Ceremony Update, Dawn Woman’s Blog

The Ceremony of Picking and Gathering ‘IN A GOOD WAY’

 by Minisa Crumbo Halsey
Dawn Woman’s Blog,Thursday, October 6, 2016

Picking and gathering have long been among humankind’s primary tools for providing food. The basic nature of the sacred give-away and receive principle is the model for our approach to the plant people, the skebyak, and the natural world.

The plant people go a long way toward offering and providing us, the two-leggeds and others, with the physical materials we need to live life ‘in a good way’. Plant fiber provides assorted fiber for the weaving of clothing, nets, mats, basketry, footwear, hammocks, housing, cordage, snares and traps. The plant people share their bodies that our own might live and medicines by which to maintain, heal, and restore health and balance.

The green beings hold all wisdom and knowledge. The Mother Earth and all beings that live upon and within her body have their own unique medicine ways and it is of these ways that we seek to learn the languages, uses and songs. Our Mother is a sentient being with an evolutionary path of her own and when sufficiently sensitized it is possible for us to feel her heartbeat through the soles of our feet and entire being.

In order for us to make orderly and honorable approaches to each living thing we must first understand ourselves for this is what we bring forward in dialogue and intent by way of introduction. The text of Spirit Talk is designed to offer and provide sensitization models, histories, identifying, arriving at and holding appropriate thought focus, charting some designs of personal ritual and time management, suggest structures of meaningful ceremony in the context of individual biology and life style, observing and creatively participating in the cyclical dynamics of the seasons, to encourage song, dance, music..these are some of the ways by which we may begin to accurately and healthily track our minds, authentically and honorably present ourselves to ourselves, actually, and then to all other beings. Seriously consider these suggestions and the practices set forward in the earlier Seasonal writings. Experiment with them for personal veracity, test them out, through your own Spirit Talk. Make requests and prayers for inspired and illuminated pathways.  Continued on Dawn Woman’s Blog


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