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1 Storm / CAUAC – Grasped by Light from Above: Day 1 of 13


We forgot the past for the sake of the “old times” – Auld Lang Syne. The Divine Truth will always matter.

We are about to complete the 4th uinal of Stability. Our Seed has nestled in to the Womb of Mother Earth. We are given a Sign for the One who will Rise Again. We catch a glimpse of a Divine Landscape to manifest our Creation.

The Truth of CAUAC is the Light for the New Way – unbridled freedom, and a Divine Way to Create. DIVINE GENIUS WILL “COME TO US.” All our best Human ideas led us through the past. CAUAC offers the BLESSING of LIVING Water, to create from the WHOLE INVESTMENT of our Heart – a Faith for the Light we WILL see as our Inspiration of Divine Genius.

By DIVINE synchronicity, the numbers were one of the Signs all over yesterday, in alignment as an experience on a PLANETARY scale – 01/01/2022. Master Number 11, the Light of our Life’s Path – is Divine Inspiration aligned Above and Below. And Master Number 222 is the power to create ANY WILD IDEA OF DIVINE GENIUS that we can “imagine.” We’ll enter the 5th uinal KNOWING we CAN. We’ll see an end, and everything we’ve ever learned about something we really love to do – will be ALL we need to follow our Dream to the end. We will be claimed by a LIGHT ABOVE for the Creation of Our Divine Life. Wholly invested, we don’t have a care. We can FINALLY just let go of our last doubts, and LIVE and Create until the GENIUS STRIKES US, that is GOING TO BE.

My “old times” remembered came to me from 1992 – 30 years ago? (Pay attention to the decades of your memories and the seasons.) I prayed for 3 years to know how I could create my own business to work for myself. I had no clue what it could be – I couldn’t even imagine. But, I stood in faith on the Truth that God would shine a Light. By 1995 I was MORE than ready, when the Internet went public. I was first to volunteer to learn to build a website. I was given the Light of a GENIUS opportunity. It proved the Truth of Answered Prayers. I learned a LOT through human limitations and failures – I was among the first to engage the Genius of the Internet, and made choices that “lost millions” from the world’s perspective. It’s hard to LIVE with a missed opportunity sometimes, but it’s only because we haven’t seen the TRUTH of the experience. I flew away, when I reached the deep waters of my own Unknown Limitations to succeed – the RIGHT to be Happy and Successful, when everyone believed I was the family failure.

With the Gift of Claiming Love for the Sake of Auld Lang Syne, I can claim the Truth I learned before was a FIRST LIGHT, to prove that what happens Once WILL happen again. We have a calendar that proves its the truth. How else can the thoughts from 260 days ago, line up with everything AGAIN for Here and Now? One round after another? It’s written within – a Gift of Love placed in our heart. When we give the WHOLE INVESTMENT back, the Sacred Exchange is MORE than we could imagine to ever Know – that grabs us all at once and shows us the END, and WE KNOW how to get there. We LEARNED IT ALL BEFORE – and this is the PERFECT CREATION, WITH OUR NAME ON IT.

May we dance together into a new life – choosing what we LOVE to do. Creation begets Creation. Lay your hands to ANYTHING – JUST FOR THE DIVINE COMMUNION that  happens when we’re lost in BEAUTY with the ONE. The  SIGN was a New Year’s  FIREWORKS SHOW for those who didn’t see Lightning… all bases were covered. We’ll be MOVED for Some Divine Reason on Tone 3 – 3 CROCODILE/IMIX – Simply the Beginning of EVERYTHING, and the One that Shares

I love you, in lak’ech, Debra

Published: April 17, 2021 (04/17/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: January 2, 2022 (01/02/2022)
Always check my numbers, please.
1 Storm/CAUAC, Destiny Kin 79

1 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

We Ascended with the Truth to create a Divine Future. The Light of Reed/BEN inspired us to Create a Sanctuary for the Whole. Transformer/CIMI followed as the Darkness of Human’s journey through Time to see the Truth, Below. The One Above “finishes” every Work of Love. We were prepared to be Reborn to the Light of a New Life.

