10 Earth / CABAN – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 10 of 13



10 Earth / CABAN

“Who are you? What do you want?”

Greetings Kin,

10 Earth/CABAN is the final Manifestation of Ascension to a Truth of a New Life. Earth/CABAN holds the Element of Fire to the Core of its Being. The Fire in us is the “pure energy” of Life Force – our Passion, Response to Divine Inspiration, and the Power of Love. When the flames are stirred within us, we Have to Move. A Divine Fire within compels us to charge toward our own Life Mission.

The Tzolk’in is an Inheritance that left the Wisdom of 20 different perspectives through which we could conceive the Beauty. We were set on a course of 360 degrees, marked by 20 points, spaced perfect where we’d shift a point of view. Where did the Maya get 20 to define these critical crossings? By the count of our fingers, we would remember. We wouldn’t leave anyone out by an all-in-one count.

The Maya were among the first to conceive the zero… “all that is not.” Their zero isn’t “nothing.” To the Maya “all that is not” is a potential for “all possibilities.” Maybe we’ve only begun to understand that zero. Is it a perspective of a “glass half full” or “glass half empty?” Looking at 10 as a symbol of Manifestation, 9 is the highest sum that can be invested “in the lower place.” Investing the whole in a “higher one” manifests the zero of “all possibility” and “all that could be.” We would never be left with “nothing” but “all possibility.”

There is more and more to see through ALL the aspects of the Tzolk’in.  Tone 9 completes the “balance” below. The first 7 Tones are the Human steps we climb by Intention. We draw on 6 Divine Aspects to reach the 7 – 7 steps to see something different all around. Sometimes we can’t believe our own eyes. We have to Believe to SEE it. The 8th Tone of “pure spirit” is the beginning of the Divine Intervention. What we’ve seen with our own eyes, a Divine Consciousness will reveal through our heart. The Investment of Heart and mind transforms a Human perspective to a Divine perspective. We can believe our eyes. The last step to the “sum of a whole 9” is seeing and believe the Whole Truth, when we realize the Truth fulfills a Higher Meaning and Purpose. When we see that a Truth we claim holds a Divine Value Above, we will Know WE were meant to be. We made something Real for God. We can give something back.

We prove to our self through every climb how we create our own Faith to Believe, when we keep looking and keep seeing things from another point of view. We have to see things from a different point of view to change our own point of view. That’s how to create Love. The only thing Human has to give back is a Dream from our Imagination. Everything else was given to us from Mother Earth. Through a Dream of Love, we hold an Offering that’s REAL when we Believe. We know we hold the Creation of Highest Value to “Love Back.” In that Whole Investment of Love, we ignite the passion for Divine Love, we put into motion a Communion of Perpetual Exchange of Giving and Receiving Love. We fall under the spell of Love when our hearts are Trained to the Vibration of Pure Spirit that holds an even Higher Value as Compassionate Love, one Heart invested in the Happiness of the Other. We say, “I Love you.” God says, “I Love you more.” Then it begins, “I love YOU more.” The Divine Argument goes on forever and we can only See how Love Grows forever in the Giving Back.


Today we have the Divine Meaning and Purpose to Claim a Creation of Divine Meaning and Purpose. Marked by 10, it’s the Gift of Everything we Have to Give, and our Whole Investment of Love can only create Unlimited Possibilities of Love.

The Gift that was given as a Sacred Exchange from the Pilgrimage to Ek’ Balam was hearing Ian Xel Lungold’s voice, repeating what he always said, “Time and Place.” “Time and Place.” Time and Place.” Those that gathered to say the Prayer of Forgiveness for the Whole shared a Time and Place of Divine Synchronicity for Ian’s Dream. His last Dream spoken was to be One with the Legions of Light, to perform a Divine Service on our behalf. We KNEW the Time and Place was marked for us to See, as Ian’s Mayan Birthday, 13 years from his passing, falling on Halloween to rise to All Saints Day. We were INTENDED to see and Believe, and I could see that too. One synchronicity after another became SO evident, I stopped counting – I realized it could go on forever. I was filled up with everything I needed to Believe a Divine Truth with all my heart.

Believing in our Creation and claiming it was REAL, we manifested a Sacred Exchange that was Ian’s Divine Justice and completed his dream. His message was the Sacred Exchange and Love Given back as “Time and Place.” “Time and Place.” Time and Place.” I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew it was Divine and something would be revealed. “Time and Place.”

