Sorry, for those of you who saw a draft in process for 3 Monkey/CHUEN. I pushed the wrong button.

in lak’ech, Debra

9 thoughts on “ERROR IN POSTING…

  1. I am aware of these so called errors as an unexpected prompt from the Powers of The Tzolkin.
    You have been Blessed.

    That is the first step – next is to find out why and what the Tzolkin needs you you look at for us all

    My mentor explained to me that our tendency to be faithful to ‘the white road’ – to The Way – often keeps the lid on the box

    Open the Box ………… it is exciting…………… follow the thread of your own heart and be amazed
    Tzolkin is revealing Itself to you Debra
    Happy Day to you and all

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  2. heyoka is a brilliant word and new to me
    I love the way it sounds and feels
    just by-the-by…………. is it a Mayan word with a particular meaning?
    Today is one of THOSE Days
    Long Live The Tzolkin

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    • 1’s and 2’s are best for a day off! I have never heard it before – but love the sound too. I looked up on google and it’s a sacred clown in the culture of the Lakota that does everything in the dance opposite of everyone else. :)) It is kinda trickster, but more jester. I like it. :))

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