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Spiritual Tool: Language of the Runes

Greetings Beloved Kin,

I was inspired to learn something about the Runes. There are only 24 in the basic set. I figured the angles had to have something to do with it, and they are easy understand. Straight lines are absolute things. Curvy lines may be matters that require a human choice. Two lines represent the Spirit’s journey from the lower to the higher realm. (Left, the spirit side and Right, the Human side.) In between the lines is our Center within. That’s what I’m going on for now.

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A Divine Father in our Corner

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Imagine having a Divine Father standing in your corner. All the planets are parading by for each one’s turn. 

This morning I saw the line-up while the Moon was crossing it’s zenith. I’m not sure if I could see Mercury, but surely Venus. So, on one side, Saturn, used to be a symbol of Highest Authority – a task master. Astrology only describes the aspects of our Human experience, when we’re impacted by the geomagnetic forces of the Universe. From another perspective, Saturn is like a huge lead ball rolling across the other edge of the bed… where you have to cling to the edge to keep from rolling in to him. We have to lean in to stand straight. They say that when Saturn leaves it’s 2 year stay in your birth sign, a gift is left behind. No doubt, you could feel light as air, just standing straight. (That’s for anyone who’s enduring Saturn for 2 years.)

Our Brightest Sign is the Sun, the symbol of a  Supreme Creator and a Warrior who’s capable of everything. AND, we’re Loved without ANY CONDITIONS AT ALL! What if you had a Father as big as life in your corner, to teach you every step of the way? No one would mess with that kid. 🙂 

Plus, if you do your work first, then you can ask for your heart’s desire, and it will be his pleasure to give it – only better than you dreamed!  You can ask for ANYTHING worthy of the whole, if you just give him a hand when he cleans the garage. 

NOW IS THE TIME and A Divine Father holds your Highest Interests at Heart.

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6 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Walking in the Light: Day 6 of 13

“Newton’s Cradle”

Greetings Beloved Kin, The Creator is the Highest  Authority for the Universal Laws of Creation. The Year Bearer 11 Deer/MANIK symbolizes the Hand Below, in service to the Highest One Above. Through Vigilant Consciousness in Divine Service, MANIK grasps hold of the thread of Ether that connects to a Divine Circuit of power above. The  Golden Rule is the way  of Right Relationship all around, Above, and Below.

In the trecena guided by a Divine Father, we’re the child in the first season of our new life. Sun/AHAU is the Master of Everything. A Divine Father would teach the way – and follow the rules. From that perspective, the Golden Rule is the “good ole boy” rule – “You help me and I’ll help you.” Only, the Creator’s Hand holds power beyond our imagination. It’s always Human’s Time to give back.

Universal Laws of Spirit aren’t hard to understanding and make Sense to the Whole. Everyone can agree that you should do your homework before you go out to  play. Creation can be as easy as play when we’ve done our homework. It can be hard to let go of our need for another Human Being to understand.  That’s one reason it’s hard to let go. The Choice is the hard work. Once you dedicate yourself to  a Divine Intention, the Creator will make it all downhill from their. At least that’s what I experienced yesterday. As soon as I was willing to Ask for help, simple answer was given, and then I had a Divine Inspiration. We don’t always have to wait long for the Creator to Answer, and the Highest One knows exactly what the best answer will be.

love, in lak’ech,


The journal BEFORE, for After:

Published: June 27, 2020 (06/27/2020)
6 Serpent/CHICCHAN, Destiny Kin 45 


6 Serpent / CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

“Serpent power is vital energy, the moving force, the instinct and desire for creativity, the trigger that sets off the action. It lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself.”
~ Cherokee Calendar

Peak Tone 6 holds the Intention of Flow. The Movement of our thoughts of Intention gain Momentum through a Rhythm and Pattern of Movement. By Divine Design we create patterns of movement in the process of creation. In the 6th Hour, we streamline a process for our Highest Production. Tone 6 is a wave of thought through which we Conceive the Vision of a Higher Outcome at the end.

Tesla claimed that all the Power of the Universe could be known through the numbers 3, 6, and 9. Each number is based on an exponential power of the Number 3. Trinity is created by 2 working in alignment as One, manifesting a Force of Power greater than the Sum of the parts.

