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6 Road / EB – Miracles of Light: Day 6 of 13


6 Road / EB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 is a Peak Tone that establishes a Rhythm and Pattern of Movement, creating Momentum for Dynamic Developments. Tone 6 is the final step in our new phase of Spiritual Growth. Compared to the energy of a great athlete in motion, all our practice is about to pay off as what began as an effort to change, becomes second nature. We no longer look at our feet. Our focus turns to the finish line.

Road/EB is the Day Sign of Human Destiny. The journey we make through life is the Road of our Destiny. We were born with the Gift to create our Future. Given Free Will, our lives become what we create by Choice. We are ultimately defined by all the Choices we’ve made.

Human is called the “bearer of time.” We must bear the time it takes to Remember. The Aztec Day Sign is Grass/Menalli, that represents the strength of perseverance, to be “as perennial as the Grass.” We’ve pulled up roots in the world to plant them in the realm of Spirit. Road encourages us with the Faith to carry on for a Divine Purpose.

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5 Monkey / CHUEN – Miracles of Light: Day 5 of 13


5 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 offers the Empowerment for our Spiritual Climb. Number 5 represents the Intellect that serves as an organizing force to conceive an application of Spiritual Intention. The energy of 5 represents the center of the cube, that draws what is needed together looking to the core of every situation.

Monkey/CHUEN is gifted for the Intention of Tone 5. Monkey is a creation of Consciousness that loves to learn and explore from its deep sense of curiosity. Monkey’s affinity with Dog is a light-hearted approach. CHUEN loves life for the pleasure of having so many things to learn. Monkey shows us the power we hold when we replace expectations of the outcome with simple curiosity.

When we Believe in Love like the Dog, we know our final destination will be the Joy of Unconditional Love. When we Believe, we’ll use our Consciousness for more than survival. We’ll apply our Spiritual Gifts of Knowing to learn as much as we can. We’ll get “curiouser and curiouser,” as Lewis Carroll’s “Alice and Wonderland.” We will be amazed, seeing how one thing is transformed into another.

Monkey/CHUEN is the Creator known as the Weaver of Time. The glyph illustrates “time rolled up” on the head of the Monkey. As the Master of all Art, Monkey rearranges the threads of our experience into the tapestry of our life. Monkey sees the Beauty in the collection of our experiences. The Monkey is amazed by what it sees. Seeing the magic of transformation, the Monkey believes that anything is possible. Monkey is always excited to see what will happen, because it knows that whatever darkness appears will end in the Light.

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4 Dog / OC – Miracles of Light: Day 4 of 13


4 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 brings the energy to Stabilize a new climb of Spiritual Growth. Related to the cube, the most stable of forms, Tone 4 offers orientation, a sense of direction, and the parameters within we are capable to manifest our Intention. The Deer/MANIK trecena is inspiring us to serve the Whole as an Agent of Divine Authority.

Dog/OC resides with Monkey/CHUEN at the center of the Tzolk’in. Together, they reflect characteristics central to the Creator that were shared with Humanity. The Day Signs guide a way to accomplish each Intention.

Dog/OC is the Day Sign of Unconditional Love, and Monkey/CHUEN is a Creator. Our Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission is to be Creators of Unconditional Love.

4 Dog/OC offers the direction to build a foundation on Love. Residing in the North, the Direction of the Ancestors and our connection to their Wisdom. This is a day to Honor the Old Ones that preserved the Sacred Wisdom that is passed down as our Inheritance.

GLOBAL BURNER DAY:  Burner days mark a release of built-up residual energy that can generate stress that impacts our relationships. The Fire Ceremony is carried out by the Mayan priest for the purpose of restoring Harmony and Balance in the Community. 4 Dog/OC re-establishes the solid ground of Love as our Foundation. Dog/OC demonstrates the Unconditional Love we are meant to share as our Meaning and Purpose.

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3 Offering / MULUC – Miracles of Light: Day 3 of 13


3 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 is the first day of Movement. A Movement in the Direction of our Intention births a Dream into the world of physicality. Intention is our Spirit’s way of Movement as a Vibration with its own Course from Point A to Point B.

