Personal Perspective on Media

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Spending most of my work life involved in marketing, I feel a particular consciousness to the ploys of advertising and media. Everything we know and believe is real is based on an illustration of Truth by a selective few with their own personal agenda.

While watching the coverage of the coup attempt in Turkey, I was a bit surprised by the media commentary that declared the weakness in the plot was in their failed takeover of the media. The media themselves described itself as the first and foremost target to establish control over people.

On that theme, I’m offering an article shared in MayanMajix library that offers insight on the intentions of marketing and media, from the perspective from the one considered the “Father of Propaganda” (Freud’s own nephew), who made his fortune through an understanding and manipulation of our Human Nature.

This seems appropriate timing to consider as Fox News, a major news source in the USA changes hands to Rupert Murdoch. (That’s another story.) I hope you’ll view the full article and also checkout the evidence of mind control used over 55 years ago in the photo caption link, with a perspective of advancements that would have been made over the past 55 years.

in lak’ech, Debra

Propaganda: Mind Manipulation & Manufacturing Consent

by Joe Dubs

EXCERPT:  A man named Edward Bernays was one of the most prominent mind manipulators.  Considered the “Father of Propaganda” he was hired by corporations and governments and used our human emotions against us, often for nefarious purposes that serve the elite and compromised the integrity of the common folk.  He is the reason we put so much attachment on materialistic things. We don’t want a new car. We need that new car!  His uncle just so happened to be the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, so he used his uncle’s psychological know-how to penetrate the collective mind.  He shaped public opinion to suit the interests of whoever had the most money and power at the time.

We can thank this guy for the public’s acquiescence to war, water fluoridation, bacon for breakfast, and the reason women started smoking in the 1920’s.  He was hired by governments and corporations to sway public opinion on the side of the investors.  This alludes to an inherent problem in our society. The fascist system in place today that passes for capitalism and democracy always puts monetary incentives above the interests of the common man and health of planet Earth.

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