Jaguar Spirit Wesak Moon Ceremony: MAY 7-8, 2020

Invitation: Jaguar Spirit Wesak Moon Ceremony

On the 2019 Wesak Moon I gathered an offering of roses, rhododendron blooms, berries, colored sprinkles, and a corn doll. The offering was released from the cloth into the water. The blessing of incoming tide immediately returned it to shore. Mother Earth will share a Sign that YOU WILL see, that your Offering of Love has been Seen and Acknowledged.

The Wesak Moon is known as the “high water mark” of Spirit, a Time to receive the Highest Blessing of Illumination. It’s also called the “Full Flower Moon.” During the 8 minutes to the Moon’s rise over the Himalayas, a Sacred Ceremony is held by priests in the highest valley where Buddha pours out the blessings of Living Light – a transformation of Holy Water. The event is celebrated in many ways around the world.

For your consideration I am inviting those who would like to join together for Sacred Ceremony. You can join in Spirit, or participate together with your own way to carry it out. The most basic tradition is to release our Highest Prayers with an offering of flowers to living water.

Last year was my first time to observe this holiday. I carried my offering to the shores of Puget Sound. It was a quiet Time and Place for my own thoughts and prayers, sharing my gratitude for Mother Earth. The blessings of that ceremony have upheld my pillars of faith throughout the year.

The Elders always say there are many ways to accomplish the same thing. You may not have the ways or means to buy flowers or have access to a body of moving water. Though your Spirit is a Flower and YOU are a body of Living Water. ALL Sacred Ceremony can be carried out in every realm of Being. It will be as meaningful in Spirit, when you use your imagination to See the Ceremony from its beginning to end.

The Wesak Moon falls between May 7-8, 2020, depending where you are. It’s unlikely we could all be present at the same moment. God gave us ALL Time and ALL Possibility. We don’t have to say our prayers at the same moment, to hold the Consciousness of that prayer all day long. It is a Blessing to Remember. ALL Sacred Ceremony is a Blessing as a Movement of Prayer that creates a Divine Vibration.

You are invited to celebrate in the Consciousness of a Sacred Circle we share as hearts that were connected, reaching for the One. You are invited to observe Your Sacred Ceremony in Your Way. The Highest teaching I took to heart was one of the first inspirations shared by Hopi/Tewa shaman, Joseph Rael, “Beautiful Painted Arrow.” As a leader of many on the indigenous path his advice was, “Don’t try to emulate me. Create your own myths.” I knew the Truth of Integrity in the declaration that ALL our ways are Divine. We don’t have to believe anything except our Own Truth of a God of Unconditional Love to claim that God intended ALL ways to be Divine – and Our Way is the Expression that comes directly from our own Heart. Human is given the Power to claim what is Sacred, and what is Sacred to us is Sacred to the Holy, Holy, Holy, and a Divine Offering.

There are no rules, only an Intention to hold the consciousness of a shared-experience. Together, we will unite to uphold the pillars of Our Own Faith, Knowing our Blessings are given on behalf of the Whole. Your Sacred Ceremony could be carried out as a work of Art to have and to hold.

If you would like to share your experience, your prayer, or a photo from your experience, I will be happy to share it here. If your way is to participate invisibly in Spirit, the blessing will be shared by all who turn their thoughts this way. I intend prayers for the Whole, remembering those that pass by here with a blessing for all the Love you’ve brought into my life. My prayer is that it will return to you, Given Back by a Divine Creator who believes in Your Love to multiply Your Blessings to Abundance.

The time draws near. The Wesak Moon falls on the Peak of our climb, 7 Jaguar/IX. Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of our Divine Spirit, and the “earth magic” born of Love for Mother Earth. On Tone 7 the Jaguar is positioned in it’s Divine Place – the second inner room, before the Holy of Holies. To enter in for the Blessing, our Heart will know through Gratitude “all that is.” The Mother feels the Heartbeat. We will share the Oneness with Her Heart when we bring the Offering of Beauty to “Give Back.”


There is so much Beauty in the synchronicity of this Season of double Super Moons, double eclipses. The plan was to start our prayers two months in advance and we HAVE been holding the thoughts in our consciousness to look forward to a Blessing in the future.

