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12 Flint / ETZNAB – A Mission of Love: Day 12 of 13



12 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 12 carries out an Intention of Understanding. A gift of Retrospection draws “disassociated parts into a new functioning whole.” Tone 12 draws an experience to its Conclusion. The Understanding of 12 is Truth that is taken to Heart.

Deer/MANIK has inspired our Mission by sharing the Spiritual Tools that will be our Divine Provision for everything. On Tone 12 the Intention is to Conceive the Divinity of our Consciousness to Comprehend the Truth of the Way. Our most Divine Gifts are Common, given in Harmony and Equity with the Whole. In a worldly reflection, Human values most what is rare. It goes against our mind of reason for “common” to be “special.”

The Elders impressed the importance of “tracking the mind.” The “common” thoughts hidden within is the road we travel without an end in mind. They don’t lead anywhere without an Intention to know the Truth. Our Greatest Spiritual Tool of all is a Power to Direct our thoughts toward any end of Truth we want to Know. It’s only matter of Being Conscious enough of a Divine Relationship to Remember to ask the Questions.

The most important of all Questions to ask is for our Faith to be turned into Believing in the Truth of a Supreme Creator of Unconditional Love. From One Answer, we can know the Meaning and Purpose of ALL Things. That’s a Spiritual Tool that will always lead to a Miracle of Understanding. A Divine Light of Consciousness within us, part of our Divine Design, holds the means to Conceive the Light from the Darkness. When we imagine “what could be” in the future, holding Faith in a Divine End, a Power Above will carry out our most Sacred Choice to Love. The Elders say, “It’s not if you will do it, but will you Remember?” When we remember the Power we hold at an altar to call upon a Divine Power that Answers, an altar will become our most important place to go. A New Life can start with every Sunrise, asking a Supreme Light of Creation to lead our way.

Flint “beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.” 

Flint/ETZNAB guides an Intention of Truth, “the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.” ETZNAB forges a Light of Truth within our Self, like Lightning, Brighter and Hotter than the Sun. ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror, like the Obsidian Mirror that returns a perfect reflection of Truth. The energy of ETZNAB is like the static electricity before a Storm (CAUAC). Particles charged by positive and negative electromagnetic energy are swirling in the air, drawing like things into alignment. In the thunderclouds before a storm, the Earth produces “streamers” of positive particles that anticipate the magnetic forces above. They reach like plasma for a Higher Force of Power Above. Meanwhile, the rising heat carries the positive charges to the top of the cloud. A Power Above feels the streamers reaching from Below. Lightning breaks when a Positive Charge finds its path through the negative particles at the bottom of the cloud that will reach to grasp the streamer Below to ground all it’s Power Between Heaven and Earth.

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5 Flint / ETZNAB – Vision Quest: Day 5 of 13



5 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 holds the Intention of an Empowerment. On Tone 4 we defined the boundaries, parameters, and the scale for our Creation. We defined the matter of creation on the foundation of seeing it from all perspectives. Tone 5 holds the Inherent thoughts to believe We Can. In the 5th hour of Light, we draw all the resources together for their intended application. Compared to the center of the cube, Tone 5 is a central organizing force that takes stock of the tools and the means at hand to complete the end.

Flint/ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror. The glyph illustrates the top of the pyramid as it’s seen from Above. The top of the pyramid symbolizes the threshold between two worlds, and the Truth that all things are Equal in the Balance in their equal and opposite ways… like the ways of our Human Nature and our Divine Nature. Flint/ETZNAB extends the perfect image of Truth to See the difference between Fact and Fiction.

The Truth of the Higher One will lead us to the Light of Divine Discernment. To Know the Truth we must be willing to see the Unseen Truth and the True Condition of our Heart. ETZNAB always delivers the Unexpected Truth, the Truth that was hidden or covered up. Yet, we’ll realize we knew all along. Sometimes we’re afraid to face the Truth. We are moved by Truth and we know it will compel us to see the Wisdom we should follow. Sometimes we’re afraid of what Truth will mean we have to do. Although, you never can tell with Flint. It could be a spark of Pure Genius, an idea we’ve had forever, and on 5 Flint/ETZNAB we could finally see the True genius of it and realize we have all the ways and means to carry it out.

