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3 Flint / ETZNAB – Inheritance of Wisdom: Day 3 of 13


3 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 brings our first day of movement. We bring a new Intention to Life through our first movement toward it. Intention is the way of Spirit’s movement in the world. Tone 3 is a day to disseminate a new idea from the realm of Spirit.

ETZNAB is a Day Sign that “wields the sword of truth so falsehoods can be cut away.” The Flint Knife is said to reveal truth that cuts to the bone. “Mirror” is another name for this Day Sign, representing the Truth perfectly reflected by an Obsidian Mirror. Through a gift of clarity, Flint is capable to separate Truth from Fiction.

Guided by the Ascended Masters under the trecena of Wisdom/CIB, they show us that the way forward to our Dream can be known by our discernment of Truth.

Flint shares the truth we didn’t expect, truth that was either hidden or covered up. Flint can help us make our way in the world by clearly seeing the motives of false truth. Flint’s truth is said to be delivered along the path of a lightning strike. Whatever truth presents itself today is likely to come as a bolt out of the blue.

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2 Flint / ETZNAB – Dawn of Our Own Creation: Day 2 of 13


2 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents the energy of Duality. Human is a creature of Duality. We are One with the Whole, yet we are also One in our own Identity. There are two sides to our Self. We are both a Human Being and a Spiritual Being. Our way of acquiring Wisdom is through a comparison between one thing and another.

Human’s Transformation to Higher Consciousness comes down to a Choice between two things. We can live as Human, unconsciously struggling for survival. Or, we can live as Spiritual Beings, creating our own world of Love, Harmony, and Happiness. The only way to Live Fully in Spirit is to Believe the Choice exists.

Belief is born by our own Choice. When we Choose to Live by Faith, our Divine Justice is always an evolution in our Conscious Beliefs. Living in Spirit requires us to Stand on our own Truth of something our Human eyes can’t see.

Unity with the Creator is the first step in every Creation. Through the One Mind of Spirit we are offered an Inspiration. The second step, is to separate our Self from the Whole, to imagine our own way of creating it. Our Creation is the Vision that was inspired in our own imagination… our own Discernment of what the Inspiration means to us. Creation is our Spirit’s Response to a Divine Communication.

Flint/ETZNAB delivers Truth “along the path of a Lightning Strike.” We are connected to the Creator through the Ether of our Spiritual Being. All our Power to Create is made possible by our Free Will to Choose, and the Consciousness of the Choice. Flint can deliver Truth that cuts to the Heart of the matter of believing in the Truth we Know by Divine Discernment.

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8 Flint / ETZNAB – Dawn of Creation: Day 8 of 13


8 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Our journey through the Core Days of the calendar are almost over. We’ve been redefining our Self by the new way we can approach life, applying our Spiritual Authority to conquer life’s challenges. We’ve been learning how to stand on our own to manifest Miracles in our life.

The 7th uinal is a walk that balances us between the Above and Below. We may not have noticed the change in our Self, though our Consciousness is about to shift through the engagement of Divine Intervention. Flint/ETZNAB offers a crystal clear reflection of the Truth we didn’t see, or Truth that was covered up.

Flint beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.”

Tone 8 is the number of “pure spirit.” Tone 8 represents the 8th hour of daylight, the Sun its zenith position. The Peak Energy of Tone 8 begins the transformation phase of the trecena, guided by an effort of Divine Intervention. Flint/ETZNAB offers revelation of Truth that can change our perspective. Flint’s purpose of Truth is to sweep away the false truth that stands in our way, a clearing away of the darkness.

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1 Flint / ETZNAB – Living On Purpose: Day 1 of 13


1 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Tzolk’in energies are ramping up as we’ve nearly completed the 6th Uinal of Flow and Momentum. In the Seasons of the Tzolk’in we’re enter the time of Flowering and Reproduction. Completing the growth to maturity, the 7th uinal will begin the process of a Divine Design that will be placed in the Heart of the Seed.

Flint is a Day Sign of “Darkness.” That means this trecena is an application of Wisdom that we learned in the last trecena. Human comprehends through a process of Duality. First we Know by Inspiration. Then we Learn by Experience. We begin again, Knowing the Power of Truth we Believe in.

Flint/ETZNAB is a Very Powerful Trecena of Truth. Flint is the Obsidian Mirror that offers the perfect reflection of Truth. Flint/ETZNAB reveals all Truth that is Hidden or Covered Up. No False Truth will escape the reflection of Flint. Flint/ETZNAB will clean up our Truth so the Design will be a Crystal Clear Reflection of our Real Truth.

The 7th Uinal of Balance

The Core days are void of any Portals. The 7th uinal is like the chrysalis of a butterfly, a creative void where the design of creation is drawn into form. The longer we allow our Vision to complete itself, the longer we can access unlimited possibility. By existing in the Unknown, we can ignite the Seed with its own Passion to Know.

13 Dog/OC (Kin 130) is the Guardian of this Second Season, the last Destiny Kin of the 65 day cycle. As the Guardian, 13 Dog/OC will insure that when we complete this cycle, we will Know a Higher Consciousness of Communion with the Creator. We will Know the Power of Unconditional Love.