The Dreams that stay dreams are the ones we never pursue. We hold back because our Human Mind of Reason doesn’t know all the steps that lead there. Our Spirit Knows the way. From the first step, we’ll be led to the next. The first step is always a Divine “Leap of Faith” toward a Dream we only imagined. We could consider how even our first step is guided by a Divine Inspiration.

Offering/MULUC is a symbol of the Moon and our Emotions. This is a day to Honor our Feelings and the Feelings of others. MULUC will speak to us through the Heart. MULUC is a symbol of Water Everywhere from the Cosmos to our own Tears. Water holds the Ether of Spirit. As a Day Sign that holds the Element of Fire, MULUC reflects the Holiness of All Water. Water imbued with the Ether of Spirit is used in Sacred Ceremony for Blessings and Purification, representing a pouring of the Fire of Spirit and Descending Light. Like the Lightning between the Above and Below, the course of Water is unbridled to follow the path of least resistance.

Offering/MULUC guides us to a surrender. In an Offering of our Self, we give up our resistance to a path that will be guided by Spirit. We make a Human Sacrifice to take Life and our Experiences as they come. We invest an Act of Faith to be drawn by the Power of Spirit… Acknowledging that Divine Spirit was the Source that Inspired the Dream.

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2 Star / LAMAT – Miracles of Light: Day 2 of 13


2 Star / LAMAT

Greetings Kin,

The first two 13-day trecenas of the new Tzolk’in round Awaken the Consciousness of an evolved Spirit of Higher Consciousness. First, Crocodile/IMIX Awakened the Consciousness of Consciousness. Then, Jaguar/IX Awakened the Human mind to the Consciousness of itself as a Being of Spirit through the Wisdom of an Experience.

We Ascended on 13 CIMI, a Sign of Major Life Change. Our Change, a transition from one thing to another, is a result of Movement. The outcome depends on which way we go. The next most important step in the germination of our Seed, is a Choice of Direction. Deer/MANIK is guiding us to Discern a Direction by our Meaning and Purpose for Being.

Tone 2 represents Duality, the Human process of Discernment that compares one thing to another. We discern all our choices by the pros and the cons. We were designed to see the two sides of our self inside and out. We even identify with two minds, the left and right sides of the brain. In the seat of Human Consciousness, half of our brain supports reasoning and the other half was designed for imagination. All parts of our Self reflect the balance between our Human and Spirit Identities. This Subconscious Consciousness of Duality helps us to accept the Truth of our two Identities. Our Human state of mind is “Knowing without Knowing we Know.” Our Spirit Knew from the beginning that it was our First Identity. Turning to Spirit, Human can Know what we already knew as Truth in the realm of Spiritual Consciousness.

Part of Human’s Consciousness of Duality is seeing ourselves as separated from the Whole. Our Spirit saw us as One and the Same. The Human sees all the ways we are different. By Human Nature, we begin the process of Knowing our Self by comparing ourselves to what our Human eyes see of each other. Even Human’s “Reasoning” can be challenged when we consider the pointlessness of this comparison, when it’s obvious that every single one of us is different. (Somewhere inside us, we Know we are One.)

The Deer/MANIK trecena will guide us to Define Our Self by our Meaning and Purpose. The True Discernment of our Identity and Character is the comparison between what we were Intended to Become, and how closely we are carrying out our True Meaning and Purpose. This is a Divine comparison that Human can make that maintains the Integrity of Harmony with the Whole.

Star/LAMAT is the Day Sign that identifies Human as a Personification of Light. Our Spark of Divine Light was given the Power to generate its own Light. Different than the Moon, a reflection of Light, we were created to Shine on our own. As the firstborn of a Supreme Creator, symbolized as the Sun, we were created in the same image.

Tone 2 holds the Intention to Choose our Direction. To be led by our Meaning and Purpose we must first “Know Thyself.”  Only through this Realization of Self, can we stand like the Deer and “to thine Own Self be True.”