Over Time I’ve thought more and more about “Time and Place” – a thought ignited by a “Time and Place.” Ian Lungold shared that our most Divine Moments happen we we are Conscious to look more deeply into every experience and ALL the Beauty of Mother Earth. He described his own experience, drawn to look at the veins on a leaf, or to see the details of a butterfly’s wings. There is Divine Love to find in every “Time and Place.” Sacred Ceremony is a “Time and Place” we can always go to manifest the Reality of Love that goes on and a Communion that can last forever, because Love is never forgotten.

Quasar, Radio image 13 Billion Light Years from Earth, a newly discovered image of our Life may have beganThe Universe was Created by a First Breath of a Supreme Creator. It was manifested from a collection of Light and Dreams of Love. Like a Black Hole, Light was drawn into the Creative Void until the Truth was Self Evident… “This is good.” From a Realization of what the Whole Beauty could be, the Light could no longer be held by Darkness. A Passion to See the Beauty compelled the First Breath.

Mother Earth is the source of everything we Know. Through one piece of stardust, you could know ALL the Truth about the parts drawn together on any scale.

Regardless of our perspective from any angle, we’d see something different, yet we’d Know it was still the same thing, and at the same time, all the different things we saw.

In the realm of Consciousness, we can identify “schools of thought.” Our Consciousness is a “body of thought.” If we are stardust, we see there is a Force of Attraction that draws the pieces into the larger bodies of planets and stars. When we cluster as “like-minded” bodies of thought, we can imagine our own Constellation of Light… drawn together by Love Created in Harmony and Equity with one another. We created the ties that bind a network of Light together that can hold their Time and Place in the Universe. We create Lights that will shine for Earth on every pass. The Signs Above show 12 Constellations, Light Created by different perspectives of Love from Humanity. We’ve created the WHOLE that can be created by the 12 tribes, the 12 disciples, symbols of Humanity in clusters. They were present there as Long as Humanity has been on Earth to See them. We began as Divine Creation of Love with our Sparks of Light. Since the Beginning of Time we have been at the threshold of Divine Love, waiting for that last Spark in us to claim the Prize through a Truth of “all that is” IS possible and will manifest from One Last Spark of Love… before Love can no longer be held back and the Whole can claim the Truth to manifest the Perpetual Exchange.

The 20 perspectives from which Human sees and measures the Times and Places of Stars from 1 to a Power of Exponential Value. 

Everything that IS is formed as One thing made of many Same One Things. Only the difference is the configuration that we see. We are drawn together by Harmonic Resonance, songs that create harmony. We’re gathered by a Common Meaning and Purpose to see things in a similar way. Part of the Divine Design that made us all different, also gave us something Unseen to help us see a “different” that was relevant to our Conception of Truth. Yet, we were left with an exponential value that would all our own. Through this gift, we’d know the Same Truth can be expressed in more than one way. We’d never get “stuck” in just one way, and there would always be a little mystery to figure out about each other and More to Know about Love.

“Time and Place.”

There is a Reason for everything. I know one of the Divine Reasons for moving to Tucson, Arizona was to Know more about Astronomy. I was drawn by my interest in Astrology. It was a Perfect Time and Place for that. Tucson is noted as a “dark site” for Astronomy throughout the world. City ordinances impose legal guidelines for the street lights. I learned more than the constellations and stars, I discovered one telescope can be shared around the world. Through today’s technology YOU can reserve time on a telescope from many different times and places. (I also learned a lot of Astronomers were drawn by an interest in Astrology and Esoteric thoughts.) A second-cousin worked at NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. He gave me a tour of his office. There is a LOT of mutual interest in the Wisdom of the Maya. I was inclined to think that “scientific study” was a matter of “the truth and just the truth” that could be defined by absolutes. Yet it only makes sense that to Conceive something New, you have to think outside-the-box of the Known to Imagine the Unknown, to find that One Truth you could follow to a Whole New Discovery. I also learned that the most basic tool of astronomy is the Measure of the Human Hand. This was a way from the very beginning.

