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Invitation to Gather in Spirit for a Sacred Ceremony of Healing at Lake Atitlán

Source: Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Greetings Kin,

Our Daykeeper friend, Jen, who lives in a village near Lake Atitlan, asked that I share an Invitation to a Spiritual Gathering at Lake Atitlán on Sunday, October 7th.

We are invited to join in Spirit the gathering of those who will offer their prayers in a Sacred Ceremony of Healing.

Lake Atitlán in Guatemala holds a sacred meaning to the Maya. There are many myths and stories about one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. A Nahuatl word, Atitlán translates to “the place where the rainbow gets its colors.” Lake Atitlán is said to be a place that reverberates the Heartbeat of Mother Earth as the Womb of the Mother.

It seems Divinely Timed for a Call of Spirit to arrive in the AKBAL trecena… and that it is a Call to an Offering of our Love in service to Mother Earth, received on the Day of Jaguar/IX.

Jen’s Request…
Please, if you feel moved to do so, share this message with more people that are already connected with this beautiful lake and sit wherever you are in the world connecting with this healing and love intention. 
Blessings. Jen
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