On the Eve of the Flint/ETZNAB Trecena

Walking the Good Red Road

From “Spirit Talk – a Book of Days” by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

The path is now well laid, open and ready to be traversed. Grounded and drenched as we are in the full grip of the summer sap rain, we feel the invitation to walk, look, listen to the beckoning Good Red Road that connects the north-south energies of purity and wisdom with those of innocence and love.It is timely now to broaden these anchoring qualities and directions, releasing the intensely subjective work of late. Soften and release the highly focused, organized and disciplined study of the mental Medicine Wheel, direction of the east, and open the floodgates of the emotional heart center.

Carry forward the dazzling solar lover of the mind and  the pristine pure spirit lover of wisdom, and issue to them an irresistible invitation to step forward into a foot stomping, dipping and swooping, shouting, calling, and whistle-blowing, circle dance. There now, we are happening. The marriage talks are gaining momentum, consummation is in the wings, radiance, fulfillment, and love “are dancing outside our window.” (Thanks, Buffy Sainte-Marie.)  Sweet fruits are forming out of joy and abandon.

The cool and distilled winter breath issues a full exhalation remembrance of original purity and wisdom to hasten the seeds so recently fired with inspiration . . . the inspiration is now stepping its own inspired dance around the Medicine Wheel. Purity joined with love, aahhh, the beauty. Wisdom hand in hand with innocence rocks the mind and rolls the body.

And, this then, is an aspect of the Good Red Road: love and innocence, connecting with the purity and wisdom, braided into the Earth walk. A treasure both ethereal and incorporate—a divine light, core home center, turning eternally within the full known and unknown brilliance and possibility of the finite and infinite great Medicine Wheel of life.

Endeavor to create a space in time to visit and seat the Good Red Road and make a dance! Live in the light.


1 Flint and the Good Red Road in Full Summer
My heart and mind is gone.. into the memory sac of recent origin. An ancient rhythm pulses and counts out it’s lyrical imperative. I can hear distant calling song without words ,pulsing heartbeats; sense sinuous movement and warm breath.packed into all available space. Night and day. Wet and dry. Sharp and dull.

The primordial pond. A fog, misting rain, thunder.
Summer days and nights
Talking wind.



Minisa Crumbo HalseyMinisa Crumbo Halsey, is a member of the Citizen Band Potawatomi of the Shawnee, OK agency and Muscogee Creek of the Okmulgee, OK agency. “In the way I was taught, or, ‘helped out’ by my teacher, Marcellus “Bear Heart” Williams, Muscogee Creek, in Indian talk… everything of life, is ceremony. Therefore, it is always about remembering… for the old ones say, “It is not whether you will do ‘it’ but whether you will remember it”, and, at the core of our remembering lives our sacred nature and the sacredness of all creation.” ~Minisa

Minisa is an artist, teacher, photo-journalist, video producer and author of “Spirit Talk – a Book of Days” that shares traditional teaching on the Medicine Wheel page.

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