Do you love even me?

This morning the lightning of Cauac brought the gift that was promised.

I think of you and stories of the loss and suffering we’ve shared. Last night a friend back home was suffering the injustice every Mother knows. The question was what prayer or ceremony I might share to help.

She wasn’t sure God was answering her prayer, and perhaps her ceremonies were not being done right. Living below, it can be easy to think we are forgotten, and somehow excluded from the promise.

I wondered what prayer she could believe. Her suffering is no different than mine or yours, when it comes down to the core issue of our experiences.

We are not free until we have this answer, “Do you love ME?

We only need One truth to know the answer. We made the choice to Know with all our heart. This love that lives in us, and wants to know more is only a spark of the Creator”s Love. If we believe enough to imagine a Creator of Unconditional Love, no other prayer could be more guaranteed a Divine Answer.

If we believe the Earth’s Beauty was created on purpose. We can always find the answer that God shared right in front of us.

I believe this answer is the substance of life and death to our Spirit. When we can’t see the answer we are dying. When we see it, we are really living.

Only when we’ve given up on the answer, does it cease to matter what we say, or how we treat one another. Everything we need to be forgiven for was the sin of not knowing we’re loved. Without love, life doesn’t matter.

With Love being our whole reason to be, there can be no doubt this would be the Creator’s promise from the beginning to the very end… to Love us with no end, and to prove it in our heart.

The prayer that is all ways guaranteed an answer… God, can you help me know you even love me?

I Love You. I’m in lak’ech asking that same prayer for you and me.

Live and Love, aqui viva… be here and now to know God’s Love. It is The Greatest TRUTH.


Debra Malmos

8 thoughts on “Do you love even me?

  1. OMG, your “battery” is so supercharged by your soul connection to the Divine, I can recognize the roadside “AAA” battery signal you send from wherever you are.  As I was reading your Cauac sharing, I could see my experience here in Ohio is no different than your climb, no matter what “altar” pyramid calls us to climb. I am so grateful for your dedication to be ALIVE and FREE serving me with your charge, that allows me to know it is acceptable for me to be THAT free with my service, no longer tied to depressive ways and means that 3D culture bound me to. My habit is to journal my thoughts in amongst yours as I read your daily teaching. This is what I wrote to acknowledge the truth of who wee are because you are/we are willing to accept the “promise” of  our “irrational” delightful I LOVE YOU “God winks” ~  noticing how well valued, heard and felt we are to believe it is REAL :    MY SOUL DANCING OF SELF-CARE HAS RECHARGED MY BATTERY TO BEA “AAA” BATTERY FOR ROADSIDE SERVICE, LIGHTNING  MY BEING, MAGNETIZING TO ME THOSE WHO DESIRETHE FREEDOM TO MOVE ON, KNOWING THE GRACE OF THEIR SPIRIT’S INDWELLING SUPPORTIVELOVE. 

    You humbly share your resurrection journey and creates a sacred space that allows me and others to walk beside you and climb. The spark of magnetism, like you wrote, does require, when first encountered, some spare time to recover and integrate. 

    This I must remember and not fear that the authentic exposure of myself will only bring to me those who dare to be authentic and all others will run away so my well being remains assured and loved. I am not being abandoned, “not loved,” but freed to commune with my next Godsent Spirit companion. 

    Those who run away will find the love they are meant to experience. I WILL to never fear for all are destined to know the LOVE that is the Divine’s Will Being Done. I serve and the “rest” is in the Creator’s realm for me to use and be used by another’s presence purposely created for the next roadside service. 

    I LOVE this: neveraccept any rides offered from strangers… and this plan is centered around doingjust that. (It’s a rule I’ll enjoy breaking, standing in my own truth.)

    My truth: I am so grateful, I picked you up and broke my silence because you picked me up…strangers no more.  

    Today’s “magic” serves me well to climb and be ready, willing and able to notice the ReSoultion the 11th Unial providesd on the auspicious Day of the Dead grateful for the celebration of LIFE Mother Earth offers thru “skeletons” uncloseted by AHAU’s Golden Light.  May the storm your friend is experiencing serve her well as we live ourselves alive. May she feel the vibration of our soul dance. This is the prayer we offer your friend, the Just IS dwells within her. Thank you for dancing your JoYES life,Pauline

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    • What a Blessing to come home to all of the messages. Your sharing is a sweet blessing of love. I was a very broken human. It was 90 degree jungle of humidity. I recovered in the hospital room for the trip to Ek’ Balam, charging my own batteries knowing one set of ruins was more important – and missed the tour to Chichen Itza. Tammy and Steve were there to carry out the Divine Connection. We are all Connected whenever we choose to be. Much love and many thanks for your Light. in lak’ech, Debra


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