13-Day Trecena Guide


AN OFFERING: An Unfinished, Un-edited, Unpublished work
(A forward to the Field Guide about the Meaning – and Time.)

The plan from the beginning was to write a book. I did with all the journals written. What was MORE important was what I wanted to say about the Calendars and TIME that I could never express perfectly. Just the same way – I knew to lay it down, when you don’t know the time or day. If I BELIEVED it was a Miracle that’s TRUE for you, I could have stopped a long time ago. I was the one trying to believe I could discern the Truth – not anyone to be telling you how beautiful it is when you’ve searched all over – and YOU FIGURE IT OUT. That’s the MIRACLE of the WHOLE Mystery – what we can ALL KNOW if we ASK and bear the stripes of knowing some hard things about our Self.

Beloved Kin – A dream came true. Please refer to the Tzolk’in Field Guide to see the aspects for each day and the Count. Search the Destiny Kin in English to find journals from 8 rounds.

2 CIMI was the sign of an old life passed away and a new one beginning Focus on the One, Breathe, Count your Blessings every day, and look to the Most Divine Future –  that creates itself. I’m so glad I don’t have to be here, to  know there are  ones like you – and we’re all praying for each other. 

Debra – Turning to a Jaguar Path. 


Volume 1 of the Tzolk’in field guide offers the aspects for each day of Season 1 and 2 for the new round. You can learn to discern the meaning of Time for yourself, as you familiarize with the aspects – like Fire, Water, Air and Earth, and direction of thought, like inspiration,  human interaction, the unknown, and the Truth of Wisdom. Wisdom will MULTIPLY. When you learn ONE, you’ll know a LOT about the others.


“Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment”
by Debra Malmos, 9 Eagle/MEN

“Tzolk’in Field Guide: Volume 1, Seasons 1 and 2” (Download PDF)
“Tzolk’in Field Guide: Volume 2, Seasons 3 and 4” (Download PDF)

Free Tzolk’in Journal Page | Tzolk’in Calendar Chart

Also see Daykeeper Resources for calculators and calendar links.

Free Tzolk’in Journal Page | Tzolk’in Calendar Chart

Daykeeper Resources Page (Click)

I’m cleaning up resources for the calendar count, and other tools to calculate time.  The more you engage with the Tzolk’in, the more you see your story – undeniable by the Day it happens – with numbers written all over it. 

POPOL VUH: Sacred Book of the Quiché Maya People
Translation and Commentary by Allen J. Christenson

NOTE: It is worthy to save this reference. Treasured resources online have disappeared. This is worth keeping.


The Trecena of Storm/CAUAC – A Re-Animation of our Divine Genius

Beginning, January 2, 2021  | Daily Daykeeper Journal

Ascended on 13 Flint/ETZNAB – KNOWING the Light will Shine a Way

WKBK-cauac 7-wave



The FLASH of K’inich/AHAU is a First Light of Divine Inspiration – a glimpse of the end. We mark the “X” for all the details we couldn’t see. We’ll invest our Heart in the One Above who will ALWAYS Remember what was TOO beautiful for us to even re-imagine. 

This is a Time in synchronicity with planetary and universal cycles of experience. The CIMI cycle of “darkness” was the Light of our own Human experience to KNOW the Unseen Truth in our own Tangible Way. We were given the Wisdom to see what we CAN do with our own Life. And, it IS OUR OWN LIFE. No matter what others think about it, that’s their life – totally unrelated to any experience the way WE know it from OUR own Time and Place. 

I’m curious. Have you waited for another Human Being to show up as the Savior, only now – you don’t want any Human Being to help? You can SAVE YOURSELF – and that’s even better?

We are given light to compare “their life” and “OUR LIFE.” We need our own before we have anything to share in Right Relationship. If we look for the answer in someone else, we BEGIN WITH EXPECTATIONS. We TAKE a CHOICE off the table, before we ever saw the Light of our OWN Divine Genius from Above.

