Sacred Medicine Wheel Tradition: Minisa’s Breath on the Season

Minisa’s Fall Equinox photo of Keyhole Light on the Medicine Wheel, 2018

A Breath of 1 Wind/IK – Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Greetings Kin,
A fire will be Kin-dled. Bring your emptiness and fullness of the season in quietness and peacefulness into the reception chamber of all matter to observe and sit together, with the season.

Offer what you have or what spirit suggests … these breath offerings are designed to feed and nourish all sentient and insentient beings, including ourselves, through intent. It is through these things, thoughts, and actions we come to more deeply know ourselves and nourish the intent of this unified ‘knowing’ of ourselves within the structure of the Medicine Wheel Teachings.

Like minded community furthers each person’s opportunity to both see clearly and to be seen clearly, a deeply held blessing of knowingness that can further happiness and calm and to develop a growing sense of compassionate detachment and loving kindness in the context of the seasons and the natural world … these first, most beautiful and lasting gifts from the Creator, are for us and all beings to live upon and within, all days, all ways, in balance and harmony. AHO!

Prepare to enter three circles of spirit energy, beginning now, as you approach the ceremonial grounds, from your personal central tree of integrity. We are the new myth makers, done from where we sit, stand or lay, be we a physical part of this circle or not.

See Complete Teaching on Minisa’s Dawn Woman Blog.

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