A Message from Madaline

Madaline Weber asked to share the following message – her call to stand in the Truth of who we Are…


Madaline Weber aka “Matty”

“I wrote this a few weeks ago.  if it resonates with you, please share.”  Madaline

WE are the light ,   we are the ones we’ve been
waiting for. . .
there’s  no-thing  ‘out there’ . . .
collectively  WE  can and are making a difference
on our beautiful Mother Earth.

when words are spoken from the heart.
when Love is shared where ever one rests.
when it is clear and known that god lives
within each and every atom that resides
here,  then,  then we will feel the glory,
the harmony, the majestic sensations
that we’ve dreampt about.

waiting for another to ‘fix’ things,
eternity isn’t long enough.
want it fixed,  fix it. . .

~ Madaline Weber

Madaline aka “Matty” shared Ian Lungold’s Mayan Calendar journey as partner and friend.

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