The measures of the Hand complete the Measure of Exponential Value, when you look at them as Divine Symbols of Truth. Placed in our own Human Hand is a Measure of the Divine Truth that’s the all-around of 360 degrees. The littlest finger is 1 degree, one unit easily discerned from another space by a finger. 3 fingers between the first and the last are 5 degrees. 5 is a symbol of Empowerment. That’s how we hold our hand to salute a chosen authority, and 3 holds the Power of Trinity. 10 degrees is measured by the fingers of a closed hand, Human’s Grasp. It multiples the power of Human’s hand. Through an investment/oath to the One, we hold the Power of Two Hands as One. Once we’ve grasp the Divine Truth, the unit measure changes by 5 of Empowerment. The forefinger is a digit of purpose and an intention we point to. Adding the little finger, we could see a symbol of a measure of Power to complete the end (ending finger). When we Know we can complete the end (Believe), we see the expanding measure. Through our farthest reach, the span of the Human Hand, we can see a whole constellation, a whole collection of different things that are One and the Same.

Looking deeper, I see a synchronicity in finding a graphic that used Ursa Major, the Bear Constellation for the illustration. In this Time and Place, you can see it directly overhead in the zenith position. I found it yesterday on Wisdom/CIB, the Cherokee Day Sign of the Owl. Cherokee, Owl U’GUKU’: Symbol is the Owl is Arcturus, the brightest Star in the Constellation Bootes. The Cherokee Bear constellation (Ursa Major) includes the Big Dipper plus four stars in Bootes. Ursa Major appeared in the perfect Time and Place to prove the Guiding Light of Divine Wisdom.

There is endless synchronicity in a Divine Design. The more deeply we look into the Details, the More Truth we Believe in Beauty that was created by an Intention of Love, and for a Meaning and Purpose to Know the Truth of our Self, our Life, and the Whole of The Creation.

Love Birds: “Birds of a Feather stick together.”

The Whole Way of Divine Creation is the WAY we were designed to See. When we see the beauty of a Sunset, first we see the whole thing – Human’s first look. The Beauty draws us in, and we begin to look at pieces and parts of it. We might be drawn to the beauty of the trees imposed before the beauty of the clouds. That beauty draws us in. We hear the birds, and see the Beauty of Life that gives the Tree a Divine Meaning to be… a place where Life has gathered and can be. When we see Life in the Natural World we discover the exponential beauty of Love.

The Ollin is the symbol that marks 20 degrees and 20 perspectives of exponential value. Manifesting the Love of Life is the end of ALL the Dreams that Humanity has ever hoped for.

In our Divine and Final Journey to the Ascension, all the Beauty we seen is drawn together to prove a Divine Meaning and Purpose FOR EVERYTHING. We see the whole thing from a Higher Consciousness of the Truth of Love.

Manifestation is our Greatest Blessing, yet is the Hardest thing for a Human Being to do. We can be given signs forever. How much to we have to see to claim the Truth? That’s the question we answer on Tone 10. Have we seen enough yet? Do we need to make another orbit to claim what we can ALREADY FEEL? Will we grasp it and claim the Truth as our own?

There are only certain Times and Places of accumulated experience that bring us to the threshold. There a “X” point, the zero of ALL Possibility. Will we claim we’re only half full, or have we reached one degree farther, to the Sum of 9, the exponential Power To Believe?

We’ve been given a WHOLE season and Year to complete this Truth of Love manifested as Mother Earth and all the Life she was Created To Be. We have the 2020 to start. 10 Chicchan (Kulkulkan) was the exact Time and Place when the Light that Descended was MANIFESTED by Kulkulkan. Easter Sunday, the Ascension of a Savior was marked by 8 Offering/MULUC, the Zenith Symbol of a Divine Offering. Then we saw “all that is” and “all that is not” in Spirit (7 Jaguar/IX) on the exact Day of the Buddha’s Blessing for the Highest Light of Illumination. Was it all just a coincidence?

That’s the choice for Manifestation. It will be whatever we CHOOSE to claim. And, if we claim it, it will Manifest the Truth, because we saw it and we Believed. In the Ascending Manifestation the Final thoughts are coming together. We add our Spark to the Whole, waiting at the threshold. Our Spark could be the last one that’s needed. It will always be a One spark needed to complete the Whole.

Doreen Virtue – Angel Card Oracle

There is Exponential Power in Believing when two or more believe together. We Believed together, and we chose to believe that the Divine Truth we carry on all our different paths holds the Same Divine Meaning and Peurpose to Know One of Higher Value, one with the Divine Meaning and Purpose of Love.