The sign is clear on the Haab calendar. We spent 9 months of the Haab year in a gestation for the Truth of 10 Wind/IK – the Creator’s FIRST/LAST word. We completed the birth of New Light – ALL thinking about a NEW LIFE on the SAME DAY. It’s a miracle on any calendar. Did we ever think we created TRADITIONS on days that we ALL FELT THE SAME, moved by the Same Divine Intentions of Love.  Was there a day we ALL felt the SAME HOPE for Tomorrow, putting the past behind –  and, so we CALLED it a NEW YEAR?

We are now in 3 months of Universal Gestation to the Spring Equinox and a Light that descends from Above. In the North, it means “Time to Plant the Seed.” It’s time to Wait again for the Divine Time. A Seed of OUR life is planted in the Universe and it will be DRAWN by Universal forces to the Highest Light.

CYCLE OF LIGHT: CAUAC is the Light of our Future that offers a CLEAR VISION of the Path, Our Way. The Intention  of the 5th Uinal is Empowerment – to hold the Highest Consciousness of the Divine Truth, WE CAN. We’ve been raised to a New Maturity of Spirit. We’ve seen it before and we KNOW the Truth that will be – and the Truth that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE means, there won’t be any conditions or obligations when we Grasp the DREAM WE LOVE. We’ll sacrifice EVERYTHING it takes to make such a DIVINE DREAM TRUE – and WE KNOW We are the ONLY ONE who CAN do whatever it is we’re going to do. 🙂 

It’s going to FEEL and LOOK like a Stroke of DIVINE GENIUS. REMEMBER – KEEP IT UNDER-WRAPS, in the Heart of the Seed. Let it grow some roots to hang on to the Dream from Mother Earth. Don’t tell anyone where it’s planted, until it has its own legs to stand. 

We will be Gifted with a Dream of Divine Genius – and Moved by the Wild Idea on 3 Crocodile/IMIX. It may not make any sense – but we’ll  KNOW we’re ON TO SOMETHING WE HAVE TO FOLLOW to know the MYSTERY of this DIVINE X that marks a spot. We SAW it for a second, so we KNOW it’s TRUE. We’ll invest our HEART to carry on – and FAITH WILL BE DIVINELY JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS BELIEVING AND KNOWING. (Take in the Light – there’s always WORK, AFTER – when we have to see how it plays out as a Human Being in the Down Below. It’s usually harder than we imagine, but then there’s a Divine Provision.)

Look for COMMON planetary scale experiences. They are ALWAYS SIGNS for our future as a whole. Look for the BIG sign you see, in SMALL everyday ways you don’t notice.  When you discern the Divine Truth, it’s TRUE on EVERY SCALE. What does it mean – PERSONALLY – in YOUR time and place. (You don’t have to figure out the world… use the experience the world brought into view, to SEE YOUR OWN LIFE, and HOW it matters to you. 

Follow your own path first, before you try to create a joined-path. START OUT without any  reason to have expectations on anyone else, for what YOU WILL BE DIVINELY GUIDED TO DO. Seeds are supposed to grow for themselves, without any obligation for the rest of the crop – at least not the Corn. 

Create your own Mandala, symbol, or IMAGE of the Passion in your Heart. Draw your attention there with every prayer. It doesn’t have to be a big deal meditation every time. Just look there and remember. We create our own PORTALS of Light that line up thoughts with the symbols we create to REMEMBER what we’re doing. Every time we see the same “sign” it makes a bigger impression. That’s part of HOW WE SEE AND COMPREHEND what we never believe the first time anyway.

Remember this. YOU HAVE YOUR LIFE. Others have theirs, and it really doesn’t matter what they do, as long as  you have YOUR SANCTURY – YOUR Time and Place.  It doesn’t even make sense. If they want to compare themselves to someone else, why not pick Eleanor Roosevelt – she has so much more to offer. LOL (I really hope I get to use that line for my big sister – but, I better let it go.) 

