My Deliverance on 8 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin, I was inspired this morning by a post, “The Power of I Am…” by Nigar zindani. Her wisdom drew a New Revelation about Change in synchronicity with  Transformer/CIMI. For years I pondered Moses’ story at Mount Sinai, where God revealed His identity as “I Am that I Am.” He said to tell the people “I Am” sent you. I finally came to an understanding that when Moses asked who he was speaking to, God revealed the Nature of His/Her Being…  Changeable by its own Divine Will. We were created in this image – a Spark of Life with the Free Will to Change. We have the Unbridled Freedom of a Storm to make the Choice of Who We Are. We express our Divine Power as a Creator when we Breathe the words, “I Am.”

The Power of I Am… by Nigar zindani

in lak’ech, with love, Debra

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