The Light of Kulkulkan that descends on the calendar pyramid of Chichen Itza, fell on 10 CHICCHAN. CHICCHAN is Kulkulkan/Quetzalcoatl. And, Tone 10 is the day of Manifestation. The descent of the Feathered Serpent of Light was marked as a Manifestation of Divine Illumination. That was the first light.

On Easter, the calendar was sychronized as 8 Offering/MULUC that symbolizes the Zenith Light and the Offering of Salvation. The Peak Day of Transformation marked the Divine Justice of a Living Sacrifice.

Now, the Wesak Moon falls on the Highest Consciousness of Spirit, aligned with the Highest Places of Consciouisness. Through an Offering we EXPRESS the Gratitude of the Jaguar that manifests the Truth from Above. 7 Jaguar/IX lies at the threshold of Spirit and in the Perfect Balance between the Above and the Below.

The world needs ALL our prayers. God can transform the Beauty into a Blessing to the Heart for the Whole. We ARE One. Don Alejandro, the Highest Mayan Priest shared the Truth that we are One, like the fingers of the same Hand. In the shared-consciousness of Sacred Ceremony, God sees the Light and multiplies to abundance a blessing to the Whole. Our prayers matter. God believes in us. Those who hold faith are aligned for the Highest Blessing of Believing.

A flowering moon and the Dance of Spring, by Minisa Crumbo (1 Wind/IK) from the Inspiration of Spirit from the Beauty of Life on Mother Earth

We begin the final Ascension of the Tzolk’in round on May 1, 1 Star/LAMAT. LAMAT is the cauldron of Love that Overflows, marked by the Rabbit as the Power of “Instant Manifestation” of Love that is the “object of affection.” Mother Earth is the One that has loved us and nurtured our Life from the beginning. In the North, the Haab Year Bearer of this cycle of planetary transformation is 9 Earth/CABAN. Tone 9 always marks the Completion of the Holy, Holy, Holy, the 3+3+3 that can be expressed by an exponential value – 3 x 3. The “X” is a symbol of exponential value – a Divine Effect born of a Divine Cause. From the Highest cycle we share as a year of Solar Light, the Divine Intention of 9 Earth/CABAN is to Complete Humanity’s Sacred Exchange – Seeing and Acknowledging all the Gifts. Earth offers Time for the Experience of Life, the nourishment of Life, and the Truth of Earth as a Blessing of Beauty from the micro to the macro. It’s time to come to the Mother’s knee to express our Love and Appreciation through the Gratitude of an Offering. Many Divine Signs point to a Time and Place for a Blessing of Atonement.

I don’t need anything from you to gather you in to the Blessing. When the ceremony is completed, it would be a blessing to the whole, if you only wanted to share the Time and Place of your offering.

I’m grateful for a Community of Light that has upheld the pillars of my faith through a communion of Divine Intentions. You have been a Light to me as a Divine Light that is shining for the Whole.

As you consider your way and your choice, the Eagle/MEN trecena will guide us to reach for our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations. On the Wesak Moon, our Highest Dreams will receive the Highest Blessing of God’s Light and the Illumination of Divine Love. Some set a vessel of water outside on the days leading up to the event, to be present in the moment for a transformation to Holy Water. Tammy reminded me that we are all vessels of Water. The Blessings is poured out for the Whole.

Your way will be the Most Beautiful as the way that is guided by your heart.

Holding prayers of Consciousness to feel the gratitude of the Blessing that waits in the future, that will Change us through the Power of Divine Spirit.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN



4 thoughts on “Jaguar Spirit Wesak Moon Ceremony: MAY 7-8, 2020

  1. I’m in! From the far west, floating in the great Pacific, gifting the floral essence and magic of the Islands…to hold hands in ceremony with the All That Is – which includes all of it, right? with so much Aloha, en lak’ech – be in the Light, always. Blessings!

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  2. Yes! I am in too and have been preparing for over a month now with my own little ceremonies asking that all blocks will be removed for all to reach their highest consciousness~ including Mother Earth! Will make my offering of flowers following receiving Buddha’s Wesak Gift during meditation at the time of Wesak when The Buddha returns to Earth at the Wesak Valley and out pours his Blessing during the 8 minutes of the total full moon (this year between 1 and 4 am May 7 PST) to humanity. Charged with the Blessing, I will be joining with Jaguar Spirit and sharing my gift to the river here in the Willamette National Forest sending the Love and Light to All! In Lak’ech! Thank you Debra! Many Blessings to all!

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