My other advice – is CREATE, CREATE, CREATE… no matter how RANDOM or WILD the idea. Creation begets creation. WE COULD START WITH MUD PIES, or CAKE BATTER – it doesn’t make any difference, when we are DRAWN INTO DIVINE COMMUNION with the one who Creates with us. The POINT was to witness the Beauty of Creation together. 


All the aspects of the offer VARIABLES through which to see the Truth on your mind. We have to track our thoughts to see the Divine Conversation, between the Seen and Unseen.

For example – to figure out what’s on your mind through the Elements, FIRE always burns. So, on days led by Fire, turn to something burning inside to be healed by it. Sometimes, we don’t SEE what’s “really bothering us.”  We only know it doesn’t feel good. In steadof running away from the matter, or trying to numb the feelings, hold tight and see what happens after you let it burn for a while. Take some breaths, to set the WHOLE Truth ablaze.

You don’t have to know them all for every day. Though, every day there will be a “stick out” feature that is PERSONAL to YOU. It may look backwards and upside down from what I can see. A ONE TRUTH I always bring along is Monkey’s Wisdom to laugh at the Human Monkey Business.

If you find yourself “figuring out” what you should do, you’re looking in the wrong direction. Turn AWAY from Human Reasons. We’re waiting for the Divine Creator to work things out, then show us the way. 

13 DEER/MANIK IS THE GUARDIAN OF THE TRECENA. The Sign for the future is that in the end, we’ll be kneeling at an altar and we’ll KNOW OUR WAY, with one foot planted in a Truth for EVERY direction.

The Global Burner Days: 

Global Burner Days

In additional to Personal Burner Days, there are Global Burner Days where Fire Ceremony is offered to all the people. This is a time when excess energy is released. The four global burner days are 4 Sun/Ahau, 4 Eagle/MEN, 4 Dog/OC, and 4 Serpent/CHICCHAN. Burner days share the same Tone number. Each person has 4 personal burner days, along with global burners. 

What is your birth sign on the Mayan Calendar?

You can seek a deeper understanding of yourself through your Destiny Kin, which translates to the day you were born on the Tzol’kin Calendar. You can use any of the calculators on the Tzol’kin Calendar page to find your own Day Sign.


12 thoughts on “13-Day Trecena Guide

    • Thanks so much for this, Timothy. I tried to find the resource that had all the names from all the regions. It’s the same for all the different versions of the glyphs. The resource is no longer on the Internet. I’ve been attempting to recreate them. A NAME is a very important thing, the Elders said it’s also important to know the pronunciation. I think you just pointed me to my next research project. in lak’ech, Debra


  1. Hi Debra, I’ve been searching the www for the answer to a question. The answer is probably simple for you. I am wanting to know: since 5/31/1955 (1 cib, my date of birth) what days were 1 cib and what days will be in the future? There are 260 days between the repeating of a specific say sign, right? I was hoping to find a website that offered such calculations, but I’ve had no luck so far. If you could lead me in a given direction to make this simple I would be most grateful. All Blessings to you Debra🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hello, why is Red Crystal Moon on the Tzolk’in, but Red Spectral Moon on the 13day Trecena guide? Which one is correct? Thank you


    • Greetings – They are two different calendars. The count reflected here is the Mayan tradition of the Yukatec (North), marked by the Temple of Kulkulkan/Quetzelcoatl in Chichen Itza – El Castillo is the calendar pyramid of the Maya. Dreamspell was an invention that was created sometime in the 1990’s. There is a difference in the synchronicity with the Haab planetary calendars. Though both apply the same chronology of experience. It’s a matter of Intention more than the way. I just found greater synchronicity with the Time defined by the original calendar of the Mesoamerican people. I’ve used them all for a time and a divine purpose.


      • I think it came down to – the old words spoke to me clearer that poems written for me. The Maya believe that to repeat their words, traditions, and prayers is to call upon the Divine Agency of the Legion of Light from the realm Above. They become a living connection to the wisdom of all time. The older the wisdom, the better it feels to me.


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