From this Identity, we can Discern a Divine Direction. The orbit of Venus reflects the two places that it resides for 260 days. It exists at the Dawning in proximity to the Sun. Like our Awakening of Consciousness, in the realm of Spirit we only saw the One Light of All. In the Human realm, we reside as the Evening Star in the darkness where we can identify our own Light. 2 Star/LAMAT can Multiply to Abundance the Discernment of our own Light.

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1 Deer / MANIK – Miracles of Light: Day 1 of 13


1 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13-Days…

We begin a new trecena of “Light” that will Inspire a Dream to fulfill our Life’s Mission and Purpose. Deer/MANIK, also known as Hand, is a symbol of Human’s role as the Creator’s Divine Hand in the world.

The MANIK glyph illustrates the hand that grasps the Ether of Spirit between the forefinger and the thumb. The thumb reflects the strength of the Human Will, the digit of our Authority. The forefinger (the pointer) represents a discernment of Direction. The Circle is the “eye of the Deer” that Vigilantly Observes the 4 Directions.

By applying our Human Will and the Gift of Divine Discernment, we can be Connected to a Source of Divine Guidance. Our movement in the world can be directed by an Almighty Authority.

Deer/MANIK is the Day Sign that holds every Spiritual Tool. MANIK helps us to see our Human limitations so that a Spiritual Tool is created to meet every need. As a Day Sign of the West, MANIK will call our Consciousness to our Experience of the Unknown. The more we are willing to see our weakness, the more we will be blessed with Spiritual Tools.

Deer/MANIK’s most used tool is Vigilance. Deer stands silently in its own Truth, observing the landscape in all 4 directions. MANIK is said to uphold the Pillars of Consciousness in every direction of our life. Following the path of the Deer, we will learn many ways that we can Stand in our Own Truth, and uphold the Pillars of Divine Consciousness for the Whole.

There are 4 Global Burner Days in the 260-day round of the Tzolk’in, a burner for each of the Seasons. Burner Days represent a release of residual energies… a clearing and purification. The Mayan priest performed the Sacred Fires that would draw the community back together into Right Relationship. On the days leading up to a Burner Day, we can experience the stress of too much energy. 4 Dog/OC holds potential for a release on the Tone 4 of Stability. See the 13-day Trecena Guide for more information.

PORTAL DAYS: Element of Ether
Portal days thin the veil to Spiritual Dimensions and elevate our Awareness to our own Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Knowing. 13 Storm/CAUAC is the one Portal Day in the Deer/MANIK trecena. The Lightning of CAUAC connects Heaven and Earth, Body and Soul. A Portal will magnify a connection to “Lightning Energy” at our Ascension to a Higher Purpose.

PEAK DAYS: Peak Experience, Peak Performance

  • 6 Road/EB – momentum for dynamic developments on the Road of our Destiny
  • 7 Reed/BEN – balancing the Light Above and the Light Below
  • 8 Jaguar/IX – a transformation through a new Awakening of our Spiritual Gifts
  • 9 Eagle/MEN – a transformation completed through a Spiritual Gift of Higher Vision

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13 Transformer / CIMI – Ascension: Day 13


13 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher Consciousness of Spirit. Our Ascension is accomplished by a Human Choice to Remember our Identity in Spirit.

Ascension doesn’t “happen to us.” We Ascend by aligning our thoughts with the Consciousness of the Creator. Through Intention we Ascend in incremental steps – one trecena at a time, and one Truth at a time.

Ascension is an all-encompassing influence in the realms of Mind, Body, and Spirit that Transforms our perspective. The world isn’t changed. The way we see it is changed. As Above, So Below. As we are Transformed to see a world of Beauty, a new world of Beauty will manifest itself.

Transformer/CIMI is the sign of a Major Life Change. The CIMI glyph illustrates the face of death as the reminder that something always dies as something new is born. Our Ascension from the Jaguar/IX trecena is a permanent change in the way we see our Self and our Life Experience. We are born into a new life as we die to an old way of being. We Ascend by Seeing what can never be Unseen again.

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