Invitation to Gather in Spirit for a Sacred Ceremony of Healing at Lake Atitlán

Source: Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Greetings Kin,

Our Daykeeper friend, Jen, who lives in a village near Lake Atitlan, asked that I share an Invitation to a Spiritual Gathering at Lake Atitlán on Sunday, October 7th.

We are invited to join in Spirit the gathering of those who will offer their prayers in a Sacred Ceremony of Healing.

Lake Atitlán in Guatemala holds a sacred meaning to the Maya. There are many myths and stories about one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. A Nahuatl word, Atitlán translates to “the place where the rainbow gets its colors.” Lake Atitlán is said to be a place that reverberates the Heartbeat of Mother Earth as the Womb of the Mother.

It seems Divinely Timed for a Call of Spirit to arrive in the AKBAL trecena… and that it is a Call to an Offering of our Love in service to Mother Earth, received on the Day of Jaguar/IX.

Jen’s Request…
Please, if you feel moved to do so, share this message with more people that are already connected with this beautiful lake and sit wherever you are in the world connecting with this healing and love intention. 
Blessings. Jen


Dear all. I write to ask for your help in a massive intentional healing. I live in the highlands of Guatemala, beside the majestic Lake Atitlan. Sadly, our beloved lake is not quite as majestic as usual, a cyanobacteria bloom is developing. There are many reasons why she has ended up in this state, pollution both from agricultural run-off and ingress of untreated effluent from the surrounding villages being the main ones. Unfortunately a lack of education and ego-centric politics seem to get in the way of getting physical things moving. We all know the problems, but progress is slow. So, while we campaign and pressure for things to happen we have to fall back on what we actually can do ourselves. In my case, that is ceremony, to look at the energetics of the situation and effect a change there.

On Sunday 7th October at 0900 local time (1500 UTC), a large group of us will be gathering to make ceremony on the shore of the lake. Some of us work with the traditional Mayan ceremonies, others with toning, chanting, meditation and prayer. We expect this event to last around 4 hours, until 13.00 local time (1900 UTC).

May I humbly request that those of you who feel drawn to do so direct a healing intention to Lake Atitlan. It is my belief that the Lake is showing us a symptom. I would ask that this healing intention is for her to come into balance.

Many thanks for your consideration.


To all my relations, may we share our Gratitude and Love with Mother Earth, for everything that she has given without being Seen and Acknowledged. May we call on a Divine Agency to intervene for a Healing to Lake Atitlan that will emanate through the Heart of Mother Earth.  Debra

[Lake Atitlán is a lake in the Guatemalan Highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range. The culture of the towns and villages surrounding Lake Atitlán is influenced by the Maya people. It is known as a Power Center of Spiritual Energy, compared to the vortex energies of Sedona, Arizona.]

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  1. This is a synchronous request/invitation, in my reality, as I am currently reading a book titled, “Secrets of The Talk Jaguar,” by Martin Prechtel…in which he is recounting his experiences while living in the village of Santiago Atitlán, which is one of the villages along the shore of Lake Atitlán!

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