Greetings, Brothers, Sisters and all my relations…

In lak’ech, I am another you. Our hopes and wishes are all the same. We just want to be happy. We are traveling on the hard road of life. Each day we are presented with challenges and distractions that can pull us off course from the wholeness we yearn for. Without some sense of direction we can feel lost and on our own.

A dedicated daily practice is a powerful and necessary process for bringing a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives. When we create a space to be open to our own Spirit, we open a channel to Love and the Truth of our wholeness.

I am sharing my personal daily journal as I am guided by my own daily practice, drawn from the guidance of the Tzolk’in Calendar – the ‘sacred calendar of creation’ passed down by the Mayan people. The calendar has been my source for a life-changing journey.

The Mayan Calendar is often referred to as the “calendar of synchronicity” due to the relate-able experiences that often coincide with the daily guidance from the calendar. In Truth, synchronicity is what the Mayan Calendar is tracking… cycles within cycles and the time for every purpose.

On Earth we live within many cycles – sunrise to sunset, moon to moon, and season to season. Universally, we live within the cycles of our solar system and galaxy. Within our own bodies we have growth and reproduction cycles, cycles of gestation, and the cycle of life and death. My point is that we are ALL a part and parcel of this energy in motion.

The Truth the Ancients found worthy to carve in stone is that our purpose is about our journey and our movement through time. Our purpose lies in the creation of our own life story. We are alive and intimately connected as our stories intertwine. We are all as One in our purpose.

As above, so below – from the universal to the macro – we are Divine Sparks of energy, emitting our own light.


My posts represent the inspirations from my own daily journal. My hope is that it will be demonstrate a WAY of drawing deeper meaning from the Tzolk’in Calendar.

Through further study you will learn ways your own Destiny Sign (birthdate) may be specifically influenced by the current Day Sign – how the day may hold complementary or challenging energies. Our own Truth is born of our own inspiration.

My teachings have been passed down under the instruction of Wandering Wolf, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Grand Elder of the living Maya, and 13th generation in the lineage of Mayan Medicine People. The original meanings given with the glyphs and tones are provided without alteration.

My initial guidance came through the teaching of Ian Lungold who identified the correct conversion of the codex, confirmed by Don Alejandro. I acquired a deeper education through Dr. Jose Jaramillo, whose teaching followed the same codex.

It is important to note that the Dreamspell Calendar is not a true translation of the Mayan Calendar codex. The calendar has been discounted by Don Alejandro as a distortion. Because the True Mayan Calendar tracks existing cycles – any alterations to the reference dates are a misrepresentation of generational Maya teachings, and “are a source of confusion to the people.” If your intention is to follow the cycles as passed down from the Maya indigenous peoples, you will not find it in the Dreamspell calendar. (My Tzolk’in page offers numerous resources drawn from the original teachings of the Maya.)

To all my relations, I wish you the greatest blessings of happiness and welcome anyone who may find a way forward through the path that I follow.

In lak’ech, I am another you,

Debra/Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

My friend, Shadow.