Flint/ETZNAB resides in the North, the direction of Wisdom and the Element of Air. Flint relates to the electricity of our thoughts and the positive and negative charges that are aligned when we use the Power of our Consciousness to CHOOSE thoughts that flow on a course toward the Light. Flint/ETZNAB is comparable to the static energy that resides above in the clouds before a thunderstorm. Our thoughts are drawn toward our Heart’s Desire to See and Know a Divine Power Above. Before the Lightening breaks, positive particles from Earth reach as streamers above, waiting for the Truth and the Light of  a Way. ETZNAB creates the path for the Light of Truth to break through and claim Human’s Dreams to the Heart o f Sky.

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11 Flint / ETZNAB – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 11 of 13



11 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the Intention to Resolve a new way forward. Tone 11 tunes us in to a Higher Vibration of thought. Tone 11 is a day of Seeing Clearly.

The Master Number 11 symbolizes an Illumination, an Inner Master Teacher of Enlightened Consciousness. 11 symbolizes the First, the Only, the ONE – ONE Above, side-by-side the ONE Below. 11 is a wake-up call.

On Tone 11 the shaman climbed to the highest altar with an Offering of Sacred Exchange. The Meaning and Purpose was the Divine Atonement through which the One Below shares the One Divine Consciousness of the HIGHER ONE Above. A Divine Illumination is the Sacred Exchange of our Offering.

Flint/ETZNAB is the Deliverer of Unexpected Truth. ETZNAB symbolizes the Flint Knife or Obsidian Knife, the Sacred Implement of a Holy Sacrifice. ETZNAB is also called the Mirror, like the Obsidian Mirror that returns a perfect reflection of the Truth.

The ETZNAB glyph illustrates a view of the pyramid as it is seen from Above. From the Highest Altar in the Holy of Holies…

Flint Beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash. The transformer brings things to a head and wipes the slate clean.”

10 Earth/CABAN was our Earthly manifestation as Truth our Human mind could see. On the 10 of Manifestation we became the “zero,” investing all our Faith, Hope, and Love in the 1 Above. On Tone 11 we can clearly see our Divine Justice, that we are never alone, and that the One of the Highest Consciousness delivers us from darkness by the Power of Love.

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4 Flint / ETZNAB – Vision of the Future: Day 4 of 13



4 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

ETZNAB “beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.”

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. Compared to the cube, the most stable of all forms, Tone 4 defines the parameters and boundaries that will guide our Intention to Create. Under the guidance of Eagle/MEN we are called to conceive the dream of our Highest Hopes and Aspirations.

In the 4th hour of Light we take a look in all directions at the lay of the land. We get a clear picture of the “job at hand” and the best approach to complete the task. Like the Deer, we create our own foundation with one foot planted in each of the 4 directions. How will we prepare to receive the Light from the East? What is the Highest Purpose we can share with the Whole for Right Relationship of the South? How will we face the Unknown Journey in the West? What is the Blessing we will remember that is promised from the North? A plan for all directions will balance us in the center.

Flint/ETZNAB resides in the North, the direction of Divine Wisdom. We have entered the Season of Wisdom. We have been given the Spiritual Tools to manifest our Dreams. It’s now up to us to apply our Sacred Wisdom. Under the guidance of Eagle/MEN, the Higher the Way, the Greater will be our own Transformation. Holding the Element of Air, ETZNAB shares the Sacred Breath of Life and Spirit. We are called to the Sacred Exchange through the Element that connects us all as One to the Heart of Heaven in every breath.

Flint/ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror, the obsidian mirror that returns a perfect reflection of Truth. Obsidian is forged in the fire and Flint strikes a spark. ETZNAB intends to deliver the Truth that has been hidden or covered up. Flint’s truth is unexpected and comes in a flash. The purpose is to deliver the truth to our heart that sweeps away all worldly illusions. Flint’s Truth can “cut to the bone” to reach one and all in a very personal way.

We have nearly completed the 12th uinal of Understanding. We are drawn through a cycle of “light” to take Divine Truth to our Heart. The Gift brought by Flint is an Initiation that is a New Awakening of our Own Truth. A Divine aspect of Flint’s “unexpected” Truth is that we will realize that we knew it all along. Maybe it was a “hard truth” we avoided, or perhaps we thought it was “too good too be true.” Or maybe we knew that Knowing the Truth would require us to take a Leap into the Unknown. Flint knows the Truth we need right now. Flint’s Truth will set us Free. All the unseen obstacles hidden beneath the surface can be swept away. ETZNAB calls for a Sacrifice of the Heart as the Offering to Feel and Know the Truth. The gift left behind will be our own way of Knowing the Truth.

