13 Sun/Ahau -Accepting Light

Greetings Kin,

13 ahau.-020416jpg

13 Sun/AHAU

I’ve been anticipating this last day, Kin 260, 13 Ascension, Guided by Sun/AHAU, through a Galactic Activation Portal (Green Day). It’s supposed to complete us and make us brand new.

As 12 Storm/CAUAC  swept through, I found myself questioning the Truth of my progress, whether the changes were real, or if they would last. It’s our human nature to question. We can let the moments of self-doubt blow on past us as we are just getting to know who we are.


13 Sun/AHAU (Cherokee, Flower/GUN’TSI)

KIN 260: Galactic Activation Portal
Adds extra energy to the day and opens a clear channel to multiple dimensions.

Star/LAMAT Yellow (Completing) Trecena multiplies to abundance what we dwell on.

Galactic Tone 13: Ascension; Thirteen assists us to go to the next higher step, propels us to try something new or to try again. Thirteen energy takes us over the next mountain just to see what is there. Thirteen carries the last success to the newest effort. Thirteen is a number associated with the Ascended Masters, creation, expansion, and manifestation.

Sun/AHAU: Day of the ancestors and connection to their guidance. The divine face of the sun – lord, musician, singer, dancer, and marksman. Suns are artistic, heroic athletes, visionaries with wise judgment who lead and defend the people. So much is expected from themselves and by other people that unfulfilled expectations are a certainty. An accumulation of these disappointments may lead Sun to evade responsibilities, not accept corrections and even build resentment and disdain towards others. Suns should simplify their lives to be able to rise and shine with unconditional love once again.


Accepting Light

Sun/AHAU is the power of Light that holds every thing we need to survive and be happy. Sun shines its light in every direction. At Tone 13, we will ascend to our highest vision of ourselves.

We have to stretch our perception of ourselves in increments over time. Each change requires an application and adjustment. We are learning to keep our balance until we are able to reflect the Light of our Creator in its full brilliance.

People accept a vulnerability when they open their hearts. We may find ourselves riding on the edge of our feelings. This serves our highest purpose. Our feelings remind us to call on the wisdom of our ancestors. And, through our feelings we realize our closest connection to God and One Another.

At 13 Sun/Ahau we are offered an opportunity to become something new.  We ascend to the highest vision of ourselves we are able to accept. Sun/AHAU shows us how bright our light could be.

To all my relations, when we greet the Sun may we feel ourselves shining in our own best light and remember that every day leads us back to the Divine Source that completes us.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

TODAY’S 13-Day Trecena Guide offers information from the Cherokee Sacred Calendar, and practical guidance and personal ceremony.

CEREMONY PAGE:  A new post from Minisa Crumbo offers traditional medicine ways for the Star/LAMAT trecena.

Please share your insight with a comment!

How are you experiencing this trecena? What is your Day Sign? I invite you to share your insight on the day and any synchronicity you may be experiencing.


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