A tribute to Mothers…

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Happy Mother’s Day,

I send my Love for everyone who has ever had a Mother, been a Mother, dreams to be a Mother, and shares the Love of a Mother. I honor the sacrifices a Mother makes in bearing, nurturing, and giving of themselves for another.

I honor Mothers, that due to their challenges, circumstances, or limitations, were incapable of fulfilling this role as their heart would have called them to do. May they be Honored with the Love of Forgiveness, for a source of sorrow they might carry for a lifetime. I honor children, who carried the burden of not having a Mother and were left to learn and carry out this role of compassion for themselves.

I honor Mothers who have lost their children, the greatest loss a Mother can bear. And I honor the children who have lost their Mothers, the greatest loss a child can bear.

The Role of Mother is an awesome responsibility that likely no Mother feels they carry out to the very best of their ability. May we forgive ourselves and our Mothers for not living up to our expectations.

Our need and longing for the Love of a Mother extends far beyond our childhood. May we honor every woman who takes on this calling, whether through the natural course of having children, or by seeking to fulfill such a great need for one another.

May we remember that we were equally given the Love of Mother Earth, who offers every experience of living. In her, we can draw our Consciousness of a Perfect Mother’s Love that never leaves or is lost to us. And, may we be grateful for a Creator who Blessed us All with the opportunity to Experience Compassionate and Unconditional Love. May we recognize a Mother’s Love as a Love that Heals the World.

my love, in lak’ech, Debra

11 thoughts on “A tribute to Mothers…

  1. thank you for such a beautiful post, albeit a delayed read due to lack of internet, still as important today! my mother recently passed, but she is forever in my heart for the selfless love she shared; i have given motherhood my very best shot and have no misgivings. love and blessings to you for these amazing word gifts, today and every day! happy mother’s day en lak’ech aloha espavo

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    • Greetings Elena – I am so sorry for your loss, and grateful that you have wonderful memories of a Mother that cared for you. My parents are 90 and it’s hard to imagine them not there in the physical, and pray I will Know their presence in Spirit. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

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