13-Day Trecena Guide

The Trecena of Earth/CABAN

Beginning, July 17, 2021  | Daily Daykeeper Journal

Ascended on 13 Offering/MULUC, Offering our Whole Heart to the Time it takes to know. The Creator’s spoken promise is the “Truth Forever.”  

WKBK-Dog-OC-14 wave

Trecena Highlights:

CYCLE OF DARKNESS: “Darkness” marks the Time for the Application of Truth that was revealed on 13 Offering/MULUC. “The work” of our Creation is Human’s attempt to create a the Truth as our Own Experience. We can look to the future we Know is the Sacred Exchange for the Divine Offering of Love. The cycle begins on Destiny Kin 170, the symbol of a Whole Investment from the Lower Place, to  see “all that is” as the Truth of the Higher One. Every Destiny Kin marked by the Dog reveals the zero in the lower place.

Love is blossoming. The Truth of the Fruit we will bear is now visible. The 9th uinal offers a View from the Big Picture. If we apply the patience to conceive Cause and Effect, we will see a Bigger Picture. The Highest Truth will be completed by 11 Sun/AHAU. We will rise to the 10th uinal to  Claim the Truth that circles around the Higher One.  

The Experience of Dog/OC:

  • Looking for the Truth of Love we will find it
  • Connected to the Beauty of Earth
  • Celebrating Life with all our Senses
  • Seeing the best in others
  • Offering the benefit of the doubt, and TIME, for the Sake of Love

HOLY DAY: Day of Awareness
8 Earth/CABAN is observed by the Maya as the Day of Awareness. July 24, 2021 is a day to acknowledge the gift of Knowing, our gifts of Intellect and Imagination, and our Consciousness of a Light of Truth Above. We will be trained by the Dog/OC to claim the  Gift for Life.

Times ARE Changing: Changes in the Moon’s Cycles & Returning to the Balance
See Molly McCord’s Explanation on YouTube
Molly McCord explains how the moon cycle has been reversed. We get the Divine Inspiration FIRST, rather than conceive a truth by bits and pieces. We don’t see the application/necessity first, but we see it as soon as we Know. It’s been going on for a year, and accounts for some backwards thinking. Through the End of July and August, Leo the Lion/Sun/AHAU brings us back into Alignment. When we get back in the same track,  we’ll have seen another way that could be worked out as the Most Divine Way – Claiming Divine Justice as the first possibility, and claiming it 3 times –  referring all the questions to the One Above – what it is, and what it means. It’s another reason to mark the Lion’s Gate, August 08 (08/08), and the closest alignment Earth can make to receive the Light/Photons from the Central Sun – Higher Energy that aligns the stars in the Universe.

Our Ascension is 13 Wind/IK

The Guardian of Time Answers the Prayer at the End from the Beginning. The date is marked by Divine Number, July 29, 2021 (07/29/2021). Under the 7, we can see all that from the Higher Place. Number 29 is the final degree of an orbit before the planets move into New Way of Being. 


  • Each Sacred Day is too beautiful to raise one over any other.


13 Offering/MULUC is a Divine Communion of Atonement through the Sacred Exchange of an Offering to Live to Pay Back and Pay Forward.

Exercise for Spiritual Growth: 

Take a real dog or an imaginary one along on every journey. Follow the ways of Dogs. Practice Listening for and obeying the Master… the Wisdom of your own Conscious.


  • Meaning/Patterns of Mayan Numbers NEW RESOURCE (07/28/2021)
    Learn the symbols in the meaning of the dots and bars of the Numbers. Includes the more artist/graphics of the illustrated numbers as you may see them carved in stone, or decorated as an illustration for a name. This explains the FORM of the illustrations of the Numbers, vs their meaning of intention. There is meaning in the form.

The Count of Days for the Dog/OCTrecena

The Count of days for the 3rd and 4th seasons of the Tzolk’in are found in Volume 2 of the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.” by Debra Malmos, 9 Eagle/MEN

“Tzolk’in Field Guide: Volume 1, Seasons 1 and 2” (Download PDF)

“Tzolk’in Field Guide: Volume 2, Seasons 3 and 4” (Download PDF)

Free Tzolk’in Journal Page | Tzolk’in Calendar Chart

Daykeeper Resources Page (Click)

I’m cleaning up resources for the calendar count, and other tools to calculate time.  The more you engage with the Tzolk’in, the more you see your story – undeniable by the Day it happens – with numbers written all over it. 

POPOL VUH: Sacred Book of the Quiché Maya People
Translation and Commentary by Allen J. Christenson

NOTE: It is worthy to save this reference. Treasured resources online have disappeared. This is worth keeping.

The Global Burner Days: 

Global Burner DaysIn additional to Personal Burner Days, there are Global Burner Days where Fire Ceremony is offered to all the people. This is a time when excess energy is released. The four global burner days are 4 Sun/Ahau, 4 Eagle/MEN, 4 Dog/OC, and 4 Serpent/CHICCHAN. Burner days share the same Tone number. Each person has 4 personal burner days, along with global burners. 


What is your birth sign on the Mayan Calendar?

You can seek a deeper understanding of yourself through your Destiny Kin, which translates to the day you were born on the Tzol’kin Calendar. You can use any of the calculators on the Tzol’kin Calendar page to find your own Day Sign.




3 thoughts on “13-Day Trecena Guide

    • Thanks so much for this, Timothy. I tried to find the resource that had all the names from all the regions. It’s the same for all the different versions of the glyphs. The resource is no longer on the Internet. I’ve been attempting to recreate them. A NAME is a very important thing, the Elders said it’s also important to know the pronunciation. I think you just pointed me to my next research project. in lak’ech, Debra


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