Publication & Pre-Print Orders

UPDATE ON THE DREAM: November 15, 2019

Greetings Kin,

Writing the journal for 3 Crocodile/IMIX it feels like the Time to share latest chapter of a Dream. I imagined the Jaguar Journey would lead to the end as quickly as my dream of a Pilgrimage to Ek’ Balam. This has been a winding journey and a test of Higher Faith.

There was a journey to figure out how it could be. Every time I went back to edit something written before, I was seeing things from a higher perspective. Edits turned into entire re-writes of a new draft. (Truth was changing too fast to leave it alone.) I started with 3 things at once. A Trinity was a blessing. Inspiration for one thing shared new Light for another.

There were some sad moments when I saw how this might go on forever. Was it meant to be? Is the Divine plan that the only thing I’m supposed to do is keep writing one day after another? I’ve written over 1600 daily posts. It didn’t make a bit of sense. Then, I had a Divine Idea, a VERY EASY WAY. DON’T EVER WRITE WITHOUT DOING THE FINAL EDIT FROM THE BEGINNING. It would stay whole from the start.

Believe it or not, my intention is an error-free publication. Focused elsewhere, if you’ve been following the daily post, you MUST see all the errors. I AM capable of editing something closer to perfection. Thanks for caring enough to read through my mistakes anyway. I claim it serves a Divine purpose because I never wanted to be anything but “in lak’ech.” My point from the beginning was that if I can, you can create your dream too, just as well and better. (My story of human limitations will be shared “In Lak’ech,” my count of days.)

All 3 are close to final drafts. Now I’m back to 1 at a time. Here’s the status:

  • In Lak’ech, a Tzolk’in Count of Days
    Insight on the Tzolk’in cycles, days, and symbols of discernment; a 260-day journal round to follow, reference, or use as an oracle.
    STATUS UPDATE: The whole manuscript is completed. It is waiting for all the written pieces to be drawn into order and file, with final revisions to the Count of Days. Insight on the Tzolk’in cycles, days, and symbols of discernment; a 260-day journal round to follow, reference, or use as an oracle
  • Oracle of Initiation Card Deck, from the Mayan Tzolk’in Sacred Calendar of Human
    Use a card deck to tune in to the Tzolk’in; instruction includes operation for using the Tzolk’in as a divination tool (a fun and tactile way to learn the symbols)
    STATUS UPDATE: The operation for a Divine Discernment through the Oracle Deck is Whole. I love the artwork that’s been Divinely Inspired to go into this. The graphic art has been completed for the deck design, as well as the illustrations for the cards representing the Elements, the Directions, the Tones. The Day Sign cards have all their pieces and parts and should come together quickly from existing art of the Day Signs.
  • Tzolk’in Calendar Field Guide
    Spiral bound daily reference workbook. A 13-day trecena guide, expanded with suggested activities, focus, and ceremony by the calendar
    This has been a bigger but easier task of accumulating details that are the aspects of every day. I started into production from a page layout I’d created years ago. When I realized I was focused more on boxes than I was on the content, it was tossed out to start over. There was still 90% of the original manuscript in tact, but it was hard for me to forward movement in ALL the steps I was taking back.

    I finally have the final count of 93 pages. There are 80 (8 1/2″ x 11″) pages covering the 20 trecena waves, and 13 pages that covers each of the aspects of the Day. I’m loving this piece too, in spite of it feeling more like an administrative effort. New Inspiration is invested in the Introduction of each Galactic Week of the Tzolk’in with clues about thoughts and experiences to be aware of throughout the cycle. Each trecena also offers Practical Exercises to initiate thoughts from your own perspective. I expect to resolve the means of publication to announce pre-print pricing by the end of November.

  • Tzolk’in Calendar Daykeeper’s Journal
    A journal for the book you will write, recording your synchronicity with the calendar. These will be spiral bound journal pages, also bound to lay flat.

    STATUS UPDATE: A newly designed journal page is ready to go. Costs of the workbook will help determine a reasonable number of pages to be useful, in a size that’s handy to carry. (The final draft of the journal page layout will be offered free as a pdf so you have an option to print it for yourself for your own binding.)

Thank YOU for being a Divine Family to share a joy of creation and for bearing the time with me.

Much love, in lak’ech, Debra