Lo Siento

Dawn, October 29, 2018

I hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Last night a buttery Moon was shining thru drifting clouds against a navy blue sky. Casting a reddish glow around it into purple. It looked like a moon you imagine for Halloween, only beautiful instead of scary.

Taking it all in on the balcony in silence, I became conscious of the living moment. The waves in their rhythm and wind joined in sympathy, together sounded like the living song of the Mother’s heart.

Now that I know it, I can imagine a song of a different arrangement I can listen for when I get back home. In the Pacific Northwest I imagine wind singing through the trees.

What a miracle to hear the song so clearly so I can always remember it is always playing wherever we are when we turn our thoughts to Mother Earth.

So was human given breath to sing through the heart. Listen to the song that can heal our hearts.

There was one bright star shining thru the clouds. I discovered it was The Auriga Constellation’s brightest star, Capella. It represents the charioteer, and the Shepherd of the goats ( aka Goat Star). The classic representation shows the Shepherd holding the Mother goat, plus 2 of her kids in his arms. The constellation holds the Flaming Star Nebula. I couldn’t place it by sight and found it’s something too far away to see from the USA, making it even more special.

The Earth shines such beauty here, also through the people. Seeing and acknowledging the exchanges of love makes me wonder how we could ever accept such an illusion of fear. It is SO Not True. There is such caring collaboration here, an example for us all. One purchase at the market, and I was urged on to the vendor’s “best friend.” It was just the same when we crossed the border from Arizona. I was afraid to come here at first. The energy feels like the most pleasant oasis on Earth.

May we receive the Love that Mother Earth is always singing, and sing our own song of love from the heart.

May we always be the shining light of hope, and be healed by Forgiveness.

Love, in lek’ech


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