4 Jaguar / IX Thoughts on the Trecena

Greetings Kin,

De is a Sister Daykeeper and allowed me to share her thoughts from a post on the Monkey/CHUEN trecena. She’s had far more direct experience with Mayan teachers than I have and her thoughts seemed so reflective of the Energy of the Jaguar. Thanks again, De for expressing the feeling of Jaguar’s connection to Mother Earth. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



I love the Monkey cycle of days– with several good friends in this cycle as well as my father and sister having Monkey as their main day lord, I’m happy to share and thanks for asking.

Yesterday, 13 Dog woke me in early morning hours– i actually woke to the Quiche Mayan name but that was all– if there was a message I didn’t get it. As the day progressed to sunset and night, many storms; water and high winds; sensing the energy of 13. Then Flint leaving with the North gods clearing away impediments, Dog clearing away the last, thru the Underworld. Definitely felt relief in today’s early morning hours with the wisdom of the Time-Weaver and many prayers of weaving my life in a life- and energy-affirming manner.

I’ve scheduled some good things for my evolution over these 13 days. May they be that.

~ De, 4 Jaguar/IX



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