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Recreating our World…

Reflections on our Role as Creators…

by De, 4 Jaguar/IX

There is a programmed comfort afoot for so long that would have humans waiting for the savior– be that government or religion. With that personal perspective; because I love this planet more than words express; I’ll put this out there too for you to include or not as you see fit:

Doesn’t it depend on the individual “me”? Responsibility. Relationship. I’x is about Earth and every one of us, every “me” who reads this, is required now to wake and move beyond what one has already awakened and step up to task of humanity, of this one precious life and gift of being here now at this turn and collapsing of what was. Am I willing to see what’s happening on this planet due to “my” actions? And adjust or change myself in extreme ways? All the “my, me, I” actions create the more sleepy “our” actions– so easy to project it out there. When personalized, the comfort mode shifts. This may include changing within one’s self what “I” might prefer to project out there into the “should be’s”.

Bottom line: Every action matters whether anyone else sees it or not, whether it is on media or not. Every action creates a response in relationship and responsibility within this dear Planet Earth.

[Thank you, De – for expressing Jaguar’s sense of movement and how our own movements tranform the world. Debra]