Anything can happen in the Flint/ETZNAB trecena. Expect the Unexpected. The only day I’ll forecast in advance is 10 Deer/MANIK.  As the manifestation day of the Flint Trecena, we might expect Deer/MANIK to manifest Truth Drawn from a Divine Authority, Truth we Believe, and Truth that will Stand in its own Integrity. We’ll Know it as a Truth that Changed our Life.

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7 Flint / ETZNAB – Road to a New Destiny: Day 7 of 13


7 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 7 is our arrival at the top of the pyramid. We completed a Human effort of Spiritual Growth. Tone 7 is a place of Reflection, where we see all that is and all that is not. This is the place of Balance and a Gift of Divine Reciprocity. “As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.” The effort that was made Below, will be Balanced by an effort of Divine Agency Above. We receive a Sacred Exchange for the effort of Intention to manifest Creation.

Tone 7 is the place with a 360 view. We can see what we’ve accomplished from many perspectives. This is the threshold to a Higher Consciousness of Divine Spirit. We will Know our Creation is the work of a Divine Hand, Greater than we could manifest by our Self. Our Hearts are measured. If we’ve failed our own standard for perfection, our failures will be lighter than a feather. Our own assessment of failure, proves we were reaching for something more. The Highest Altar where we fall in Humility is the threshold to the realm of Spirit, through which a Divine Power steps in.  Tone 7 is related to the Jaguar, who guards the temples where Human is Atoned with the Creator by an Offering.

Flint/ETZNAB is a Spark of Consciousness. All the symbols related to ETZNAB are about a Vision of Truth. Mirror is another name for ETZNAB. The Obsidian Mirror offered a crystal clear reflection of reality, and was also seen as a portal through which to see into all realms of being and consciousness. The Flint Knife was the Sacred Tool for Sacrifice that cuts to the Heart, symbolizing Truth that reaches to the Core of our Being. Both are symbols associated with Lightning Power. Struck Flint creates a Spark and Obsidian is Earth struck by Lightning.

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13 Flint / ETZNAB – Ascension: Day 13


13 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher State of Consciousness. We’ve completed a transformation that shifted our perspective. The CIMI trecena transformed the way we experience our relationship with the Creator. CIMI prophesied a Major Life Change and shared its Gift of Clairvoyance so we could hold a Vision of the Future.

In a cycle of “darkness,” we applied an Intention of Communion with the Creator, and an Effort of Humility. Counter to our own Human Nature, instead of seeking to be the first and best, we volunteered to put ourselves last for the interest of the Whole.

CIMI raised our awareness to a Truth that chaos is the sign of a change in the future. For a New Spirit to be Born, we must Die to an old way of thinking. Our Ascension is the Birth of a New and Higher Consciousness.

Flint/ETZNAB is the Day Sign of Truth that cuts to the Heart. Above all else, Flint always intends to get a point across. This is a day of Revelation that transforms our Discernment of Truth.

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6 Flint / ETZNAB – Building an Altar Within: Day 6 of 13


6 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 6 we move into the Peak Energies of this 13-day cycle. The effort we’ve made in holding an Intention of Spirit takes on the momentum of Flow, as a rhythm and pattern of movement.

Flint/ETZNAB is the Stellar Ray that brings Light to things that have been concealed or hidden. This is a day of Truth that cuts to the heart of a matter.

6 Flint/ETZNAB generates a Flow of Movement that shines a Light of Truth. “Flint persons stand tireless to protect, defend, or cure others by personal sacrifice. By courageously wielding the sword of truth, falsehoods are cut away.”

6 Flint/ETZNAB, Kin 58,
is a Portal Day that presents a thinning of the veil. Flint’s Truth may be Revealed as a sudden sense of Intuition or Knowing. Today we will face a new Truth about our Self. Made crystal clear, the Truth brought to Light will change the way we see ourselves and others.

Flint/ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror, presenting a perfect reflection of Reality, separating facts from fiction. As a Day Sign said to present temptation, we should expect the unexpected from our Self and Others. When we act out-of-character we See the Truth we tried to hide from our Self.

We were Initiated by our Ascension from the Sun/AHAU trecena to take on a role of leadership in the Spiritual Authority as the priest, way shower, and shaman. Truth will always shine the Light on the next Right thing to do.

Flint/ETZNAB can bring a sudden light to the “differences” we try to cover up in an effort to be like everyone else. We are each meant to find our own way that is Perfect and Divine. When we strive to be something other than who we are, we diminish our own Light.

Joseph Rael, “Beautiful Painted Arrow,” is a visionary, shaman, and teacher that offered a Truth that cleared the way for my own Spiritual Path. I knew my path was different than the way I was raised to believe. I was afraid to choose it, fearing the loss of my own salvation. Joseph’s message about his own Truth was, “Don’t strive to emulate me, but create your own Spiritual Myths.” He helped me believe that my own way of having a relationship with God was worthy, and the most important Truth for me. I didn’t throw away the faith I once knew. I found a way to make it my own.