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10 Flint / ETZNAB – A Divine Atonement: Day 10 of 13


Greetings Kin,

10 Flint / ETZNAB

Flint Beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash. The transformer brings things to a head and wipes the slate clean.

ETZNAB is known to do whatever it takes to drive the point home. Flint is also known as Mirror, like the Obsidian Mirror that returns the perfect reflection of the Truth.

Tone 10 holds the Intention of Manifestation. What were plans, dreams, and intentions become real to the Consciousness of Human Being. Tone 10 is said to present a challenge. Changed by a Divine Transformation, Truth is born in our heart. God created a new way to Love the Wisdom of every experience as the path our Heart could feel and follow.

In order to manifest the creation of our Highest Love, we must claim it as our own Truth. Just as it is, our own Expression of Love is the offering drawn from a Human heart to share at God’s Highest Altar. The altar we were given for a New Life is Mother Earth, under the Holy, Holy, Holy number 9 that is the Whole Investment in the Highest One that feels our Heart in every moment.

Flint/ETZNAB is a day that delivers a sword of Truth to the heart. Flint strikes a spark of the unexpected Truth that can heal us as it sweeps away all the shadows. Holding the Element of Air, ETZNAB can heal our mind and heart. The MULUC trecena is a cycle that intends for us to Honor our Emotions and Feelings, and to Honor the Emotions and Feelings of Others. MULUC is about water everywhere from the cosmos to our own tears. ALL water is Holy, holding the Ether of our Human Spirit. The Intention of the MULUC trecena is to draw us into Atonement with the Creator and the Power of Love that lasts forever, from the beginning to the end.

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3 Flint / ETZNAB – Inheritance of Wisdom: Day 3 of 13



3 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

On this journey we carry the the Ascended Ones in our Consciousness in the Remembering. They receive Love by Feeling Our Love. Their wisdom is connected to our wisdom, working in Divine ways as the Expression of Love Given Back.

They can teach us to Wait in the Space Between Breaths. It’s the moment we are given to draw the Conscious Breath of a Divine Thought, and then to share what can be Divinely Given back from Spirit. Guided on the Element of Air, Flint leans us into the Wind of our OWN Truth.

Flint/ETZNAB is the Mirror that reflects only the Divine Truth – and nothing but the Truth, like the Obsidian Mirror. Flint’s knife cuts to the heart of matter and Flint strikes a Spark with a Truth that calls us to Move.

Flint delivers Truth that Divine way to know our High, Higher, and Highest Truth.

A CHICCHAN Kin once shared the idea, “Flint tempts a shadow out of its corner.” The dilemma: Then where does it belong?

Flint intends for us to know hidden truth, unseen, and covered up. Flint’s Truth sets us FREE to FEEL the Truth.

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9 Flint / ETZNAB – A Manifestation of Love: Day 9 of 13



9 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Flint Beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash… bringing things to a head to wipe the slate clean.”

Yesterday, 02/20/2020 was the Haab New Year celebrated in the Western region of the Maya, and the first Haab shared by a teacher from the Chiapas, Mexico region. A challenge of tracking the Haab is that the dates are calculated differently by one region and another. Sooner or later the question arises, “Which one am I meant to follow and why?

The Haab date was an important part of the calculation of the “end date.” The Haab was the factor of debate, whether it was December 21, 2012, or October 28, 2012, as calculated by Dr. Carl J. Calleman. Mayan Elder and Priest, Angel Vergara, taught that the New Year was based on a Solar Event, the zenithal Sun. The most accurate calculation of the Haab is where you are at the time of the zenithal Sun. Vergara described the zenith at Chichen Itza as a “central sun” that shined from the pyramid to all directions.

The Haab tracks a planetary experience of Light through all its seasons, Times and Places. Yesterday, I finally saw the correlation. The 02/20/2022 Haab New Year in the SW began with 8 Earth/CABAN as the planetary intention of the year. Higher North, on March 31, 2020 the Haab New Year is 9 Earth/CABAN. They are holding different Tones in different places of the zenithal sun.

We weren’t meant to know the hour or the day of One Central Sun Event we will all see at-once. The Greatest Power of Earth is the shake, and CABAN can mark an Earthquake. Both Tones 8 and 9 are Peak Tones of Transformation. Life on Earth is being shaken on a planetary scale. Two regions agree as One that this is a Time for Divine Justice to be completed on Earth.

