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11 Flint / ETZNAB – Manifesting the Future: Day 11 of 13

“Out of Plato’s Cave”, by Merrill Leonard, Watercolor/Digital Effects (06/25/2022)

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Faith in the One Above is a Sacred Offering we bring to the Highest Altar. When we step out to claim the Truth that we have been Seen and Acknowledged in the Light of Unconditional Love, we’ll KNOW the Truth. Our future is brighter than we ever imagined.

In the darkness we wandered with nothing but the questions that never reached an end. That’s how you Know the Truth that’s Real. That’s when your heart knows that it doesn’t take any more proof for the Truth that speaks for itself. Flint is the static electricity of the storm. Above all the Positive Charges of  a Divine Attraction are separated from the negative thoughts that hovered over every thought. Today the Light will find it’s path to know Every Time and Place holds a Divine Purpose.

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