The Circle: A Spiritual Tool

The Circle: Heart of the Seed
Flint/Etznab Cycle of Creation

Greetings Kin,


Ensō to Breath, DMalmos The Ensō is a form of single stroke artwork (the circle), representing a moment in time, however it expresses itself.

The Haab Year Bearer, 6 Deer/MANIK, falls in the Galactic Week (trecena) of 1 Wind/IK. These are times noted for dramatic change. The Guardian of the Wind/IK trecena is 13 Jaguar/IX. The “Earth Magic” of Spirit in Communion with the Creator is a Promise inside the Seed, for this Haab Year.

Flint/ETZNAB also holds the Element of Air. We are learning the Breath of Creation. Remember the Power of Sacred Breath. (Breath Work)



Astrologers have already forecast 2020 as a very significant year. The Haab Year Bearer for 2020 is 8 Earth/CABAN, Mother Earth in its zenith position. The Haab New Year for 2020 is 02/20/2020.

This is a very important trecena. It’s significance is synchronicity with Planetary, Lunar, and Solar Endings and new Beginnings.

A recent Solar Eclipse began a new cycle of Solar Light. There was an interruption of incoming photons that created an ending and new beginning of the Sun’s influence on our body’s circadian rhythms (in the physical realm). In the realm of Spirit, a cycle of incoming Light was completed, and now we are manifesting new Light.

We are approaching a Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27th –Quantum Leap” ~Barbara Goldsmith

This is a beginning and ending all happening at the same time. We begin a New Cycle of Moonlight, a new reflection of the Sun. It IS a time for cleaning out closets, and Firing the Seeds that will be planted. We can clean out the closets as a symbolic gesture of discarding attachments that are only weighing us down. We’re gathering the inheritance to be passed down to our next generation.

“Fixed” Signs are Squared to create conflict for attachments. There’s hope that old habits that die hard might come to their end. We have a potent opportunity to manifest the Dreams we Love, and Create the Seed of the person we always wanted to be… doing the things we always wanted to do. We only have to Ask for it and ask the Question, “How will I do it?”

I’m sharing an exercise that came by inspiration. We can create in any realm to manifest in All other realms.

You might weave thoughts together, drawing lines to mark the order the ideas came. It might turn into a work of art.

I’m starting with things I want to Love, and inviting the Creator in.

In lak’ech, Debra


Lunar Eclipse Forecast:

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27th –Quantum Leap”

~Barbara Goldsmith, YouTube


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