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The Breath of Life, Love, and Happiness


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CELEBRATE: It’s a New Day!

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12 Wind / IK – Dawn of a New Creation: Day 12 of 13

White Heron. The Cherokee symbol of a Living Earth is the Heron, born on the Wind.

2 Wind/IK (eek), Destiny Kin 142
November 21, 2022, 11/21/2022

Greetings Beloved Kin,
At the Dawn of a New Creation the Creator offered the First Breath in the world below. Wind/IK (eek) represents the Breath of Life, and Breath of Spirit. Our Consciousness was born on Earth, as the Elders say, we we Breath and are Breathed by the Creator. In AJ Christenson’s translation of the Polpol Vuh (the Cosmology of the Maya), he shares, “Breath” is also a metaphor for “spirit,” or that which constitutes a person’s life force.” (PopolVuh, Page 55, Footnote #43)

Like the Highest “two God” we were created as Beings of Duality, holding the Truth of the Creation as it was seen in the Up Above, and the Down Below. Our Human Nature is only a dim view of everything we were intended to be as a Being of Spirit, the Source of our Divine Nature. Life on Earth as a Human Being is fleeting, only a vapor the Spirit as a “heart above” that goes on forever. We hold Life Above, and Life Below, as long as there is One Human Being who Remembers. The One who always will is our Mother who shared the first experience of Life or Death. Those Mothers who follow to bear the next generation will also Remember their Mother at the Dawn of their New Creation. The Word of God was written in the Divine Design, so no one would ever be forgotten, “As Above, So Below.”

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12 Offering / MULUC – The Creator’s Highest Truth: Day 12 of 13

Road to Destiny: Led by the Light of Truth

12 Offering/MULUC, Destiny Kin 129
November 8, 2022, 11/8/2022

12 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Offering/MULUC is a symbol of the Moon, our Emotions, and Water everywhere from the cosmos to our tears. MULUC reflects the Offering of the “Christ Spirit” that promises the Highest Atonement with the Consciousness of the One Above.

MULUC holds the Power to Heal our Emotions. We may still remember the pain, but we won’t have to suffer the consequences of being ruled by our emotions. MULUC creates a Divine Balance through the Sacred Exchange of Giving Back and Paying Forward every offering of Love.

Tone 12 raises the Intention of Understanding. The Year Bearer 11 Deer/MANIK is tuning us in to our Spiritual Tools, and the Divine Forces within the Seed have been forged to the Highest One so we can See Clearly. Comprehension is a Divine Gift of Spirit and a Spiritual Tool we can employ when we CHOOSE to Understand. We don’t have to agree with anyone to Understand. We surely comprehend that all Human Beings have their own limitations, influenced by a lifetime of experiences we’ll never know from our own Time and Place.

We were created to be Divine Human Beings and the first-hand witness to everything that happened in our own Time and Place. Like the Monkey/CHUEN, ALL Time is rolled up in our head. We haven’t SEEN the half of it, only the Truth we thought was important to our Ego. Truth has to be personal for us to ever Look to See.

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Smiley Face on the Sun


THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER: There is a smiley face on the sun today. Take a look. Formed by holes in the sun’s atmosphere, the cheerful mein is spewing a complex stream of solar wind toward Earth. First contact, with auroras, could occur on Oct. 28th or 29th. 

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Prayers for the Eclipse

The Beginning 2022, DMalmos 01/16/2022 (Paint Pens & Digital Effects)

Greetings Beloved Kin,

If the New Moon is a Time to share our prayers and intentions for a Divine Future, then a New Cycle of the Sun must be a double-blessing. I’m aiming my Intentions for the future, to both the Sun and the Moon, and the Sun beyond at the center of our galaxy to share a Light of Hope for Everyone.

I asked on behalf of the whole for your Highest Hopes and Highest Aspirations to be the Dreams that comes true, here and now and in the future for everyone… while we are still living on Mother Earth, and forever after.

much love, in lak’ech,


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The Prayers of our Divine Mothers

The Beginning 2022, DMalmos 01/16/2022 (Paint Pens & Digital Effects)

Holy Spirit –

Send a prayer through our Divine Mothers through every generation. Pass them through the ones up the line that Paid them Forward to the children who would follow. Send our prayers of thanksgiving back and call on their prayers of forgiveness for the whole, that the Living Water of the Creator’s Spirit flows to us from the Highest Tides and brings the Peace of Forgiveness and Love into every shore.

May there be a Sign for everyone who waits on Love of the Highest One. I call on you to open the way to the Gift of Life, Love, and Happiness to everyone who suffers, by their own Hand or the Hand of another.

I’m grateful that you are there for the One and the Whole. May our eyes be opened to see the Truth of the Power Above, from East to West, North to South  and from the Up Above to the Down Below and all around.

Share our Highest Hopes and Aspirations for Love with the Holy, Holy, Holy. May the Offering of our Love bless the waters of Mother Earth.



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12 Wisdom / CIB – A Quickening of Spirit: Day 12 of 13


October 26, 2022, 10/26/2022 
12 Wisdom/CIB, Destiny Kin 116

Greetings Beloved Kin,

12 Wisdom/CIB

The Owl is the totem and symbol of Wisdom/CIB (keeb). The Owl’s vision is as clear as the Eagle, with the power to see through the darkness and the capability to see what’s behind. CIB reminds us that our past is an archeological treasure. When we resolve the Truth of the Past, we can change the Present to create the Future of our Dreams.

CIB reflects the mind in it’s highest state of consciousness. The glyph illustrates the Mind emanating the rays of Truth and Light. The only way to see clearly is to Forgive the past. Forgiveness is the “Key to the Kingdom” of Love, Life, and Happiness all around. When we hold resentments we filter Love out of the picture. We don’t deserve to be unhappy. We all deserve to be seen and acknowledged for the Whole Truth of Love. Forgiveness is the Offering that proves we’re enough, in spite of our Human limitations. I’ve never been forgiven of a failure that I didn’t thank God for it. Forgiveness means a second chance.

The Highest One never saw the fault, only the Time it takes to Live and Learn. We seldom do things right the first time. We’re bound to fail even if we are “perfect.” If we do everything “right,” odds are good that we’ll fall into pride, thinking everyone else should be as “good” as we are. We have to join the Human Race and admit we don’t know everything, until we’ve known the experience for our self.

Tone 12 raises the Intention of Understanding. We don’t have to agree to Understand. It takes lots of failures to “know how it feels.” The Sacred Exchange for Choosing to see is the Gift of Compassion. It’s worth the cost for the way we see our Self. We can know something without comprehending a lick of truth. The “ah-ha moment” is Truth we saw along the way. Retrospection is the Gift to bring the Truth to Light.

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Armies of Angels – The Legion of Light

Psalm 148:2-5 NIV

2 Praise him, all his angels;
praise him, all his heavenly hosts.
3 Praise him, sun and moon;
praise him, all you shining stars.
4 Praise him, you highest heavens
and you waters above the skies.

5 Let them praise the name of the Lord,
for at his command they were created,

Jehovah Saboath (God of Angel Armies) | C.H. Mason Memorial Choir 112th Holy Convocation

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The Hearth

Messier 42: The Orion Nebula, a Birthplace of Stars – Star Nursery closest to Earth

Divine Father –

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the Beauty you created, and the eyes given for us to see. Thank you for the Heaven you share in the  Down Below, as Up Above. May the Whole hear your Voice that shares the Truth of Love beyond all Human thoughts and imagination.

Thank you for the Light that can’t be extinguished and your offering that shines the way home to Peace, Joy, and Happiness within.


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