The K’iche Day Sign is N’oj, revered as the Sacred Word that Defines the Way to Know Divine Truth. The 3 symbols represent a Trinity of thought that returns the divine Truth when their values are added together to discern One Truth. The straight line represents the linear thinking of Human’s mind of reason. The wavy line represents unbridled thoughts of Imagination. And the Trinity is created, the rising circles, when we see it all from a Perspective of “all possibility.” When we invest our Consciousness to see this way, we will always be drawn to the Discernment of Divine Truth. And, the Divine Truth is that Love is ALL Around, always within our grasp when we See the Beauty of Life.

The Ollin marks a Sacred Time and Place that Compels the Breath of Creation. The Aztec define it as a day we can see what we are becoming. They call it an “unlucky” day to just drift along. This is the MOST “lucky” day to make a Choice and Move on it with ALL our Heart. Today we hold the Whole Sum, the Love we could claim as a Divine Exchange of Exponential Value – to manifest the One Thing Human can Create to Love Back.

Holding the Element of Fire, Mother Earth holds the Passion to Transmute solid matter into the Pure Energy of Light that Lives. The old worn out truth that couldn’t carry us far enough to believe is burned away and the Light, Heat, and Energy is Given Back to the Whole Universe. Through the Element of Air, our constant connection to the Whole, we Give Back through the Sacred Breath that Speaks the Truth we claim is Real.

The shaman of Peru follow a tradition to perform the ritual of the Sacred Fire Ceremony within the first 3 days of the Full Moon.

Earth/CABAN guides the Intention Now through the Element of Fire. And Now, we are in the Time and Place of the 3rd Super Moon. Astrology agrees through a change in the North/South Nodes of the Moon’s polarity. We see from a new perspective our own axis mundi of Truth, our own Truth North that we see as Polaris, pointed to by Ursa Major directly above. It’s a Divine Time and Place to be Changed by the Fire.

To all my relations, may we turn to the Fire within to Feel the Power of Love and a Force within. May we Feel the Sound that tells our Heart, it’s Time to Go on that Great Migration again to the Highest Truth we can claim for Life to Be… the One we dreamed, CAN BE NOW.

May we Love EVERY part of our Self, if nothing else, the foundation of our design that is SO DIVINE. May we recognize our own Heart of Gold, refined by the Passion of Love to be One, wholly consumed into the One of the Highest, Brightest and Hottest Passions we can feel. May we know we made it possible through a sacrifice of Human Feelings, and all the bumping into one another we did, before we felt that Magic that demand us to invest our Whole 9 into a 1 of the Highest Illumination of Light.


IXCHEL, the Moon Goddess of Creation

There is still One Very Important One to Honor at this Full Moon – IXCHEL the Beauty of Life and the Womb of Creation.

IXCHEL holds 3 Power of Love that Manifest Beauty on Earth. First, she reflects the Beauty of Youth as the “object of affection,” ripe with all potential to Create Life. (Sometimes she holds a Rabbit.) The Second Love of Ixchell is the Mother of Children, where she is shown tied to the Tree of Life, weaving the Beauth in the Ties that Bind. Her most Beautiful Maniafestation of Love comes after all her outward beauty is gone. Now she Loves the Beauty she created as the Life that poured from her womb – holding all the Possibility of a Time and Place in the future where all the Love she gave would be remembered forever through the Circle of Life. She creates the Love of Eternity that reaches to the stars.

The Vision for ceremony was a way to honor the old traditions, and add the traditions we’ve created in lifetimes we know. We’ve been carrying out our own Sacred Ceremonies with Fire whether we knew it or not.

In the USA we have a well-worn tradition of making “summores” – a concoction of roasted marshmallow between graham crackers with a slice of Hershey chocolate bar nestled into the WHOLE MESS. It is ALWAYS a mess, not CONVENIENT as far as keeping things clean. You inevitably have to lick the sticky off your fingers. Nobody remembers to bring water and cloth, even when we know what’s going to happen. We also claim Hot Dogs are an “all-American” tradition, though it came from all the sausages of our one “melting-pot.” Food ALWAYS tastes better outside, especially cooked over open fire. Even coffee brewed there with the grounds floating around in it, has a Divine appeal.

My vision is to remember Love we shared around a fire, before we all left that Light to find our own Light in the darkness. YOUR Divine way can draw from your own memories of gathering around a fire in the Sacred Communion of Being Together.

