12 Dog / OC – Spirit Revival: Day 12


12 Dog/OC

12 Dog/OC

Greetings Kin,

MULUC asked us to surrender our Self as a Sacred Offering, and to Give More than we Receive. Our Will was aligned with a Divine Plan with a Divine Time and Outcome.

Tone 12 brings the Intention of Understanding. We are offered a new piece of information that brings our accumulated experiences together.

Dog/OC is a White Day Sign of the North, the direction of the Ancestors who hold Sacred Wisdom. Our eyes can be opened by a Realization by the Day Sign of Unconditional Love.

The trecena of Storm/CAUAC called us Home to our Sanctuary Within to witness a display of the Unbridled Freedom of Spirit. We followed a Light in the Darkness of our Unknown on a Quest for a Higher Consciousness of our own Spirit. Tone 12 brings us to the Destination of our Journey. We are in position to Receive a Gift of Divine Wisdom.

Dog is a Constant Companion, said to be faithful even Beyond Death. This Unconditional Love goes with us into the Unknown, and it was there throughout our Past.  Dog would guide us to see the Infilling of Spirit we were given at creation. By the nature of a “regeneration” we might Know what we Seek is always Inside.

Dog/OC can show us that Our Quest was a Response to a Divine Calling. It was the Divine Hand of Unconditional Love that First Reached Out for Us. We were on the receiving end of the Blessing we Hoped for, before we even started.

Our Spirit’s Revival is part of the Divine Plan. Our Spirit is accessible at any Time and Place. Unconditional Love is the Key that opens the door. The outcome of this Quest is always guaranteed.

Dog/OC demonstrates the Easy Way to Love. Take life as it comes. Don’t hold a grudge. Be loyal. If someone doesn’t like you don’t take it personally, just move on to the next. Take advantage of opportunities presented to you. Never leave a friend behind. Put the needs of the pack above your own. And, remember the way Home. Dog/OC opens the link between worlds, and Unconditional Love is the Path that leads us Home.

To all my relations, Dog/OC can help us see how the Greatest Joy we could Experience is found in Giving our Love. This our link to the Divine Source of every Supernatural Gift. May we express our Gratitude, Joy and Appreciation at our Altar Within for the Divine Plan that was Higher than our Own.

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for a daily energy forecast with insight on the Uinal and Portal Days of the Storm/CAUAC trecena.


12 Dog/OC (Cherokee, Wolf/KANA’TI)

Galactic Tone 12: Understanding. This number’s energy is a gift of great capability of retrospection. It is this ability that allows Twelve to connect disassociated parts into a (new) functioning whole. The energy of Twelve is that which presents a new piece of understood information or accumulated experience to be applied.

Dog/OC: Courageous, loyal and warm-hearted, very alert and valiant, people born of Dog are respected for their sense of justice and their protection. People born of the sun sign Dog are very sensual and know how to enjoy life. Playfulness and a good understanding of the basic human nature lead to prosperity for Dog. Dogs are good team players who love to travel and have a keen sense of their position in society. Dogs are ambitious and will take opportunities when they offer themselves, including infidelities. Dog persons share the nature of coyotes, spies, wolves and lawyers.

Cherokee, Wolf/KANA’TI: Wolf is symbolized by Sirius (Dog star) and Antares, one or the other always visible but never at the same time.  Wolf is our brother, shares our very roots.  All dogs are domesticated wolves, companionship and guidance.  Wolves are a connecting link between the worlds; ones who inspire loyalty, diplomacy and sense of humor with unlimited potential.  Wolf is the Day Sign of teachers, healers, pathfinders and transformers; sharp as obsidian, gentle as a lamb.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, or share your local energy report.

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