2 Reed/BEN – An Open Door to Spirit

August 21, 2015

2 Reed/BEN

2=Duality/Polarity using the power of Spirit to gain greater perspective and inspiration. To be or not to be; will it be this or that? Galactic Tone 2 is another inward reflection day, as you further define your intentions for the 13-day cycle.


Reed/BEN represents an open connection to Spirit. Native American teachings define the hollow reed as a portal that connects the breath of Spirit from heaven to earth. As we progress under the trecena of Road/Eb – the bearer of time and path to destiny, 2 Reed/BEN allows us to draw deeply from heavenly sources to more clearly see the path ahead. Are you at a crossroads – this way or that? This day is ripe with the opportunity to receive divine inspiration that will allow you to understand more clearly new ways of traveling on the road of your life to reach your desired destination.

Today is KIN 93 (the 93rd day of the 260-day Tzolkin calendar), which is a Galactic Activation Portal (52 Green Days shown on the Calendar). These indicate days where you may experience increased intensity of energy. The veil between worlds is said to be thinner, allowing for easier access to the Spirit realm for guidance and inspiration, now serving to magnify the power of Reed/Ben’s open connection to Spirit.


We are here waiting, always. Answers to all questions are found within. Opening the door is only a matter of remembering to engage with your higher self – your inner Spirit. In fact, there is a storehouse of information there that far exceeds any library on earth.

To access it only requires that you be still enough to ask and listen for the answers.

Tzolkin 260-Day Calendar

Tzolkin 260-Day Mayan Calendar of Creation

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