Storm/CAUAC brings the Blessing of Comfort, through the Unbridled Freedom To Be. The “chaos of change” is the labor of birthing a New Life. We have to look beyond the moment to See the Truth. We’re trying to hold onto the Truth of a Life that is waiting on the other side.

CAUAC is the midwife that delivers us to the Light. CAUAC is the path through the storm, created from Above. CAUAC is the Lightning that strikes in our Heart, that claims us exactly when and where our Love was hoping to find its way.

Like lightning changes Air into Living Water, we’re changed by Fire of Love known by our Heart. CAUAC shares a Quickening of Spirit from the Truth of Unconditional Love. We can see the Light that claimed us where we are. CAUAC shares the regeneration of our Spirit to weather the storms of life. We’re given the Renewal of a Youthful State of Mind, the way we saw things when we were reaching beyond our adolescence. The World was our oyster for all the Dreams we had in mind for Our Way.

When we are Claimed by the Light, we’ll know that the Dream we had in mind was Divine. It was the Light for Our Life… primal, inherent, and Divinely Given. We were Meant to be who we are, to share the Truth of the Light from our perspective. No one else can see it and feel it the way we do. The One Above created us to Know Our Truth. Guided by CAUAC we can “get Real” with the Light to share who we really are and how we really feel. CAUAC will claim the Love for everything we are. We will see who we Are in the future, the same as Now, the One we See in the Future that we ARE applying Our Truth, To Be.

Our Renewal is the Light of “being Loved for who we are,” known by the Truth of the One that claims us and carries our Faith to the Heart of Sky. We’ve seen the matters of chaos that are leading to a change. CAUAC helps us to believe that our light was shining in the darkness, and the One Above could see. We were beautiful, reaching to know Love as the Truth. We are given the Light of Truth that any which way is “more than good enough.” CAUAC can share the Truth of the Power to direct us to the end of our Dreams.

We are completing the 4th uinal of Stability, defining the parameters of thought for the Dream of our Divine Future. The Truth of Love is Creating the pillars for Faith to stand. In the 5th Uinal we are Empowered by the Truth. We’ll know our Faith in the Divine Truth as the Resource to manifest every Dream of Love that is an Offering on behalf of the Whole. We’ll know the Ways and Means of Time to create our Dream in the Future.

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A Major Life Change: The Comfort of CIMI


Greetings Beloved Kin,


Shadow left me with a Mission. There could  never be a replacement, though Shadow created a place for someone else to belong. I knew it was Girlie when I saw her face on the Animal Shelter website. It  was the same expression I remember in Shadow’s eyes. “Where am I? Where do I belong?”

Like Shadow, Girlie was the senior with special needs and medical concerns, and long-matting hair that requires daily grooming. She spent weeks in the cage, passed by as more trouble than she’s worth. She had a happy home, but without the means for her care with other pets in the house.

I have the perfect place, a constant companion working from home, ready to offer my undivided attention. I knew it might take time. Girlie didn’t have to BE anything. My mission would be to prove her life matters to the end. I spent hours filling out the application, hoping to be accepted, and sent word to Girlie that one way or another, her days at the shelter were over. I received the call on 6 Serpent/CHICCHAN to complete the adoption. Continue reading

6 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Guided by the Light: Day 6 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,
Our journey through Time is guided by Sun/AHAU. This cycle of “darkness” is the 1st Light of Knowing the Truth of a Divine Life by the Wisdom of our own experience. Sun/AHAU guides us through the Element of Earth to know the Truth in a tangible way that changes the “everyday” experience of our life. It’s the major life change of knowing we aren’t alone, and there’s a Higher Place where we will ALWAYS Belong. That’s all we ever wanted to know, that there’s a place where our Life REALLY matters, and someone cares about the end. If someone, could see us one last time the way we were seen in the beginning. Today we can know because we Feel the Truth. We were wrought by the Creator’s Hand and we were finished in one last breath that claimed us as One with the Beauty of Every Thing.

