It’s just a Tree

I knew they were performing maintenance this week, but I didn’t know they would cut down my favorite tree. The loss feels as great as anything I’ve had to let go of..

It’s arms embraced my balcony and chickadees, sparrows, wood peckers, crows and even the occasional Stellar’s Jay adorned those branches, hopping back and forth to my balcony rail.

That tree was my privacy from the world – my little piece of beautiful nature that I could imagine climbing to the sky.

All 150 feet or better of it will soon lay on the ground.

It’s NOT just a tree to me. I’m SO sorry they are taking you away. tree remembered tree1 tree2



8 thoughts on “It’s just a Tree

  1. I feel you. I too form relationships with trees. I feel like it takes time to develop. That we are quick sparks of light until our presence is well known and then they see us and we see them. But once we actually see each other and communication established, there is so much wisdom and compassion to be found in a tree. And I feel like I have failed a tree when one of my friends is taken. Grieve. All trees are related. They know you are their friend.

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  2. I’m so sorry you lost your tree with no preparation! It is an emotional thing, especially if it is right outside your window. We had Dutch Elm Disease in Minnesota when I was growing up and I lost some of my favorite trees. At least there was a reason I understood but it was still very hard, so I feel for you!


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