Flint/ETZNAB completes the Intention of Flow by being impeccable in our Truth. We harness our momentum by walking the talk. This is the way to avoid setbacks, misunderstandings, and gossip.  As a Divine Authority of Humility, we share our strength in the Light of our Own Weakness. Others deserve to know our Truth, so that they have all the facts to discern their own best way forward to happiness. Truth is a Sacred Exchange when it’s Offered with Unconditional Love. Truth is Light when it’s out in the open, and darkness when it hides in the shadows. Only when we share our Truth can we experience being Loved for who we are.

Flint presents the potential for sudden and unexpected developments. This is a day to think before we act or speak. Flint intends to get the point across one way or another. We can learn the hard way through the consequences of our uncontrolled impulses, or we can learn the easy way by opening eyes to the consciousness of our own thoughts. Whatever deception is lurking in the shadows Will now be brought to light.

Though “caution” is our guidance, Flint’s underlying purpose is to clear a new path forward. Flint reveals Truth to sweep our slates clean of patterns of thought or behavior that hold us back. Flint always presents something memorable that can reveal why we do the things we do.

To Know Flint’s Peak Energy and Power, we can open our eyes to the Truth. Flint is a powerful energy. At peak performance, we might expect Flint to bring some significant Truth to Light. Flint can help us get in touch with our Spiritual Gifts of Knowing. We already know Flint’s Truth. We just preferred not to see it. We will know the Truth when we hear it, we won’t question it as Truth. Remember what this Truth feels like, and you’ll see the proof of your own Spiritual Gifts.

The Truth is seeded in our Heart. When we hear Truth, we’re likely to think, “I knew that all along.” Truth resolves something we knew, but didn’t have the proof to believe in. Today we can learn to believe in our own Truth.

Truth is our Divine Guidance system. Every Spiritual Gift is given to know the Truth. Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, and Premonition are all Truth bearing gifts. The Truth is important. It presents the clear path forward. Avoiding hard Truths, we cloud our own perception. We put off what our Spirit tells us to do.

Flint can also free us with Truth of our own Power. Sometimes what is hidden is our own lack of faith in our Self. Flint can clear our self-doubt and the illusion of powerlessness. Whatever Truth Flint brings will be a blessing that Heals the Heart. Truth will help us complete our new climb of Spiritual Growth.

When we know the Truth, nothing stands in the way of fully investing our Self in a direction we already Knew we must take. Truth clears the path to move forward at Peak Performance.

To all my relations, may our eyes be opened for a new Truth. May we continue to move forward, accepting that old Truths we’ve claimed are subject to change. May we see that our Transformation to Higher Consciousness requires the courage to look within, and the flexibility to Change our Mind. May we draw upon the Presence of Spirit to help us accept the Truth of a new Understanding. May we encourage others to see the Truth of their own Light, and the Grace of Unconditional Love that accepts us exactly as we Are.

A GIFT OF DISCERNMENT: Flint is a good day to get in touch with our Sense of Spiritual Energy. Flint days are often more intense or stressful, which can build throughout the day. At sunset, the energy shifts to CAUAC, a sign of comfort. If you pay attention, you might feel a shift from energies of “stress” to “comfort” with the approach of sunset. (Flint is the psychic surgery. Storm/CAUAC is the recovery room.)

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


I’m sharing a the “21-Days of Gratitude” as a perpetual Personal Ceremony through the next journey to 8 Monkey/CHUEN Maya New Year. The “21 days” begin and end on Jaguar/IX.

21-Days of Gratitude: Day 5

I’m grateful for the Spiritual Gifts of Knowing. I’m grateful that they grow, every time we acknowledge them.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for a trecena energy forecast and insight on the Uinal and Portal Days of the Reed/BEN trecena.


6 Flint/ETZNAB (Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA)

Galactic Tone 6: Six is responsiveness and the art of negotiation. It is the movement of volume through space that creates time. This energy in action is like the art of dance or a great athlete in motion. Six facilitates dynamic developments in all aspects of life.

Flint/ETZNAB: Mirror of reality. As a struck flint, these persons are the divine sparks of intelligence. Flint’s innate abilities are utilized to discriminate emotions from fact. Flint persons stand tireless to protect, defend, or cure others by personal sacrifice. By courageously wielding the sword of truth, falsehoods are cut away. Flints, it was said, can receive information on inter-personal troubles or evil plots of others by reflecting in an obsidian mirror. Their valiant service as warriors of the truth must be impeccable or they will experience sufferings of accidents, misunderstandings and gossip.

Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA: Mirror, flint.  Ability to discern deception and mirror it back to the other.  A catalyst for change through this ability.  When used properly, harmonic resonance can be the result.  If you take on anothers issues through the mirror, the result will be anger, grief and misunderstanding of purpose.  All issues will surface and be mirrored in this earth walk.  Energy comparable for teaching, leader, philosopher, writer, observing the mass consciousness evolution in some manner.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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