Tone 9 is the Peak Tone that Completes. As a symbol of “single place” number, 9 is a Whole Investment of a “1” place below. It is the all-in-one that becomes a zero, by the “One that raises it” to a 10. Yesterday was the New Year SW as 8 Earth/CABAN, marking a year of Transformation on Earth at a Planetary Scale. The Haab New Year of the North will fall on 9 Earth/CABAN, the next “higher” Tone of that Year Bearer. Salvation is the Divine Justice for Mother Earth. 8 Earth/CABAN is a symbol of the Divine Justice for all Humans who choose to Move for Love.

9 Flint/ETZNAB is the Effect of the Divine Cause. Divine Justice is written as Universal Law – all Causes have an Effect. Divine Causes have Divine Effects. It was the Sign of Darkness that completed the Effect of a Savior’s sacrifice. The Truth of Divinity was SEEN by Human when a darkness came to cover the Light of the Sun in the very Time and Place. “Time and Place” were the words I heard through Ian’s Voice, like a message from Ek’ Balam. He said it so many times in his videos, I don’t know why I questioned it from a Voice I could remember. Time and Place. God marked Times and Places on a Divine Calendar when Human Conceives the Divine Truth. The Human “conception” of the Divine Truth, is a Birth of Light, a day we can “see the Light” that is Unseen.

Master Number 99:
The 9th Tone in the 9th uinal reflects the symbol 99, which doubles and amplifies the symbol 9. Master Number 99 reflects two Divine Trinities of Consciousness (a 3 x 3 plus a 3 x 3). When 2 minds of Consciousness Below, the Human Will and the Spirit’s Love, are One together in their Intention and Purpose, a Divine 3rd thing is created, greater than the sum of the parts… a Trinity. 9 is the 3 + 3 + 3 that becomes the 3 x 3 that expresses 9 as a result of multiplication. As the Number of Completion, 9 resonates with endings and closures. An important cycle or phase is coming to an end, happening for very karmic reasons that will become self-evident in the near future. There is nothing to fear as a wonderful new life and lifestyle will fall into place in the most positive ways. These endings are clearing the way to fully pursue your Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission of your destiny. Trust that all is held by the Universal Consciousness of a Divine Creator.

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2 Flint / ETZNAB – The Dream of Mother Earth: Day 2 of 13



2 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 is the Intention of Duality. The number 2 marks Human as one separate from another. Tone 1 was our first inspiration of life as one with another life. Born into the Light of Consciousness, we discovered an identity unto our Self.

As God’s Divine Reflection of a Truth Above, we are born of the One and marked by the identity of the One. As the Scion of a Divine Creator, we were given the Power of Creation. The only way to conceive our own creation was through a Sacred Right of Choice. To be Divine Creators, we had to conceive our own Dreams and make the Choices our Heart Desired.

On Tone 2 we’re looking at things from two different perspectives. We’re all divided by the thoughts held by one human and another. Our earthly shadow will veil the Light of Truth until we add the faculties of Divine Inspiration to our Wisdom of Experience and the Faith of our Imagination. God will stitch the 2 back into one. The only factor missing for a Stroke of Genius is one Divine Hidden Truth that God is intending to reveal.

Flint/ETZNAB symbolizes a blinding flash of Truth that was hidden or covered up. It’s intention is to sweep our way clear of any illusions that lie in the realm of our unconscious thoughts. Another name for ETZNAB is a Mirror that holds a perfect reflection of the equal an opposite ways of Love in the Realm of Divine Spiritual Consciousness. ETZNAB is also the sacred Flint or Obsdian Knife that penetrates flesh and bone to reach straight to the Heart. It’s a shocking Truth like lightning.

We can look into the future to hold the Faith in God’s Divine Provision for everything. God has a provision for the chaos of a Major Life Change happening before our eyes on a planetary scale. There is a Divine Provision from Above that we Sense and Feel, but must Leap to Believe in our Faith. A Truth that hits like Lightning triggers the Storm of Cauac, turning the chaos into Rain that carries a Renewal and Regeneration of Life on Earth. Through Forgiveness we will have a Sanctuary within from which we can see the Real Truth as the illusions of the world swirl on as a movie on the parameter.

2 Flint/ETZNAB will present two sides for a discernment of Truth. It’s a Human discernment on Tone 2. Both sides created a different argument and both sides of the whole are comparing one and another. The Truth in plain sight is two different reflections, waiting on One Truth that can unite the Whole. Maybe we’ve forgotten our one heart’s desire to be whole.