I’m grateful for the Divine Mysteries beyond knowing to the ends of ALL the Possibilities for Love. We only have to claim there’s a Higher Dream than we can imagine, and Feel the Truth of the One that “can and Will” when we choose to Ask and Let Go.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 14, 2021 (03/14/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: November 29, 2021 (11/29/2021)
6 Serpent/CHICCHAN Destiny Kin 45 

6 Serpent / CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

“Serpent power is vital energy, the moving force, the instinct and desire for creativity, the trigger that sets off the action. It lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself.”
~ Cherokee Calendar

Peak Tone 6 holds the Intention of Flow. Momentum is created through a rhythm and pattern of movement. The Seed/KAN offered a Light to follow, seeking the next higher Truth.

Serpent/CHICCHAN is the Divine Provision ignites the Life Force that triggers our own Gifts of Knowing. We were given Signs Above and Signs Below. CHICCHAN is the Feathered Serpent that descends the stairs at the temple of Kulkulkan/Quetzalcoatl. The calendar pyramid at Chichen Itza emanates Light and echoes the Vibration of Sound. El Castillo is a dynamic illustration of a Divine Design for Life.

Like the stairs of the pyramid, Truth takes Time and becomes clearer each day. Even when we reach to Peak of the Climb, we’ll see everything we haven’t seen yet. Whether we were right or wrong in our conception of the Truth at the bottom, the Intention was good enough to raise us to the Next Highest Place to See. The steps, like the Circle is a Never-ending journey toward our Highest Hopes.

CHICCHAN relates to the Kundalini energy that moves up the spine to the Crown of our Head. The experience draws us into the moment. The Maya call it “lightning in the blood,” the Sixth Sense of the Heart. The Serpent sees its prey by feeling the Vibration of Life. The Gift is given as the Divine Resource for Seeing Clearly, what a Divine Creator intends for us to know, when we need to see it now.

The energy of Tone 6 is compared to a great athlete, Movement that becomes an Expression of the Art.  6 CHICCHAN helps us to Feel the Rhythm of moving forward by going back and forth.

CHICCHAN ignites our “gut instincts.” CHICCHAN is the hair that stands on end in harms way, the “red face” when a “truth of us” is revealed, and the Heart that spills over at the witness of Love. CHICCHAN is an “electrical charge” of Truth that a Divine Creator sends to our Heart.

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13 Reed / BEN – Ascension: Day 13


February 10, 2021

THE TRECENA OF CROCODILE/IMIX: Beginning a New Harvest of Creation


13 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 is the Day of Ascension. 13 is the number of theurgy, the Power through Ritual and Ceremony to call on a Divine Intervention in Human affairs. 13 symbolizes the 7th day of (6 nights and 7 days) Creation. Ascension is an Answered Prayer, a Force of Divine Intervention.

The Primordial Mother, IMIX, guided us to the Consciousness of Compassionate Love and a Divine Discernment of the Truth. We were all born with the Light to see beyond our Human Nature to our most Divine Reason To Be. We’ve seen how much beauty was shared through the Offering of Mother Earth. And, we were led to the Highest Truth that the Beauty was shared by a Divine Consciousness of Love that intended the Blessing to be shared in Harmony and Equity.

From the Beauty of Love, and all the ways we are given to Know it and Feel it, our Truth was elevated to the Genius that is held by a Hand of Divine Authority. Believing in a Power greater than our Self, we’re given the Faith to believe there is always a Divine Way for the Provision of Love and Beauty to be for everyone. We did learn that our Joy is never complete, if we’re the Only One.

