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6 Wisdom / CIB – Lunar Eclipse Message

New Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

New Moon, Sept 2016

The Moon is a symbol of Water and Emotions. Cancer is the Heart of the Home and the center of Compassionate Love. Cancer is the Love that holds a family together with the ties that bind. January 10, 11, and 12 are forecast as a Powerful time to set New Intentions. (You can track the line-up across from Cancer for your time and place at PlanetWatcher.com.)

This is Time to Love with all our Heart.

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6 Wisdom / CIB – Dawn of New Creation: Day 6 of 13



6 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 6 is an Intention of Flow. Tone 6 is related to the Momentum of a Rhythm and Pattern of Movement. Tone 6 relates to the 6th hour of creation and human’s inherent thoughts of a “system of movement.”

The 6th Hour of Inherent thought relates to late morning when human establishes a routine.  Tone 6 always reminds me of stuffing a pile of envelopes. We might start the process one at time, but end up with a rhythm and flow. It’s a gift of Divine Consciousness that facilitates dynamic developments.

Tone 6 is compared to a great athlete in motion, where movement becomes second nature. The steps of a dance become an expression of the art.

Wisdom/CIB symbolizes the Human mind in its highest state of Consciousness. CIB raises our consciousness to the archeological treasure of Human experience. Humans are designed for a vast store of Knowledge with the Power to go back and live it again.

Monkey/CHUEN inspires us to create a new reality from the very beginning. When we remember Love was the Beginning, Love will be our Truth to the End. Love is the Truth and the Truth of Love never changes. Wisdom/CIB shares the Wisdom to change the Past, Present, and Future. Forgiveness is the “Key to the Kingdom.”

CIB connects us to the “Old Ones.” The Wisdom of the Ascended Masters is a Resource of Divine Agency. Residing in the South, the direction of our Relationships with one another and the Natural World, CIB holds the Wisdom of Right Relationship. In the Circle of Life the collective wisdom of Humanity was meant for us to Know. The Wisdom of the Ascended Ones is a Living Power of Love. When we repeat their words and carry out their sacred traditions, they live on through us. The Sacred Exchange is our own connection to the Wisdom of All Time.

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12 Wisdom / CIB – Destiny of Our Spirit: Day 12 of 13



12 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Wisdom/CIB represents the Old Ones, the Ascended Masters. CIB guides us to Honor them for the Wisdom that is Human’s Inheritance. The glyph illustrates the mind in its Highest State of Consciousness. Emanating from the Human mind is the Light of Truth and Forgiveness.

Tone 12 holds the Intention of Understanding. 12 is the symbol of Humanity, the 12 disciples, 12 tribes, and 12 constellations. Our Divine Wisdom comes from the 13 Above.  Tone 12 is a day of Comprehension, when Truth is taken to Heart.

CIB resides in the South, the direction of our Relationships with one another and the Natural World. Humanity is One in the journey we make through a realm of physicality. The Old Ones walked this way before. Their Wisdom Lives in the Circle of Life.

The ancient wisdom of the Popol Vuh, describes the Creator’s Divine Intention for Humanity. We were created to share our Consciousness with the Grandfathers and Grandmothers. When we speak their words and carry on their traditions, their Wisdom is Alive in our Consciousness. Through our Offering we exist as One Mind. Their thoughts of wisdom are a Divine Resource, and they are always waiting.

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5 Wisdom / CIB – Human’s Road to Destiny: Day 5 of 13



5 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 offers an Empowerment. Number 5 represents the Center of the cube, the “intelligent, organizing force, which manages communication, materials, knowledge and application.”

Tone 5 represents the Inherent thoughts of Creation Human holds when we see what we want. We take stock of our resources, the Ways and Means. We empower our Self when we see the Divine Resources at hand to manifest our Creation.

A Supreme Creator  designed a Time to uphold our Faith by sharing that we have everything we need. Every Intention of Creation holds the means for Human to Believe. The Intention of Road/EB is to Believe we can create the Life that fulfills the Destiny of our Divine Justice.

Wisdom/EB represents the Human mind in its Highest State of Consciousness. Emanating from the mind are the Lights Rays of Illumination. CIB teaches us that Forgiveness is the “Key to the Kingdom.”

Wisdom/CIB connects us to the Old Ones and the Collective Wisdom of the Masters who have walked this way before. CIB is a Master within that helps us to make Wise Choices. CIB is the Divine Inheritance of Wisdom passed down through the generations. The Means and Ways of the Old Ones live in our cellular memories. Their words became part of our vocabulary and we picked up the Wisdom of their Ways. Whether we think they succeeded or failed, they offered a legacy for something greater.

