13 Wisdom/CIB – Ascension


 13 Wisdom / CIB

13 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

I start with a correction to my post of 12 Eagle/MEN. I noted 5 Offering/MULUC as our empowerment, which was actually 5 Star/LAMAT. Our empowerment comes as bearers of Light. And 6 Offering/MULUC reveals a Way of negotiation with Spirit. It seems a significant correction after today’s inspiration, so as synchronicity would have it, I end up starting this post by asking for your forgiveness. (Attention is called to this for a reason.)

We ascend the Trecena of Seed/KAN with the wisdom of a new understanding of ourselves. The Wisdom/CIB glyph illustrates the mind in a pure state of forgiveness and illumination. Wisdom/CIB is the Day Sign of the Old Ones who have walked this path before. We are forever connected through our cellular memories.

As we emerge from a portal that revealed the dimension of Spirit, we are reminded of our eternally-present connection to Spirit through our Grandfathers and Grandmothers. They hold the memories of their own transformation and the wisdom of our highest purpose.


13 Wisdom/CIB (Cherokee, Owl U’GUKU’)

Galactic Tone 13: Ascension; Thirteen assists us to go to the next higher step, propels us to try something new or to try again. Thirteen energy takes us over the next mountain just to see what is there. Thirteen carries the last success to the newest effort. Thirteen is a number associated with the Ascended Masters, creation, expansion, and manifestation.

Wisdom/CIB: The old ones. Wisdom of the ancients. Wisdom persons are aligned with the ancient memories that wait in the stone of temples and sacred sites all over the world. Wisdom people grow luck like a crop using a balance of prudence and tenacity. The tremendous inner strength of this sign enables silent introspection to discover areas of oneself that contain wisdom more valuable than any trove of archaeological treasure. Wisdom persons are valiant defenders of family and community. They may become hardened to life and sentiment turned cold. In these cases, they need much forgiveness for their uncaring errors. Periodically connecting with nature and or visiting sacred sites will bring great stability to wisdom persons. A good day to sit on a rock.

Cherokee, Owl U’GUKU’ : Symbol is the Owl is Arcturus, the brightest Star in the Constellation Bootes. The Cherokee Bear constellation (Ursa Major) includes the Big Dipper plus four stars in Bootes.  Owl is a hunter, who stands for the wisdom and ability of all great hunters, the cunning of a fox, the tenacity of a bulldog and strength of a bear. Energy for deep thinkers, strong-willed, rigid convictions, bold and authoritative.  Owl is the Mystic Ferryman who guides Earthlings on the return path to the stars holding the torch aloft.


Journey to Dynamic Consciousness: Ascension

Galactic Tone 13 calls us to a celebrate our Ascension. The substance of this trecena prepares us to make a new way in the world as we ascend to the higher consciousness that we are all channels of God’s Light. We were born to manifest the Glory of God within us. We can only accomplish this through the Spirit of Forgiveness. Grace is God’s most Divine Offering.

Eagle/MEN helped us to see that we all fall short of our Own Expectations of Ourselves. Our sorrow isn’t caused by the people or circumstances in our lives, but by the expectations we place on ourselves in meeting the challenge. One of my biggest challenges of forgiveness was with a family member. For most of my life, I endured a disrespect in silence not knowing how to address the issue. It finally all came out in an angry letter and I cut all ties. This hung over me like a dark cloud. I expected more from myself. Only when I could find my way clear to offer forgiveness without receiving understanding was my Spirit Path fully opened to me. How could I ask God’s forgiveness as I withheld my own?

God’s greatest gift is this Grace. We are instantly aware of God’s presence when we feel the joy of this Grace. The substance of this Grace is the thing we most long for because we all fall short of our Own Expectations of Ourselves. What closes down our hearts may be our fear of un-forgiveness.

The challenges of each new day are only illuminations of those people and situations that are in need of God’s Grace. Forgiveness is the highest elevation of Unconditional Love and is the Offering of the Creator. Our Purpose and Way to manifest God’s Glory is to reciprocate this Offering to others and to ourself.

To all my relations, as we consider the blessing of God’s offering, may we find our purpose to magnify this joy. By design we were created as God’s channel to reflect this Light and Grace.

in lak’ech, i am another you,

Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

NEW DAY KEEPERS: My sacred intention for the new Tzolk’in round is to offer more personal support. I will be offering an Introductory Guided Course for Day Keepers in the near future. Contact me if this is something you would be interested in! Also, if you’d just like help identifying your Day Sign, I’m more than happy to help. Blessings, in lak’ech Debra (debra.malmos@gmail.com)

Minisa Crumbo Halsey offers a message for the trecena of Seed/KAN from the sacred Medicine Wheel tradition.

Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for Cherokee Sacred Calendar information and practical suggestions and traditional prayers and ceremony.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

4 thoughts on “13 Wisdom/CIB – Ascension

  1. I love the message about God.
    Hi Deb, checking in on our old friend.. hope you doing great my dear. – Cezane


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