Sacred Ceremony Today: The Hearth and Heart of Wind/IK

The Longhouse where Spirits Gather on the land where Minisa lives in Mounds, Oklahoma

Today, Spirits Gather for Sacred Ceremony at the Longhouse, a designated place of Holy Ground in Oklahoma.

November 4, 2018, 2PM – “for today’s Longhouse gathering… where we bring our hearts, minds bodies and spirits together in a spirit of balance and harmony.” Those who will gather in the realm of physicality will sing and drum prayers of Love and Harmony, share in the teaching of the sacred mysteries, and join together in the Celebration Feast in gratitude for the Miracle. Timing for the gathering is drawn by intentions of the Global Burner and the ceremonies that draw the Whole into the Heart of Right Relationship.

Spirits sharing the Highest Intention are welcome to connect with this Time and Place of Prayers for the Whole sent through the Vibrations of Mother Earth and carried by the Air of Wind/IK. Ask permission in Spirit to come in the Highest Respect for a Communion of Divine Spirit. In silence within your own center, come in your imagination to the place where prayers will be extended for the Harmony and Happiness of the Whole. Come to the place where the sounds of the Mother echo through the beat of the drum.

May we offer our own prayers paid forward for the Sacred Work that is being shared, that its Vibration of Love be Rippled through the Whole as a Miracle of releasing a life that was before, to begin again in Peace and Harmony and Love for each other and the Natural World.

May we receive through Spirit the Power of the Ceremony, the Power of the Wisdom that is shared, and the Joy of the Celebration feast that will be laid out before them on behalf of the Whole.

in lak’ech, Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

I am not qualified to define this place and the Spirit that resides within. I can only share my own experience of this place as a Living Spirit and Oracle for Discernment. The acoustics within it magnify the sounds and vibrations of the drum and sacred songs, and breath and movement offered here, since it was manifested into creation nearly 2 decades ago. Many sacred ceremonies have been held in this “kiva” place, and reside there among eternal memories. This is a place dedicated ONLY for Sacred Ceremony, built for a soul/sole purpose of Communion of Spirit… Holy Ground by Sacred Intention.

To be in communion with this place, only requires that you come with respect and the asking for permission to BE THERE, like the Jaguar would visit – silently, in stealth from worldly eyes, in the invisibility of Spirit, in gratitude and appreciation for the Love and Spirit that will disseminate from this center of Being.

Sacred Consciousness in the Creation and use of all Spiritual Tools magnifies the Power and Magic it pays back through the Sacred Intention of its Creation to be used in a Divine way. I’m sharing below the drum that Minisa was creating this Summer, along with the Breath that defines the thoughts of its creation.

The Summer Drum design is now blocked in with the 4 sacred berries, the strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry.

The inside rim is painted blue for the circle of spirit.

The drum head is anchored by four principle cords which represent the four directions of the Medicine Wheel Speaks: the Heartbeat of Our Mother Earth



~ Minisa (Pronouced: Min ‘Ee Sah)

The Sacred Drum is manifested by Divine Intention invested in its creation. If you are drawn to the Inspiration of making your own drum, following is a source and inspiration shared by Minisa.

You might choose to sit with the materials for a time to invest thought in the design, making and Intention. If you have questions about the time necessary to allocate to the process, I know Minisa would be happy to answer those questions. It’s a creation that requires a dedicated Spiritual and Physical effort of Intention.

It begins to feel like things are moving quickly and seriously, but it isn’t really that way..there will be more time than there feels like to complete working with the rawhide, but, get ready…you will raise a sweat and breathe rapidly..hehe

There is nothing like playing your own drum. You may order their drum stick separately or make one yourself from found wood here on the land or elsewhere.”

My suggested choice is: SKU 002-1012
I chose unbleached elkhide and a maple stick.
Good drum dreams to you,

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