“Who are you? What do you want?” If you can see it, Claim it, and it WILL BE Yours Forever. Your name will always be there somewhere, even completed by the next generation. You’ll see it from Above and whoever loved it enough to carry it on will embellish the Beauty they saw that was already there. It will only be MORE beautiful to see it completed by a New Generation that Saw what we Saw and Claimed it too, to manifest the Truth of the Beauty that was our Intention To Be.  May we manifest our Divine Truth sitting under the stars looking at the Moon. No matter WHERE we are, we CAN in Spirit. We can even come together in our own Imagination. What do you want? What will you bring to the Fire Ceremony? Will you bring the coffee? Or, will you bring a song? Bring whatever you choose that was real in your imagination.

in lak’ech, I am another you,

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

Happy Birthday, Mayalarose – and anyone else who broke through to a New Life, to Manifest the Truth of Life on THIS Sacred Day in Time, a Possibility to See, so the Whole could REALIZE from One, the Truth that is a Blessing of Loving the Whole.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
for daily aspects and events of the Star/LAMAT trecena.


10 Earth/CABAN (Cherokee, Heron/GUWI’SGUWI)

Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation. What were once intentions or ideas, hopes or fears become physically present with the energy of Ten. What is focused upon with attention and intention becomes real with Ten. Ten is a powerful energy that carries a great responsibility.

Earth/Caban: Keeper of the garden of Earth. Profound synchronistic connections to Earth’s natural cycles and energies provide power of creations and memories of ancient wisdom. Earth persons help dispel bad intentions, habits and ideas. This makes them very good counselors and masters of all arts. Studious and intelligent, Earth persons endeavor to bring a flow of natural order to all aspects of life. Being connected to the dynamic forces of nature, Earth persons need much liberty to facilitate their expression of migration or the sending of long distance communications such as the whales, elephants, birds and many other creatures. Sometimes Earth’s delicate sensitivities are upset resulting in quakes of emotion even the display of volcanic temper.

Cherokee, Heron/GUWI’SGUWI: Sign of movement and perpetual motion, Heron is symbolized by Deneb, located in the Northern Cross beside the Milky Way. “The Northern Cross is the Tree of Life, Beside the Milky Way River & Perched atop is Guwi’ sguwi, the Cherokee Heron Spirit Bird, comparable to the Phoenix that rises from the ashes of the past.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

4 thoughts on “10 Earth / CABAN – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 10 of 13

  1. A TRUTH OUTSIDE MY WINDOW – The birds are singing more brightly hear. They are the first living things that know the fresher air of human’s isolation. What I just noticed, is they’ve been singing a lot earlier? Is that happening around you? It’s still dark when they start the morning chorus now. They are ANTICIPATING light before it comes. We are anticipating the Highest Light to Come in the 13 Sun/AHAU Ascension of this double-lucky Tzolk’in round in 2020.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am always awake at dawn, and often I just lie in bed and listen to the morning sounds. Around here, they are noisy, with many roosters crowing and great-tailed grackles whooping, shrieking, whistling, cackling and mewing like cats. Later come the VERY loud and noisy chachalacas, sounding like old trucks with bad suspension bumping along a bad road (I hear THAT sound a lot in this little Mexican town). But this morning, right outside my window, I heard sparrows chirping loudly, for the first time. And if I wake while it is still dark, and the roosters have stopped crowing for awhile, I do hear some new birds chirping in the distance.

    Astronomically, of course daylight is increasing, so the sun is coming up earlier and setting later. But what is also happening, which I noticed before reading about it, is that the period of twilight is lasting longer each day. Twilight includes dawn and dusk both, and has three distinctly defined periods: civil twilight, nautical twilight and astronomical twilight, all having to do with the angle of the sun after it sets or before it rises. It’s fun to read about. The Time and Date site will explain it.

    Con amor,


    • Thank you. That’s interesting to know about the twilights. A book I barely remember was about the life in darkness before electric light. There were things like the first sleep and a second sleep. A pattern of getting up in the middle of the night to take stock of things, have a cup of tea, throw on a log – then go back to bed. Though it described it as a mini social event. Another fun thing that might be on that site is a duration calculator to count days. Much love and thanks again, in lak’ech, Debra


    • I can’t believe I’ve missed a handful of comments – or maybe I’m seeing them again, and it just feels like the first time. I’m grateful for these beautiful thoughts of everyday life that you share.
      much love, in lak’ech, Debra


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