JOURNEY TO PEACE: Women Wage Peace

Israel’s largest grassroots movement holds historic JOURNEY TO PEACE

Today, October 8, 2017, tens of thousands of Israeli women from across the political spectrum, demanding a diplomatic agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, will join thousands of Palestinian women near the Dead Sea in a Tent of Reconciliation for the descendants of Sarah and Hagar followed by a mass rally in Jerusalem

In September 2017, tens of thousands of women from Women Wage Peace began a journey of hope and peace in order to voice their uncompromising demand for the resolution of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict through a political agreement and the inclusion of women in the negotiation process. The JOURNEY TO PEACE, led by Women Wage Peace, currently numbers over 25,000 Israeli members and 45,000 FB supporters world wide – began on September 24.

“In the world in which we are living, peace will be possible only when women with integrity and hope will stand up for their right to be concerned about the future of their children.” (Leymah Gbowee, a Liberian leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate)

May we support their Dream with our thoughts and prayers.

To learn more, visit: Journey to Peace – press release, 2 october 2017 | Women Wage Peace

To see the schedule of events, visit:

in lak’ech, Debra

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