Publication & Pre-Print Orders

Greetings Kin,

I’m excited to share several projects coming to completion for publishing in August 2019! This is a sneak peek at creations on the workbench in pre-production and final editing.

In the next few weeks I’ll be able to offer discounts on pre-print orders, when I knowing timing for the estimated deliveries.  They’ve all been in the works. I couldn’t choose one, so they all finally chose me.



block books

  • In Lak’ech, a Tzolk’in Count of Days
    Insight on the Tzolk’in cycles, days, and symbols of discernment; a 260-day journal round to follow, reference, or use as an oracle
  • Oracle of Initiation, from the Mayan Tzolk’in Sacred Calendar of Human
    Use a card deck to tune in to the Tzolk’in; instruction includes operation for using the Tzolk’in as a divination tool (a fun and tactile way to learn the symbols)
  • Tzolk’in Calendar Field Guide
    Spiral bound daily reference workbook. A 13-day trecena guide, expanded with suggested activities, focus, and ceremony by the calendar
  • Tzolk’in Calendar Daykeeper’s Journal
    A journal for the book you will write, recording your synchronicity with the calendar. Spiral bound journal pages, formatted for aspects, notes, and glyphs

If the covers look similar, it’s because each reference is correspondent in use with another. The Field Guide and Journal will be discounted as a set. Cards are portable tools. Used as an Oracle, you’ll learn to apply the Tzolk’in for divination for answers and ways for your own intentions. (Every Day is Sacred.)

I’ve been excited about these for a LONG while. Each one demanded their time, waiting on their own missing piece of Divine Inspiration from current Tzolk’in and Haab rounds. Each missing pieces was a “wild idea” that came on a day marked Crocodile/IMIX.

It’s a lifetime dream. Decades ago I talked to a psychic about my dream to write a book. They asked what I would write about and I didn’t know. They said, “When you have something to say, then you’ll write a book.”

I do have something burning in my heart to say, from new insight on symbols to manifest creation. It’s my passion to pay back and pay forward the miracles YOU have been creating WITH me. These clear the way for my stories from Ek’ Balam… another dream in the future.

Thank YOU for being a Divine Family to turn to, to share a joy of creation.

Much love, in lak’ech,

PS. Please make note of my new email address . Let me know if you want me to send the future announcement via email.