On Tone 2 we will see the inside of our self. We’ll be opened up to expose the real Truth in our Heart. It’s said that Flint tempts us to “act out of character.” Though, acting-out-of-character is our own truth we’re trying to cover up. Under the Hand of Divine Intervention, by God’s Provision, we can strike out of our Corner heralding the Truth of Love.

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8 Flint / ETZNAB – Dawn of a New Creation: Day 8 of 13



8 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 holds the Intention of Divine Justice. Through the Intervention of a Divine Agency our Transformation begins under the number of “pure spirit.” In the Reflection of the Above the stairs continue our climb to Higher Ground. Human is drawn by Unseen Forces we could compare to the gravity of a descent.

Tone 8 represents the zenith hour that illuminates our shadow and the Truth that is in plain sight. The Justice of Harmony and Equity is the Creator’s Highest Intention. Believing is the Divine Justice for a Leap of Faith. What we Believe will manifest the Experience of our Truth.

Flint/ETZNAB is a Sword of Truth delivered along the path of a Lightning Strike. ETZNAB, also known as the Mirror, delivered the unexpected Truth of Reality. The Truth lies in the equal and opposite reflection of Spirit. ETZNAB is the Obsidian Mirror forged by Fire and the Flint Knife that strikes a Spark.

ETZNAB resides in the North, the Direction of Wisdom and the Element of Air. The North is the direction for an arrival of Wisdom by the Yucatec tradition of the North. The Northern Medicine Wheel turns clockwise. The Southern tradition of the K’iche Maya begins from the Wisdom of Innocence, turning counter clockwise. Together all ways of Time are held in Balance Above and Below.

The Element of Air relates to our capabilities of Consciousness. Air is the Life and Breath of Spirit. God’s Breath is capable to speak to our Heart. Divine Truth lies in the Sound of the Creator’s Voice. The Elders always said to turn to our thoughts when we hear the Wind. We will know the meaning of a gentle breeze from a gust that turns us around. Air is the Whirlwind that can change the landscape of our mind.

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1 Flint / ETZNAB – Born into the Light of Truth: Day 1 of 13


1 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Flint/ETZNAB beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.

Flint/ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror. Like an obsidian Mirror, Flint offers the perfect reflection of Truth. Flint’s Truth is always unexpected. Like the sacred Flint knife, ETZNAB’s Truth cuts to the heart of a matter to uncover Truth that was hidden or covered up. The meaning and purpose is to sweep the slate clean of any illusions that stand in the way of our Happiness.

Flint/ETZNAB leads a journey of Darkness, Human’s journey for an application of Truth. Our Spirit was reborn by Serpent/CHICCHAN, holding the Consciousness of a Light that guides us from within. Our Spirit Knows the Truth. Now is the Time for Human to know the Truth through the Wisdom of a tangible experience.

The 6th uinal generates the Momentum of Divine Spirit. 3 Sun/AHAU will complete the intention, marking a Human birth of Divine Intention. In synchronicity with a Season of Miracles, a Light of Truth will be born on Christmas Day. Our gift will be delivered by the Supreme Creator. The heavens mark the date as a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, the birth sign of a Savior, and the beginning of a new cycle of Solar Light.

The 7th uinal holds the Intention of Balance that represents the Great Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” The 7th uinal are the core days, the top of the pyramid in the center of the Tzolk’in calendar round. At the pinnacle of our Human climb, Flint/ETZNAB will deliver the Truth to see “all that is, and all that is not” from our Highest Perspective.

Serpent/CHICCHAN has yet to be seen in its Highest Light. On 8 Serpent/CHICCHAN a Power to See the Truth within will be exalted in its Zenith Light. Serpentine Day is a Celebration of Divine Consciousness and Knowing. The Serpent is a symbol of the Dragon, associated with Higher Frequencies of Consciousness. (Dec 30, 2019)

13 Dog/OC has been the guardian of the Second Season that guarded the Meaning and Purpose to raise us to the Wisdom of Maturity. 13 Dog is waiting as our next Ascension, guarding the Truth of Unconditional Love.

The Flint/ETZNAB trecena will deliver the Light of Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. The core days represent the zero point, the absence of polarity, the axus mundi of the Tree of Life. In the core days we dissolve like the Chrysalis of a Butterfly. All things will be equal so we will know the Beauty of the Darkness and the Light.

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