By Divine Design the Seed was given the Darkness and the Light as a means through which to Conceive a Higher or Lower Intention of Movement. As Beings of Duality, from the Wisdom of One thing we can know an Unlimited Number of “other things.” Sometimes it takes a Divine Inspiration to Realize what we already know. Wisdom IS the Conscious Application of what we Know is True.

When Human discovered the wheel, we acquired Wisdom of Accelerated Movement. If we tracked the Divine Inspiration forward through Time, the wheel was an early step in learning how to Fly. Momentum is a Force within our Divine Design that keeps us thinking along a train of thought. It’s COMMON for Human Beings to make a new discovery of Truth, then begin to imagine ALL the applications.

Sun/AHAU is leading a cycle of Divine Revelations of Truth for Unlimited Possibilities of application. By Divine Design, our thoughts are being guided to New and Higher Ends of our own Creation. 6 Serpent/CHICCHAN is an exponential Force of Conscious that manifests the Truth of a Divine Trinity and a Power beyond Human limitation.

Serpent/CHICCHAN represents Kulkulkan, Quetzelcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. Like the “Diving God,” CHICCHAN holds the Intention of Descending Light. CHICCHAN Lights the Fuse that empowers ALL our Divine Gifts of Knowing. CHICCHAN offers the Gift of “lightning in the blood,” the Sixth Sense of the Maya that is a Sense of Knowing through the Heart. CHICCHAN can “bestir the blood to speak” as the Kundalini energy that moves from the Root Chakra to the Crown. CHICCHAN ignites a Channel of Light between the Above and the Below.

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The Collective “Way it is”

Harder than it looks, Debra Malmos

Greetings Beloved Kin,

We share a very hard road. It’s easy to get caught up in “just the way it is.” That’s how we go along, when we see the scale of the matter. Spirit has brought forward the vibration of colors on a microscopic scale. The power of the totem Hummingbird (a symbol of the Sun) is a light of healing to small things. Small things can matter when they are a thorn in our paw, working around a disability that could be fixed if we addressed it. 

A photon of Light passes right through us because it is a very tiny thing. We are being guided from within during this 1st season of the Tzolk’in. We’re newborns – half the point is knowing a Divine Provision for everything we need. A tiny thing can be life-changing, a huge thing, but we never looked twice. Remember, a Divine Mother has eyes in the back of her head. Vigilance is also an aspect of the primordial Mother with claws. It’s her duty in the 1st season.

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6 Road / EB – A Collective Spirit

The Beauty of Spirit

Beauty isn’t defined by form, function, or the perfection of any expression, but manifested by the Power of the Intention behind it. Love is an intention that speaks louder than words. The Truth of Love always lies within, through one expression or another.

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6 Road / EB – A Mission of Love: Day 6 of 13

The Journal Before, for After

6 Road/EB (aka Human), Destiny Kin 32  
Published: June 14, 2020 (06/14/2020)

6 Road / EB

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 6 holds the Intention of Flow. Tone 6 engages the Momentum through a rhythm and pattern of movement. We have one more step to the top of the pyramid. We feel the Power to reach a New Summit. 6 symbolizes the power of 3 + 3, a Trinity Above and Below working in Unity for a Divine Cause. For every Choice we make for Love, we are moving with the Divine Flow instead of swimming against the tide.

Dog/OC and Monkey/CHUEN guide our Consciousness to the 2 Highest Spiritual Tools we were given to Create the Masterpiece of our Love. The Love of a Divine Creator is the Power Great enough to heal our Human emotions. The Highest One of ALL will always understand. Letting go of our worldly expectations to turn to an altar, we would always know we were Sacred to the Highest Authority of Light, Love, and Happiness. Worldly happiness can be clearly seen as only a matter of Time when we KNOW our Intentions are aligned, Above and Below.

Road/EB is also known as Human. EB holds Position 12, symbolizing Humanity as the 12 tribes, 12 disciples, and 12 constellation. Number 12 is 2 Below and 1 Above. Through a Choice of Human Will to follow the 1 Above, the 12 manifests the 13. 13 symbolizes the Power of Theurgy, Human’s ability, through ritual and sacred ceremony, to call upon a Divine Agency to Intervene in Human affairs. Through our Choice to Follow a path of Love and Forgiveness, we will Know our footsteps are guided from Above.