Reed/BEN is the Guiding Light for Family and Home. The glyph illustrates an altar with two channels of Light descending from Above, and two prayer mats below, where Human kneels in Humility to the Highest Light. Reed/BEN holds very High Expectations for it’s own Faith in Answered Prayers. BEN shares the Wisdom that we are intended to hold High Expectations without imposing Our Way on those placed under our direct care within our closest sphere of influence.

We ascend with Reed/BEN’s Wisdom, the same conviction we feel to “walk the walk” when we become the leader of a family. We are given a Divine Reason to Ascend to our Highest Faith, for the Whole. Children will see the Truth by what we do and not by what we say. Our most Divine Truth is an Almighty Creator of Unconditional Love. How could we ever demonstrate that Truth, placing our own Conditions on the way to carry it out? BEN comes with the guidance to Bend like a garden hose, rather than lead with a “steel pipe.” One pours out the Blessings of Unconditional Love, the other hurts to even think about it. Being a Light for Home is a grave responsibility with long-reaching effects on the burden of Human’s Time.

Number 131313: Reed’s Position 13, the Tone 13, and today’s date, May 26 (resolved to 13 as 5+2+6) reflect a Master Number 131313. 13 is the Highest Promise of Answered Prayers. 13 symbolizes the Power of Theurgy, a Gift through ritual and sacred ceremony to call on a Divine Agency to Intervene in Human affairs. Twehrough the prayers that incorporate Movement, we expand the Influence of our Spiritual Intentions. Humans create the “highest waves” of Vibration when our body is put into motion for a Divine Purpose. Movement generates the Heat and the Energy that emanates the Light of our Spirit. Above, the Creator holds the Power through a single breath. Below, we hold the Power and Forces of physicality to Move Heaven and Earth. 13 is the number of the Ascended Masters, and the Unseen Power of Divine Intervention. “Number 1313 represents expansion on all levels, including optimism, enthusiasm, communication, and creativity. 1313 indicates that the Ascended Masters are working with you on your thought processes to enable you to make the highest and wisest choices. Be prepared to expand and develop your personal spirituality in new and exciting ways and look for opportunities to creatively express yourself from the heart.  Use your natural interests, talents and personality to bring joy and upliftment to others.” [Sacred Scribes]

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12 Road / EB – Dawning of Creation: Day 12 of 13


On 7 Deer/MANIK the daily journal online reached the end. This is the Beginning, After. I’ll provide links to the daily Journal written the last round, and there are more to find from the search feature. It feels easier to understand as what’s going on, and you can discern the higher perspective that turns it around through the calendar.

Here’s the last journal for 12 Road/EB Search “12 Road” for journals written before.

THIS IS THE JOURNAL AFTER, I STOPPED. I’m still  Counting days, but turning to resources I’ve been wanting to work on, like replacing some of the resources lost, when 4-AHAU.COM disappeared. (THANK YOU 4-AHAU.COM for what you offered and help me remember.) I stopped to see what could happen “AFTER.” This is now the real life. I’m not teaching. Just showing you the real life of trying to figure it out.

12 Road / EB

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The first trecena of the Tzolk’in round has always been mixed with a little dread. If the light/dark pattern exists on one scale, it exists equally on on the scales of Time. THIS IS THE, THE, THE, most mentally active cycle. Like the Dawn of an Awakening to a new life.

I haven’t figured out a reference to know, which is a light or dark Tzolk’in round. Pay attention. Last Year felt like a very dark round. All signs so far say this is a Round of Light. That doesn’t mean it gets easier. Extremes lie at both ends of every scale.

I’ve never seen some of the darkness pressing my boundaries from the outside.

PRETTY SURE this is a LIGHT YEAR. THIS Time feels like PRIMARY LESSONS that carry a lot of weight.

On 10 Dog/OC, we were raised to claim the Truth that we were given “man’s Best friend.” The Dog’s Best Friend is the Monkey (Chuen). On 11 Monkey/CHUEN our Higher Mind was tuned to Love. There’s always a  higher place to go. In the Ascending steps to the 13th Tone of Answered Prayers. We can claim we’re Blessed. It’s higher to know the Reason Why. If you REALLY KNOW in a tangible way the Truth of Unconditional Love from a Creator Above, There’s a higher way to do everything, like repeating prayers to the Holy, Holy, Holy, and the Divine Aum 3 times.

