Observing the 4 Days Preceding the Mayan New Year


A Message from Minisa Crumbo Halsey on preparations and Sacred Ceremony in observance of the New Year on 8 Monkey/CHUEN (July 4, 2016)

5 Lamat

I visited the Longhouse this morning after last night’s FIVE PERSON grief release and celebration of life ceremony that life might go on ‘in a good way’.

The tea lights were STILL glimmering.
I removed the directional lava and rose quartz stone beings from the fire ring to the side.
Any charred wood ends were removed.
Small, long-handled, old broom swept ash from the center, up and over the sides of previous ash ring rakings.

A WHITE center and bottom of the fire pit revealed itself..the other side revealed it’s face and UNIFIED WITH THE OUR CONSCIOUS WORLD… THE FIRE RING CENTER.

The directional stone beings and rose quartz beings were returned to the fire ring perimeter.
The small, old broom then swept out, completely, ALL, of our previous track…in the entire Longhouse..to the door… creating a RE-NEWED field whereby the new tracks and paths will be laid down on a clear, purified and unified ground…in a sacred manner we walk.

We will walk there four days in ceremony..this 5 Lamat, being the first of the four days of the Mayan New Year observances.

Fires are being built and prayers offered wherever DayKeepers and sweetgrass swingers live, sing, breath and dance.

Dream and make personal and collective ceremonies of Unified Intent according to dream and vision drawn from your life and offer it to Life.

In the Spirit of Art, Beauty and Love…forever

5 thoughts on “Observing the 4 Days Preceding the Mayan New Year

    • Hi Angie, I’m honored you asked, and on a day when I’m contemplating that myself. I was raised in a traditional Christian family that was more focused on fire and brimstone. At least that was my experience of it. I wanted a relationship with God, but never felt worthy. The Native American path is an experiential path and I found comfort and unconditional love in the first Medicine Circle a friend introduced me to. I struggled back and forth with it until my 50th birthday, having been taught there was only one way to find God. It was a turning point when I realized that if I didn’t follow what seemed so important to me, I might miss the experience of who I am. The Bible is no less important to me as I spent many years on that path too. Though I’ve come to believe that seeking a closer relationship with God, no matter what path, is pleasing to God… as long as it’s about Love.

      I picked up on the Mayan Calendar via Ian Lungold’s teaching in 2002. I was drawn in by the synchronicity – how the calendar seemed to explain what was going on with me right now. To this day, if I am not getting a clear thought about the energy of the day, I only need to reflect on what’s going on with me. Most people who follow the calendar have something to say about this synchronicity. But, more importantly, the calendar gave me a direction – like a liturgical calendar, and the more I was in touch with that, the happier I became.

      That seems like a long answer, but it’s a very short answer. Thanks for being a friend. You’ve been an encouragement to me.
      Many blessings and much love, in lak’ech, Debra

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      • Thank you for sharing with me. 🙂 I was raised the same way. Being terrified of God, and of dying, is no way to live. I agree with you. Finding the right path, and searching for your own truth is so important. I was blessed with my husband and he opened my eyes to so many things. While we both believe in God, and his love, I now have comfort, rather than fear. I think to many people feel stuck with how they were raised, and are afraid to reach out and find what enlightens their heart, and life. You are a beautiful person Debra. I find you, and your writings, and sweet mannerisms, very inspiring. Keep following your truth and peace will stay with you.

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      • Good morning Angie, Thank you so much for your thoughts and for sending them at such an important time to me. When I read your story, I felt that sense of “I’m not alone.” We must never tire of knowing that! I honor you for your effort to provide so well for your sweet family. When I cook your recipes I feel like I’m carrying my plate out of your kitchen. It comes from the way you share your experience of it and what’s going on. Thank you again for being such a friend. in lak’ech, Debra

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