EB represents Human’s Road of Destiny. As a witness to Love on behalf of the Supreme Creator, the Journey is our Destiny. Our Lifetime will tell our story from its beginning to the Divine End. At the Delta, all the worldly matters will fall away and all that will be left is the Light of our Spirit. Love is the Divine Creation of Beauty that is never forgotten. Through every Divine Intention to Love, we manifest an Eternal Life. Love holds the power of its Momentum to connect the Circle of Life.

Road/EB is a Day to Honor Humanity and the Saq’Be’ the Sacred Road, a Human calendar within. All living things were given a course of Live that fulfills a Divine Meaning and Purpose To Be. The Truth of Identity is written within the Seed. A bird will always live and be a bird. A Monarch butterfly will always know its way. Human Beings are Sacred, given the Consciousness of Love and the Sacred Right of Choice. We were given the Spiritual Tools to transcend our Human Nature to manifest the Life of a Divine Human Being. Such a Divine End wasn’t left to chance. We were given a path through which to manifest our Expression of Love. The Masterpiece of Human Creation is a Life guided by Choices that fulfill the Highest Meaning and Purpose To Be.

The glyph illustrates a Human with the Road of Destiny on Human’s head. The Choice is up to us. Every Choice we make to Love and Forgive will mark a Milestone along the way when, through a living sacrifice of Love, we Know we are Seen and Acknowledged in the Light of the Creator’s Love. With every Choice to call upon a Divine Agency, we will Know the Truth of Answered Prayers. Through every climb we create the Milestones to uphold the Pillars of our Faith that will be transformed into Believing. following the Guidance of a Divine One Above, we can make the Choice to grow into a Divine Human Being.  Human’s Divine Destiny IS the journey, when we follow a course to witness the Beauty of Life, Love, and Happiness as One with the Whole of Creation.

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Vision Quest: The Peak of the Climb

Who were we reaching to be?

What were we trying to prove? If Love has anything to do with our Dream, we don’t have to be someone else.  Proving we are enough has it’s place along the way. Though, the end from the beginning is investing the Time of our Life in being who we are.


REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling (Official HD Video)


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Vision Quest – A Time to Rest

Dynamic Change – Time for Rest

I’m grateful for a Time when the best thing there is to do is to rest. Celebrating the sanctuary within is the blessing offered for every storm. When we consciously choose the Time as Sacred, we can learn the magic of Creation happens when we finally let go.

Cozy Cabin – Rain & Thunder & Fireplace Sounds for 12 hours | to Sleep, Study, Meditate



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6 Storm / CAUAC – Vision Quest: Day 6 of 13

The Journal Before for After

6 Storm / CAUAC

6 Storm/CAUAC
Published: February 16, 2021

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 6 raises the Intention of Flow. A rhythm and pattern of Movement generates an Unseen Force of Momentum. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. On Tone 6 we can see a Higher End to our Dream.

In the 6th Hour of Light, through the Experience of Creation we saw a better way. With this “new system” in place we can accomplish more than we saw in the beginning.

The Peak Energy of Tone 6 is compared to a “great athlete.” We realize greater potential, and we want to see how far we can go. Movement changes when we engage all our faculties. It turns into an Expression of Art. If we can Master Forgiveness, we can save a lot of “processing time” and our Resource of Divine Genius can move on to Higher things. Tone 6 guides us to “let go.”

Let go and Forgive. Let go and just say “no.” Let go and choose what you Love. Live your Life. 6 Storm/CAUAC offers the sense of Unbridled Freedom through the Light of Unconditional Love.

Storm/CAUAC brings the Blessing of Living Water to our Spirit for a Renewal and Regeneration. Lightning breaks  molecules of Air apart, adding particles of Nitrogen, the building blocks for Life. CAUAC shares an enthusiasm for Life without any boundaries.

CAUAC brings the sense of Comfort in the Storm. Human’s Inherent/Divine thought when we see storms on the horizon is to run for the “shelter of home.” CAUAC reminds us of a Sanctuary of Love under the Authority of a Divine One Above. We will see how our Heart is always guided back to the Truth where we belong.

CAUAC resides in the West, the direction of the Unknown. CAUAC offers a Light that reveals the whole landscape all at once. CAUAC shines a light for a moment on the Divine Mysteries of Life – things we can’t see, yet they are right in front of our face. There is a Divine Truth as plain as day and when it reaches our Heart, we will know that our own Happiness is meant to be.

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The Value of Friends

An Ages-old Truth

OTYKEN – STORM (Official Music Video)

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