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Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

The Tzolk’in calendar is only one of many Mayan calendars and is refereed to as the Sacred Calendar of Creation. The calendar tracks the rhythm, flow and evolution of Human consciousness.

Ian Lungold defined consciousness as “our awareness of being aware.” Most of us experience this only during the significant experiences in our lives. The calendar offers an orientation of time and place to our own Human consciousness.

The Mayan calendars gained widespread interest with the prophecy that December 21, 2012 marked the end of the calendar. The date relates to a prophecy regarding the Evolution of mankind. On a calendar that tracks billions of years, we still reside in that “split second” of time.



Some of my favorite Mayan calendar resources online disappeared over the last couple of years. The new task is to replace what is lost, and to also expand on the resources available for Counting the Days.

  • Tzolkin 260-Day CalendarThe Tzolk’in Mayan Calendar Chart
    The Tzolk’in chart of the Northern tradition begins on 1 IMIX. This calendar illustrates the Tones and Destiny Kin Numbers by row for each Day Sign, and vertically defines the 13 uinals of 20 days.
    Current Tzolk’in Date, and Mayan Date Calculator (Ian Xel Lungold/Michael Shore). Use the Gregorian Date to calculate a Tzolk’in Date.
  • Mayan Numeric System Mayan Philosophy of Numbers in a Religious and Cosmological Perspective – Added Nov 3, 2022
  • Meaning/Patterns of Mayan Numbers  
    Learn the symbols in the meaning of the dots and bars of the Numbers. Includes the more artist/graphics of the illustrated numbers as you may see them carved in stone, or decorated as an illustration for a name. This explains the FORM of the illustrations of the Numbers, vs their meaning of intention. There is meaning in the form.
  • Tzolk’in Explorer – Mayan Calendar Calculator
    Offered from a Daykeeper in Australia. This site offers deeper information on the Lords of the Night, alternative interpretation, and explores Mayan astrology via the relationships between signs.
  • Destiny Kin Calculator (XLSX Spreadsheet)
    Calculate a Gregorian Date from a Mayan Date (Destiny Kin Number. Use it to find an important Mayan date in the future on the Gregorian calendar (like your next birthday, next Global Burner, or the next Highest Ascension Date (Kin 260, 13 Sun/AHAU).
    Offered as a Gift by R. Dannon. UPDATED: 12/19/2021, Included Holy Day Kin numbers.
    Mayan daily Destiny Kin (coincides with the Tzolk’in count); Mayan date calculator with Tone/Day Sign Descriptions from Aztec perspective, and the same gods of their language.
  • Haab Calendar and Long Count
    (Offered from the Mesoamerican studies of the Smithsonian Institute.) The Haab reflects intentions of Time on a planetary scale. There are different counts by region, based on the date of the zenithal sun in the Time and Place. It’s confusing when there are “same calendars of different interpretation,” like Aztec and Tzolk’in calendars, then Haab calendars that don’t correspond, as a “regional count.” (Dreamspell is not a “Mayan” calendar, and dates don’t sync with the Maya’s universal count, though it uses the same symbols. Don Alehandro, High Mayan priest discerns it as a confusion to the Mayan wisdom and tradition, and asked that the teaching not be shared as Mayan wisdom. (I have spent time following the Dreamspell count, when Mayan resources were harder to find. I came back, longing for the days as they were told to me before.)
  • (Symbolism of Numbers)
    Includes index of numbers and interpretation to 3333; also combinations of repeating numbers.
  • Counts of Days and Time
    Time is fun to play with. Master Number 11 is the Light of Consciousness to receive Divine Inspiration. 11 is the Destiny Kin AND Position of the Creator, Monkey/CHUEN. You can use dates to find meaningful numbers and use numbers to find meaningful dates. (Yesterday was 1 Road (05/01/2021). Master Number 33 is a symbol of Actualization. 33 days from 05/01/2021 is Friday, June 4, 2021

My Gift for the Tzolk’in Round – Find YOUR Story on the Calendar

“Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment”
by Debra Malmos, 9 Eagle/MEN

“Tzolk’in Field Guide: Volume 1, Seasons 1 and 2” (Download PDF)
“Tzolk’in Field Guide: Volume 2, Seasons 3 and 4” (Download PDF)

The “Field Guide” includes the overview for each 13-day trecena through the Tzolk’in round, along with the Count of Days. The Count includes the aspects for each day (Kin number, Day Sign, Element, Direction (Tzolk’in), Burner Days, and more, for you to divine your own “meaning of time.” (When you go directly to all the resources, one will speak to your thoughts and feelings, differently from one day to another. It’s more fun to figure it out yourself than for someone to tell you everything. The is an awesome place to see a different angle. Plus, a very good resource on the Day Signs… just different names. You see the names of gods inter-changed between traditions of north/south, so remember, they are one in the same god by another name/language.

This is a journal page to reproduce for personal binding. The page offers places to note aspects and draw the glyph of the day.


Mayan Calendar/Conversion Codex

Mayan Calendar/Conversion CodexThis is a first treasure created by Ian Xel Lungold. It includes his art, descriptions, and manual calculations for the Tzolk’in date. The 11″ x 27″ reference includes codex to 2026, Day Signs, Tones, and Direction Oracle.

Your purchase supports Michael Shore’s mission to carry on Ian’s legacy. And, it is the treasure of Ian’s creation to have and hold.

Order on



[New Resources will replace them as a “Primer” to the “Tzolk’in Field Guide.” Some links are no longer available.]

Below are links to the resources that began my own journey of understanding. Ian Lungold’s Video Lecture, “Consciousness and Calendars,” was among the first teachings that drew my attention to the Mayan calendar.

Mayan Majix: JaguarSpirit:  
Cherokee Calendar:
Daily Tzolk’in   Native American Forum
Tzolk’in Calculator A Study of the Numbers, by Debra Malmos
Inspired by Ian Lungold from Ek’ Balam
Cherokee/Tzolk’in Cycle
Trecena Newsletter   Raven Hall, Cherokee Astrology: Animal Medicine in the Stars
Tzolk’in Explorer:   I-Ching Calendar:
Calculator & Descriptions Significance of the Star trecena 13th uinal The New Earth I-Ching, by Bobby Klein, Phd 
(Free Kindle download on

Ian Lungold [Video Lecture] Carl Calleman Kenneth Johnson
“Consciousness & Calendars” – Ian offers an overview of the meaning and purpose of the calendar as tool to awaken our consciousness. Carl Calleman holds a Ph.D. in physical biology from the University of Stockholm. He has written a number of books as a leading expert on the Mayan Calendar Kenneth holds a BA in Comparative Religion and an MA in Eastern Studies with emphasis on Sanskrit. He’s written a number of books and articles on the Mayan culture.
 Mayan Majix Library:    
Intro to the Mayan Calendar    
Living Maya Time – Smithsonian Haab Calculator Mayan Calendar,

(Mayan Exploration Center, Univ. TX, Austin)
Haab Calendar Year Bearers
(Article, Jose Jaramillo) THIS IS ANOTHER HAAB FROM THE CHIAPAS REGION, with different New Years and Year Bearers, than the Haab observed in the North.


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