Unseen Forces

Unseen forces working on our behalf

Unseen forces working on our behalf

This week in my astrology I was re-introduced to the concept of Unseen Forces. I often pray for intercession and imagine Archangels, Ancestors and Guides are watching over me. When I’ve felted I needed watching over, I’ve always felt that presence.

However, this was something different – the idea of something greater than myself, actively working on my behalf… likely on needs that are even beyond my knowing.

I choose to believe this is so.

In a world where it’s easier to believe in dark forces, I choose a Spirit Council of loving Elders who are there to help me out. I am always within loving care – not just watching, but considering where best they can help.

I’ve always thought prayers should primarily be of gratitude. Though, we ARE taught to ASK. I’ve found by asking, I learn what it is I really want and what’s important to me.

Tell Spirit the story of everything you ever hoped for and ask for the best way that joy might come into your life, for the highest good of all. A Spirit Council is gathered and would like to hear what you have to say.


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