine Justice. They want their own.

As far as Time, Divine Truth keeps raising our state-of-mind. Love changes our Vision of Life into a thing of Beauty.

To all my relations, may we not get so lost in the Dream for tomorrow that we miss the Opportunity to Live Today. May we imagine our Highest Dreams and mark them with an “X” to symbolize, the Creator’s Divine Justice as our end. No matter how far we reach, we’ll know the End will always be higher than we imagine.

When all we can see is obstacles, may we Remember the Higher View. There’s a Divine way we haven’t seen. We will conceive it on the way.

When we lose our bearings in the darkness, may we remember a Light. Divine Love never lets go.

May we offer our Gratitude for a Creator who loves our differences by Design. If we all wanted the same Divine Justice, only One Dream would be. May we remember all our Human limitations, and be Humbled by all the Ways and the Reasons a Divine Creator loves us.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for highlights of the Deer/MANIK trecena.
The “Tzolk’in Field Guide” includes a Count of Days and aspects for days and the trecena.

Links to download Volumes 1 and 2 are included.

9 Eagle/MEN (Eagle/UWO’HATLI)

Galactic Tone 9: Patience. The energy of Nine is one of the getting a better perspective of the bigger picture. With the energy of Nine plans or patterns begin to come to completion. Nine requires patience and perseverance that is found in the bigger picture, otherwise there is great suffering from the lack of insight. The completion of cycles of action is all-important to Nine.

Eagle/MEN: Intermediary between Heaven and Earth. Due to the Eagles superior point of view and keen intelligence, they achieve material abundance and good fortune. A messenger gifted with patience and a deep sense of value, Eagle brings hope and trust on the wings of Spirit. Eagle persons are very detail oriented and technically inclined. Compassionate service to others sustains prosperity for Eagle personas as the flapping of wings would sustain their bird brothers. If Eagle becomes viciously competitive or possessive, greed and jealousy cause a fall from the heights. Eagles, being blessed with freedom of movement, should be aware of escapism. Eagles may be tempted to just fly away from troubles by using indulgences.

Cherokee, Eagle/UWO’HATLI: Eagle’s symbol is Mars the Spirit Warrior. He is a minion of Grandfather Moon. Eagles were the warrior society, the braves the protectors of the nation. Women were included. There was no discrimination which is reflected in the language: third person singular is divided into animate, human and animate, not human instead of he and she. The energy of high hopes and anticipations, dreams and visions, cosmic consciousness and commitment. On earth, a provider of excellence, leader, husbandry, care-taking of others, financial security and inheritance.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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