Mayan Calendar | Kiara Windrider

Shared from an article by Carl-Johan Calleman, an internationally recognized authority in the studies of the Mayan Calendar.
in lak’ech, Debra

“Human beings are Created Creators – As I mentioned before, the reason we live under the illusion that matter is the basic form of existence is that we cannot see our own consciousness – our consciousness is to us like what water is to the fish. Something similar is true also for the frequencies of the energy changes of divine creation and how these manifest in the cosmic cycles. Thus, we may be slaves under them because we are not aware of the roles they have in shaping our destinies. Since without interruption we have been listening to the frequencies of creation from the day we were born, they have become part of the reality that we take for granted. Since we have always been listening to this same cosmic symphony we may find it difficult to notice both its energies and its frequency shifts. But if we are aware of the tzolkin pattern we may learn to listen more closely for the high frequency energies and so be able to actually hear the cosmic symphony.”

Source: Mayan Calendar | Kiara Windrider

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