God’s Mysterious Ways

A Miracle of Love Next Door

Emerging from Kulkulkan, the Feathered Serpent that shares the “sixth sense of the heart.”

Greetings Beloved Kin,

I claim a Divine Revelation – not a coincidence – to discover on 6 Sun/AHAU that I moved 2,000 miles next-door to a family from Guatemala. We’ve been slowly establishing relationship through the children. They shared their friendly greetings in the mornings when they came out to walk the dog.

About two weeks ago we shared a tragedy. We were all outside when the children’s laughter turned to wails and tears. Gucci, the dog, had just passed before their eyes. It cut like a knife. The children were hustled inside. There were no words to express the heartbreak.

From my pile of art supplies I had polymer clay and ball chain to create some simple paw-print pendants to hold and remember. Few words were needed, when they were delivered with a food offering for the hard weekend.

Today, I found them mowing my front yard. That was our first conversation to learn they come from the place that shares the Wisdom of the Mayan calendars. God erected a “standing stone” from the “sixth sense of the Heart.”

The Word says, “Love thy neighbor.”

I Count the Blessing of Right Relationship (times 9) on behalf of the whole.

love, in lak’ech


8 thoughts on “God’s Mysterious Ways

  1. Dear Debra:Hope you are well. Are you in Guatemala? Where? Until when will you be here? Would you be able to travel to Honduras? I would love to meet with you. I could travel to Guatemala too. Love, Lorena By phone is: (504)33900013

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