21 Days of Gratitude, Day 19 – New Vision

10 Transformer/CIMI (Cherokee, Twins Takato’ka)

10 Transformer/CIMI

10 Transformer/CIMI

Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation; what were once intentions or ideas, hopes or fears become physically present with the energy of 10. What is focused upon with attention and intention becomes real. Ten is a powerful energy that carries a great responsibility.

Transformer/CIMI: Cycle of life, death, and rebirth; abundance in all life choices; dissolution of polarities to create great wealth

Cherokee, Twins Takato’ka: Female Sun and Male Moon whose union keeps the world going round in perpetuity is the first order. Cherokee myth has the Morning Star heralding the Sun, Venus, also being the Evening Star as representing the Twins. The energy brings major changes all throughout life, riding the tsunamis of earthquake and upheaval, making their own waves wherever they go. They undergo powerful transformations, alternating like a flashing neon sign. The challeng is to master Balance while experiencing Chaos leading to re-birth and abundance through infinity.

See my Tzolkin Page for resources.

New Vision

We reach Galactic Tone 10, the Tone of Manifestation, and Transformer/Cimi reveals to us how we’ve been changed into something new. We are looking at the world through new eyes and in a new place of being. We can’t go back to seeing things the same way we did before. Cimi helps us to find the new balance.

On Galactic Tone 10, the peak energies of the 13-day trecena begin to subside. We can go inward to review what we’ve experienced. We are guided to consider the new lessons, where they may lead us, and how they may alter the course of our intentions.

We may be exhilarated at the new perspective that has been revealed. At the same time, we may be discouraged by the light that’s been shed on our ‘before’… as, new knowledge may have made clear the places within us that could use some fixing.

This is the moment when we can both look back at who we were and forward to see what we may become, but have yet to see exactly how the changes will play out. The transformation is completed as we apply our new knowledge. Like children, we are ‘just learning to walk’ – in a new way.

To all my relations, I am grateful for new eyes, new vision, and the new abundance it brings. Give me the courage to be the new creation that, in this moment, is known by only me.

in lak’ech – i am another you

Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

3 thoughts on “21 Days of Gratitude, Day 19 – New Vision

  1. Alternating like a flashing neon sign…man, that is like a metaphor for my Pluto experience in the 12th…AND, making waves of OUR OWN? I LOVE it! The chaos twins…that must be a big tribe. Good thing it only swings around every 20 days.

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  2. In Bonnie Gaunt’s book, Beginnings: The Sacred Design, she mentions ’19’ as representing the signature of God… so, I’ve been lingering around this post (19th day) feeling like there was something more to come forward from it. 🙂


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