CIB resides in the South, the direction of our Relationships. Our Relationships will hold the Truth of Divine Justice. God Created Human with the Inherent Sense that Life Should Be Fair. To create our New World, we are holding Faith that God Intended us to know that Experience. The Justice of Harmony an Equity is marked by the Zenith Hour of Light as a Divine Creator’s Highest Intention. Divine Justice is the Intention behind every thing we create. We all have a genius idea we Love. Don’t we ALL have a Highest Hope that would be Our Miracle of Divine Justice?

The Creator is always with us as the Witness to every Human experience. The One of Divine Authority created the Ways an Means for Life, Love, and Happiness. Human’s Salvation is Forgiveness.

Tone 5 in the 5th uinal illustrates the Master Number 55. Number 55 amplifies and doubles the attributes of Number 5. Number 55 carries the vibrations of adventure and versatility, curiosity, facing challenges, learning life lessons through experience, auspicious opportunities, idealism and activity, making positive life choices and important changes. Angel Number 55 is a message from your angels that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you, and get ready for big changes to take place in your life. Release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles and look forward to wonderful new opportunities.

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Mercury Transits the Sun

Greetings Kin,

This is the last Mercury transit for 13 years. The next one is on November 12—13, 2032.
In the West, Mercury completed it’s path on 11/11, Tone 11 just after 11AM. (11:11:11:11)

in lak’ech, Debra

Transit of Mercury 
Taken by mila zinkova on November 11, 2019 @ san francisco, California, USA
Source: Spaceweather.com

Photographer’s Details:
I was trying to find a nice place with a view to see the event,but everything that could have gone wrong today, did. The roads and parking lots were closed,the time was lost, but I did take a few shots and a very short video. So I still was better off than Guillaume Le Gentil who missed on the transits of Venus, although he traveled to observe one for 8 years Hopefully I’ll be better prepare in 2032 🙂


11 Wisdom / CIB – New Birth of Light: Day 11 of 13


11 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 represents an Intention of Resolution. Like a divine set of antennae, the Number 11 tunes us in to a Higher Frequency of thought. Tone 11 offers the clarity to Resolve a new way forward. With every transformation we manifest the Wisdom for another leap of Faith.

Tone 11 facilitates the simplification of Truth. Through a higher frequency of thought, the Truth we grasp is turned into Common Sense, Truth is given a permanent home in our Consciousness.

Wisdom/CIB represents the collective Wisdom of the Whole. CIB is a symbol of the “Old Ones,” all the Humans who walked this way before. CIB connects our minds and the Divine Truth they preserved as a Living Inheritance.

The Truth known by the Ascended Masters is alive in our Consciousness. The Wisdom of all our Divine Thoughts is ALWAYS remembered by a Divine Creator. Between the two, a Divine Mind of Unlimited Consciousness will always hold the Wisdom of the Creator’s Love.

Wisdom/CIB turns us to the archeological treasures of our past experience. All human Wisdom is seated by experience. Transformed by Higher Consciousness all our Truth can change. We see things differently than before. Divine Human Beings were given ALL Time to explore in our Consciousness. We’re Time Travelers offered a Gift to Master the Time of our Life. Our Divine evolution offers Human the Power to go back to Create a New Beginning from all the New Truth of Love we see.

Master Number 11:11:11
November 11 and Tone 11 reflect the Master Number 11:11:11. Repetition of the number magnifies the power of the symbol. Number 11 symbolizes 1 above and 1 below, side-by-side in the Intention of Unity. We can’t help but take notice when we see 11:11. The Master Number 11:11 is defined as the symbol of a wake-up call. 11:11 has been described as a Code of Activation, a reset for a new beginning. Today our wake-up call is magnified by a Trinity, an alignment of Consciousness with the Holy, Holy, Holy.

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7 Wisdom / CIB – A Manifestation of Love: Day 7 of 13


7 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 7 we complete the climb to the top of a pyramid of new Spiritual Growth. Tone 7 holds the Peak Energy that Balances a Human experience Below with a Divine experience that lies Above. The Tzolk’in trecena of 13 days breaks down 7 days and 6 nights into 13 equal parts. Time is spread out by the Tzolk’in to see the Communion between the Above and the Below.

Tone 7 divides the Above and Below ts the Zero Point. The Maya built pyramids to rise above the canopy, an image of “Human heights” at a threshold. Like the Jaguar saw the Reflection of another world on the Water, at the top of the pyramid, the Maya imagined a Mirror Reflection above. (Mirror aka Flint’s glyph illustrates the peak of a pyramid.)

Tone 7 of 13 is the threshold where the Human 6 is measured for Divine Justice. The last 6 Tones complete the Balance through a Transformation. Tone 7 holds a Force for Human Reflection.

7 Wisdom/CIB brings the Balance through Divine Wisdom. CIB is the collective wisdom of the Old Ones, the Masters of Consciousness who walked this way before. CIB resides in the South, the direction of Relationship. CIB connects us to a Relationship with all the Divine Thoughts known to Humanity. CIB opens our mind to Wisdom. In the Peak Tone of Balance, there will be a Divine Answer to Balance every question.

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