1 Road/Eb – Bearer of Time & Destiny


1 Road / EB – Truth of Our Destiny: Day 1

This was my early beginning. I see so many errors now. But, more important – I see how the calendar has changed me. Thanks for your visit. in lak’ech, Debra

August 20, 2015

1 Road/Eb

Mayan Tzolkin Calendar - Day 1

Day 1 of the Sacred Mayan calendar, trecena beginning 1 Road/Eb

1=Is the beginning of all things as the first day of the Mayan 13-day Trecena. The energy of each trecena steadily increases from day 1, peaking in the middle of the week on days 6-7-8, then steadily decreases to the end of the 13-day cycle. The intentions set today will flow with that cycle – gaining momentum as the week progresses to the peak energy, and resolving/establishing itself as the energy decreases. Whatever you would choose to manifest in your life is accelerated by integrating this cycle in the same way one may set intentions with the moon cycle. Because 1’s are about setting new intentions and an inward day, in fact, inner reflection may be all you are able to do on a 1-day!

I’ve found that my personal energies flow with the Tzolkin calendar whether I realize it or not. (I believe we saw this as self-evident in times before the Gregorian calendar.) If I find myself trying to accomplish something but unable to make any headway… it’s because ONE is about STOPPING to receive inspiration for the new intention. (2’s are much the same.) 3 is the first day of movement – and if you wait for it, you’ll more than make up any time you may think you’ve lost.

Others are feeling this too. I’ve learned to hold off on knee-jerk responses and lower the expectations I place on others, as well as myself – waiting to see how perceptions may be changed over the next 2 days. It’s NOT a day designed to declare anything to anyone… but, an important day to stop and consider your own truth. (You just don’t have all the information yet to arrive at accurate assessment.)


Road/Eb is the BEARER of time, the road to destiny. Our destiny is born over time by the paths we follow. Road is about the blessing of the journey and starting a new journey with the PATH as our focus to learn better ways to reach our desired destinations.

As 1 Road/EB, the first day of a cycle, Road/EB continues to be an over-riding theme each day throughout the 13-day trecena. See if you don’t arrive at a new way of proceeding forward toward your intention by the end of this trecena!


It’s natural to look ahead and focus on the destination. But, what are you missing right now? Do you celebrate the accomplishments you make with each step? One step at a time is the only way to get there, born from being present in the moment.

Staying in that moment bring awareness of the ever-changing motion of life and helps us remember that whatever we are experiencing is a temporary passage. Celebrate the peak experiences. And, celebrate that the struggles are only temporary. (Remember, peak experiences by definition are “higher” points of consciousness – so, “lower” experiences ARE necessary to reach them!) Be here with Spirit today… each day.

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