The Eve of the Mayan New Year

Greetings Kin,

Many thanks to my dear Medicine Circle Sisters in Oklahoma who are observing 4 days of sacred ceremony. I am honored to walk this way in your company. Minisa shares her waking message on the 4th Day, as we look to that High Holy place that we enter upon sundown.

In lak’ech, Debra/Jaguar Woman


Dawn at Spirit Horse Ranch

Dawn at Spirit Horse Ranch


The 260 day corn cycle is completed once again and the rains are falling, up on the beautiful Lago Atitlan in the Guatemalan Highlands. Medicine story tells that the 260 day Mayan Year and Calendar arose from the Lago Atitlan- regarded as the Navel of the World and was demonstrated by the 260 days life cycle of the corn plant, from planting to harvest, by the Highland seasonal planting imperatives…in the autumn when the cold and heavy rains have gifted moisture, then lifted their cloud skirts from the volcanos and departed…

We have been tending the inner temples of wisdom and knowledge, strengthening and renewing our selves as the Sacred Flowering Tree. We have revisited the good old medicine partnership of grief and love, set intentions of Unity and with arms loaded with gifts journeyed into the innermost and sacred precincts of our minds, hearts, bodies and Spirits, feeding, making and renewing talks with the inner, life bringing, fires, ethers, minerals, winds and waters. We are reborn into yet another cycle.

Longhouse at Dawn

Longhouse at Dawn

As the wisdom and knowledge altars of the body have been tended let us now turn our vision outward-and celebrate the wisdom and knowledge altars of the natural world, Our Beautiful Mother Earth and the Resplendent Father Sky Sun. Let us come forward calling not only our names but also all names of the beloved. Let us come forward bearing our flowering and fruiting gifts of the inner temple.. To breath, laugh, cry, dance and feast as one with this beautiful world we call home. Let us prepare, bring forward and offer those flowering and fruiting gifts and breathe our prayers to the seen and unseen, known and unknown powers and spirits of origin and place that live alongside of and within us, every moment.

Longhouse, Early Morning Light

Longhouse, Early Morning Light

Let us prepare, bringing forward and offering talking prayers, singing, dancing, libation, lighting candles, cooking feast food (remembering to make a Spirit plate…Spirit eats first)..let us build, tend, think, feel, speak and feed delicious things to the fires, waters, winds, the stone beings, the thunder beings, the star people, all those who have gone before us and those yet to come….and all beings that fly, swim, crawl or stand rooted as the skebyak, the green beings.

Do something special, especially if in solitude and  silence…. thought..intention is everything. Celebration and Ceremony is good.

Let us now make celebration, walking out into the world and joining our inner altars of wisdom, knowledge and love with those of the our outer world…Remembering to life again, the myriad unities and possibilities a duality world… In spirit dance with harmony and balance…now and forever more.

A heavy summer rain has begun.

Dawnwoman 1 IK

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