The first time ANYTHING new happens, that’s the question – what happened? Sometimes we immediately see what we could have done better. I think I know why Tesla walked around the house 3 times before going in. You have to walk around the house to know it. (In your mind… take a stroll before you go in, like you really went in the door. See it all. Then, that’s the 1st round. Do all three. It’s a secret for those who choose to try it.

Tone 12 is about our Highest Human comprehension. It’s like being a child and someone says a stove is hot and  you know  it. But, then YOU REALLY KNOW IT when you had to get too close. Comprehension is a Divine Hand that can take any experience or thought and shine a light on it.

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11 Monkey / CHUEN – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 11 of 13


On 7 Deer/MANIK the daily journal online reached the end. This is the Beginning, After. I’ll provide links to the daily Journal written the last round, and there are more to find from the search feature. It feels easier to understand as what’s going on, and you can discern the higher perspective that turns it around through the calendar.

My last journal on: 11 Monkey/CHUEN, February 8, 2021
Search “11 Monkey” for more.
February 2021 I was dreaming of Life AFTER COVID vaccine, like the end of solitary confinement. We were stopped one more time, to see the BIG PICTURE.


Greetings Beloved Kin,

11 Monkey / CHUEN

These past days have felt like a primary school lesson, or at least I’m using them that way. Since, AFTER, I was invited by a REAL Human Being to their home. It’s never happened here. (Once I had 50 friends come over for a football party in KC – just sayin. But, I guess I was normal and wholly going along then.)

My back went out – every possible thing that could hold me from walking out the door. Though, we listen and hear one another on the phone. We met long ago through work. Every suggestion we make to each other, is like something the other is excited to know about. We’re the same, but GRATEFUL for our differences we can share. And, SHE sees the cups and saucers at the invisible tea party. A FRIEND. Immediately after. There’s been a couple of emails… but, still hard to fathom.

So,  BOTTOM LINE – I’m still afraid to go out the door, evidently. I was given EVERY POSSIBLE excuse – that was real. I’ll spare you the 70 year old archetype who details every physical affliction between me and my cat. The WEIRD one that caught my attention  was  getting the hair curling blow dryer tangled, SO BAD I thought I’d just have to cut it out. I FELT the “cry and give up” moment coming. Then, I thought, I could turn this into a cycle, with a beginning and an end – that I’m going to push through. So, I decided, I would finish without cutting, however long it took. It was FINISHED.

I knew exactly where to find the address. Same story, different cycle.

I wasn’t so “collected” while this was going on. I was near tears from launch from the bathroom hair incident. In fact, I had to  give up 1/2 block before the destination. And when she texted to find me and ask where – I texted back, “at the f@#&ing Community Church.”  Then, what have I done. I haven’t had anyone I would allow to hear me do that. What will her husband think of me now? The blessing I found out later, was that they were laughing about it.

I FEEL like I’m in primary school – kindergarden – after  18 months isolation, and 10 years without a physical here BFF kind of friend. I was so afraid of screwing it up… my big chance. (From the outside, I show up like my journals – calm, collected, seem to know what I’m  doing. LOLOL

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10 Dog / OC – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 10 of 13


On 7 Deer/MANIK the daily journal online reached the end. This is the Beginning, After. I’ll provide links to the daily Journal written the last round, and there are more to find from the search feature. It feels easier to understand as what’s going on, and you can discern the higher perspective that turns it around through the calendar.

My last journal on 9 Offering/MULUC: 9 Offering/MULUC, February 6, 2021
Search “9 Offering” for more. 
February 2021 I was dreaming of Life AFTER COVID vaccine, like the end of solitary confinement. We were stopped one more time, to see the BIG PICTURE.


10 Dog / OC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

It’s the day for Manifestation. And, I’m excited as a Dog to share as LITTLE as possible with you!

You’ll be happy, when you know the unknown. The first word count was 4044. Aren’t you GLAD you don’t have to read THAT!  I walked around a couple of times.

Before I started I wanted to make it short and to the point. It was buried in words. And, when I got to the end, I thought, “So Be it.” But,  then I remembered how I started. So, at the end, I promised fewer words for tomorrow. Then it hit me, it’s a do-over chance right now to create another experience from the same cycle of time.

I’m going to take a wild chance that the Creator can say through my fewest words possible a revelation and the point that mattered the most that I wanted to express… a  whole truth, short and sweet and say it once, for the first time, this way.

To figure out the day, you just notice if the Element of Air makes any sense to see it. You have to LOOK UP, North to see it, literally. And, foremost, you have to care what it means. I know it’s sketchy already – coming from another human being.

Dog’s have to be trained by a Master. A Dog will be what the master trains it to be. The dog is bound to the One for survival.  We think “dog’s life” but unless  they are free, they have sacrificed  ALL CONTROL through a Force of Love and the Beauty of sharing a free life of choices – satisfied by the One – anticipated.

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9 Offering / MULUC – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 9 of 13


On 7 Deer/MANIK the daily journal online reached the end. This is the Beginning, After. I’ll provide links to the daily Journal written the last round, and there are more to find from the search feature. It feels easier to understand as what’s going on, and you can discern the higher perspective that turns it around through the calendar.

My last journal on 9 Offering/MULUC: 9 Offering/MULUC, February 6, 2021
Search “9 Offering” for more.
February 2021 I was dreaming of Life AFTER COVID vaccine, like the end of solitary confinement. We were stopped one more time, to see the BIG PICTURE.


9 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

I’ve had a lot on my mind. I had to speak a hard truth – raise a Hand to say no. The only thing unfinished is the reply. Jean-Jacques posted the song “Hand” and I reblogged, before I realized it was the Heart of the Matter.

Circa 1982-82 (my 33rd year).

The children’s father and I were raising two small children. The transition from a “party of two” to a “family of 4” wasn’t easy.  We relocated to Kansas. It didn’t get better. That’s another story.

I was a Bank Officer, going through a divorce with children, 2 and 4. On the day of the Board Meeting, the Chairman came to my desk and invited me to dinner. I made the kindest apology, mentioning my children. But that “wouldn’t be a problem.” It was going to be the finest restaurant and he would “double-dip” the babysitter. I could only say, I’m sorry, I can’t. The next paycheck was the last.

Everything happened in 1982 – divorce, bankruptcy, cancer and hysterectomy.

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8 Star / LAMAT – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 8 of 13

8 Star / LAMAT



Greetings Beloved Kin,

I never missed you more than yesterday, trying to figure out what comes AFTER. I saw some new possibilities on 7 Deer/MANIK  – the balance of all there is and all that could be.

The COUNT goes on. What I was trying to do, was keep my Human thoughts out of it, and share  the highest thoughts I could hope to hold as the Balance. The Human  Being in me holds thoughts that are unworthy to share. That’s the reason I’m turning to higher hopes and aspirations.

WHAT I CHOOSE FOR THE MOMENT is sharing the Count I’m still keeping, links to the journals you can read about it, say what’s going on with ME – and  let YOU figure out what the aspects mean for yourself. Or instead of reading what was said, you could read to compare a change from one round to Before or After.

The  COOLEST  thing about the calendar and ideas you said were Genius, were the days  I couldn’t think of anything – but sharing what was going on WITH ME, was on the calendar – I just didn’t see it. When  we both saw it again  on  the same day, we BOTH GOT IT on the same day. And you gave ME credit for it.

That wasn’t the Truth. So, now I’m just sharing thoughts. If it sounds passionate, see if it’s the  Element of Fire day. If it’s IMIX, I’m probably talking too much.

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